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Ancestors RP - RETIRED

8/13/2012 . Edited 3/21/2016 #1

The Guardian began walking down the markets streets looking for something to cook for the Grand Highblood. Maybe even a trinket for her wrigglers. She enjoyed walking down the streets, watching as all the Low-bloods conversed with their families. Took a liking to the Low-bloods and Common-bloods of her home. Every one of them seemed to entertain her no matter what they did. The Guardian's name to some of these Common and Low-bloods was Mother Caprika. Though mostly the ones who said that name was her sons, Many of the Grand Highblood's guards were raised by Mother Caprika. Though she tried to teach them kindness, their Subjuggulator instincts and Master took a different route. Thus making them into some of the strongest and craziest Guards to the Highblood.

Mother Caprika Thought about this as she walked down the streets, she thought that this world would have a better future, a better life among most of Alternia's people. As she was thinking all this she heard a man shout out his praise, and ideals. A man who stood higher then the rest, and spoke of peace and forgiveness through out the land. Mother Caprika found her self becoming drawn closer to the man, only to stand next to a Highblood themselves. She had hoped this Highblood hadn't noticed her interest in the Man's words. She often heard people call him the Signless just standing there listening.

8/27/2012 #2

The Scavenger stood back in the crowd, listening to the Signless and his dreams of peace. She's heard this many time and she only comes to protect him and their friends. A Highblood stood next to her. Scavenger hoped that the Highblood did not recognise her as Highblood herself. She stood and listened to Signless' speech. When he finished, she waited for the others to leave before she approached him.

She went on to praise him and thank him, reaching into her bag and pulling out a loaf of bread and handing it to him, wishing him good health. She then walked down the emptying street, looking for dropped objects no one would miss.

8/27/2012 #3

The Guardian stood, and sighed, Everything he spoke of was true, The peace and the harmony most of the low-bloods wanted. The guardian only wished ti would come true, she kept hoping her sons would see the light in it all but The Grand Highblood got to them before she could. There had only ever been one Grub that she looked after that wanted just about as much peace as she did, and he was exiled and later killed.

Mother Caprika looked over to see the other Highblood she stood next to. Her eyes trailed over her. Wondering whom she was. Though it slipped when she noticed two of the Grand high blood's guards causing trouble and hurting a brown blooded troll. He was old and feeble and needed help. She Heard the guards words and knew who it was "Enough!" She shouted walking up in a graceful manor. Though her eyes were sharp and angry. The Indigo blooded Guard turned around to see Mother Caprika, He stopped and bowed his head "S-sorry mother...C-Caprika" The Guard's name was The Unbroken and was one of the first sons she raised "I don't want to see you steal or hurt another old Low-blood again do you hear me? You are to keep the peace, Your a Subjuggulator Guard, you arrest the ones who steal not steal yourself, I thought I raised you with manners?" The unbroken bowed his head exposing his left horn broken off. With a quick apology she let him go. Then turned to see the other Low-bloods and Common-bloods looking at her. Most Highbloods would let him hurt that Brown blooded troll. She tried to look away and dash out of there quickly only to bump into the same Highblood she stood next too "Oh! I'm terribly sorry!" she whispered.

8/27/2012 #4

The Scavenger was watching the whole thing unfold and thought to herself, "Even though ssshe'sss highblood, we could ussse her."

She was bumped out of her thoughts by the same troll. She barely heard the whispered appologie and Scavenge chuckled.

"That wasss very nicce of you, for being high blooded." She smiled a fanged smile.

8/27/2012 #5

Mother Caprika turned around and smiled, a warm smile, she nodded "I do as I'm told to an extent...I don't agree with the unjust man slaughter my master often takes part in..." Mother Caprika stopped and tried to look closely at the Highblood "Being High blooded doesn't mean you have to act like an uptight queen or king...I think The Empress does enough of that" She winked showing her slight dislike to the Condence.

8/27/2012 #6

Scavenger laughed quietly. "Yesss, ssshe doesss." She paused as she thought. "Your massster? Who isss your massster? I thought you are a Highblood." Scavenger has never heard of a highblood being a servent to any one.

8/27/2012 #7

Mother Caprika nodded softly then thought of the Grand Highblood, Would he approve of her talking like this to another troll, Highblood or not? Didn't matter she shook her head and stopped, turned fully to the direction of The Scavenger and spoke very softly, but loud enough to be heard "I am, but my blood a bit off. Too light in the eyes of the Grand Highblood. Besides, I was hatched to serve him...Or so said my Lusus before she died. After living on the streets he saw me a Highblood and wanted me to join him. I'm respected by others looked down upon by those higher then me. So, The Grand Highblood is my master...whether I like it or not. Though it's not so bad..." She said shrugging "My main job is too look after the orphaned Subjuggulator grubs, ones that Lusii may not take in because they are too small or seem to be too weak"

8/27/2012 #8

The Scavnger nodded. She knew how it felt to be different, with both her tongue and eye. But she serves the Grand Highblood himself. How is she still alive? How can she live with all of his burdens? Scavenger wanted to ask, but that would not be polite. So instead, she said, "That'sss sssweet of you to do. With the grubsss. I think I can help you." She reaches into her bag and pulls out a small map. "Thossse are all the entranccesss and exxitsss to my little hideout. You are welcome at any time." Scavenger smiled.

8/27/2012 #9

Mother Caprika smiled a very warm smile "Thank you very much..." She took the map and studied it for a brief moment looking over it all before keeping it in her satchel to hide. She nodded and bowed her head to her "Your very kind, I haven't met a Highblood as kind as I am before...I always thought I was the only one" She smiled and looked up at the sky "Perhaps one day you could visit my Grubs and teach them that even Highbloods protect Low-bloods and are fond of them, They never seem to listen to me"

8/27/2012 #10

Scavenger smiled at the thought. "I could... But I am afraid that I cannot go anywhere near the Grand Highblood. They are looking for me." She gave a quick look around her shoulder. "You have to keep that map sssafe. If any highblood were to get ahold of it... I fear for the lowbloodsss. Pleassse keep it sssafe."

8/27/2012 #11

Mother Caprika took a few steps closer to The Scavenger and smiled a warm motherly smile, she then set a hand on her shoulder and smiled even wider, setting her other hand up to her mouth, gently touching her black lips with one grey finger "I have no such thing nor have I ever heard of it" She said making her voice sound much more high pitched and soft like she was lying, then winked to the Scavenger. She let go of her shoulder and relaxed her body, Mother Caprika could be trusted, she has many trinkets in her own room that The Grand Highblood has no Idea about. She laughed softly and nodded her head to her "Your Secret ism ore then safe with me, after all we fight for the same thing" She looked up to the Grand Highblood's palace like structure, she sighed quickly "If you can't come to them then maybe one day I'll bring them to you? Perhaps this next generation of Wrigglers and grubs will have a different view on Low-bloods?"

8/27/2012 #12

"Yesss, perhapsss..." Scavenger thought for a moment then smiled. "Maybe there isss a way for me to get in there." She leans in so only Mother Caprika could hear her. "I could tunnel under it and pop up in a sssafe room. I have many tunnelsss under hisss palacce that he doesssn't know of. I am sssure I could sssneak in." Scavenger pulled away with a giant, fanged grin.

8/27/2012 #13

Mother Caprika shrugged "Whatever keeps you out of danger the most, but I would advise to keep out of three halls...The lower levels have three main halls that are the absolute least safe, Theres..." she pulled out a amp of The Subjuggulator Palace, Even Mother Caprika gets lost some days, "The main one here which is where the guards go to eat their meals...not all of them were my sons either so if you get caught by one, I may not be able to help" She pointed to the left main hall "That one is the hall leading the Grand Highblood's corridor, he hears everything within a small vicinity. So it's best not to go there either" She then points to the left "If there was ever a hall you mistakenly popped up in it would be best to go here, but not advised, this is the Leading outwards to the sea, Sea Dwellers come and go through here, but it's only for a short while and they don't usually come back for awhile, Those are the most active places in the place, but some rooms on the lower levels are best to travel through, The Wrigglers Hall is on the second Level, there's a crawlspace through the walls from this spare room right here that any one as big as the Grand Highblood and get though...The Crawlspace leads right into the Wrigglers main Corridor!" She rolls the map up and hands it to The Scavenger "A map for a map...Keep this safe, I know every one wants to take the Grand Highblood down and all, but now is not the time..." Mother Caprika began to feel a bit of regret giving a stranger something so important, but The Scavenger's Ideals were just and the same as Mother Caprika's, it couldn't hurt to trust her.

8/27/2012 #14

Scavenger puts it in her bag and nods. "Thank you, I will make sssure no one getsss thisss. I will sssee you there then. I have to go tell everyone I will be gone for a while and to drop sssome thingsss off, then I'll make my way to the palacce." Scavenger turns and waves good-bye before disappearing behind a tree and into a hole that leads to one of the many tunnels. She makes it back to the main chamber and gives out the medicine and food to the ones who need it, then goes to the ones she trusts to run things while she's gone and tells them she will be back. She then walks up the tunnel leading towards the Grand Highblood's palace.

8/27/2012 #15

Mother Caprika nodded and went ahead to the Palace. She was done with her shopping any ways. She stepped into the palace, unchecked as usual since she was one of the more trusted servants of the Subjuggulators. She began walking up to the the main stairs to reach her master's throne room. Walking in she noticed the large brute sleeping in his Throne. Purple colored roll dripping from his face. She sighed and nodded looking at him, she cleaned hi face and set a thing of bread on his lap so he would have something to munch on before Dinner and after he awoke. She then traveled up the halls to where the Wrigglers were, and found her self becoming ambushed by the little ones. Wrigglers ranging from 2 to 5 sweeps old, Grubs from newly hatched to one solar sweep old themselves. Almost ready to change from grubhood to wrigglerhood. She smiled and used the rest of the bread as a snack for them to share, Dinner would be ready soon, but for now it was something to settle their young tummies. She then sat down and began to prepare them for when the Scavenger would come, telling them of her.

8/27/2012 #16

Scavenger soon makes it under the palace and she took out the map. "Ok, letsss sssee..." She poped up out of the ground and held in a gasp. She overshot BIG time. She was in the thone room of the Grand Highblood. And she was staring right at him. As quietly as she could, she slipped back underground and tried to slow her beating heart.

8/27/2012 #17

Mother Caprika smiled playing with her grubs and Wrigglers when she noticed it was taking a bit of time for The Scavenger, perhaps she was taking a detour, other things had to be done. She knew that all too well.

8/27/2012 #18

After Scavenger calmed down abit, she went left and poped up again, this time in the hallway. She looked at the map again and went to the spare room where the crawl space was. She climbed up to the Wrigglers' hall, being as quiet as she could. She was soon crawling out of the hole and smiling at the grubs and Mother Caprika. "I am sssorry I am late. I got... Lossst."

8/27/2012 #19

Mother Caprika smiled and laughed "Which hall did you pop up in, or room?" She said a bit concerned but trying to keep it a light subject for the Wrigglers. There were 4 wrigglers, and 3 grubs. Each looking up at the Scavenger in awe.

8/27/2012 #20

Scavenger smiled at the little ones. "The throne room." She knelt down next to a wriggler. "Hello little one."

8/27/2012 #21

Mother Caprika's eyes turned wide she looked at her "Please tell me you didn't wake a certain Grumpy Subjuggulator?" She tried to smile for the grubs but was deeply terrified. The Wriggler looked up at The Scavenger and tilted his head to her snake eye. He couldn't be more then 3 sweeps old "Your eye is funny looking" Mother Caprika tapped the back of his head "Chuo be nice to our guest!" None of the Wrigglers had nicknames just yet.

8/27/2012 #22

Scavenger pulls the hood up over her face. "It isss quite alright. And no, I do not think I did. He did not do anything when I dug up."

8/27/2012 #23

Mother Caprika sighed with relief "Good, he's even more grumpy when awoken form his nap..." She sighed as the other Wrigglers sat around Mother Caprika, some scared, some too curious. She stood up "Boys, this is The Scavenger, My Friend and new Ally" All of the wrigglers and grubs were boys, Mother Caprika was one of the very few Female Subjuggulators alive.

8/27/2012 #24

Scavenger smiles and stands. "It isss very nicce to meet you all. I hope we will become better acquainted very sssoon." Scavenger glanced at the door when she heard a sound outside. "Are you sssure it isss sssafe here?"

8/27/2012 #25

Mother Caprika heard it too, She stood up and Walked to the door, a blind looking Wriggler the age of at least 4 sweeps old spoke up "Careful Mother..." He said in a raspy voice "That's the Handler, he's come to ask when dinner is ready?" He said as if doubting if he was right or not. Mother Caprika turned to open the door and crack it, There he was, The Handler, Mother Caprika's very first son and one of the bravest and loyalest Guards to the Grand Highblood, He also enjoyed the company of his new younger brothers "Good after noon Mother, May I ask-" Mother Caprika spoke first "When dinner is ready? It will be as soon as I get the food to the Cooking slaves, Or would you like to do that for me?" The Handler seemed surprised but smiled "I'll go take of it for you, and do tell Rishk, I said hello?" Mother Caprika nodded and waited til he left, She turned back to the blind Wriggler and smiled "Your older brother says hello Rishk..." The blind Wriggler smiled showing sharp but broken teeth.

8/27/2012 #26

Scavenger pulled herself out of the crawl space. "I ssshould really go. If anyone findsss me here, I would be culled for sssure." Scavenger walked over to Mother Caprika and placed her hand on her shoulder. "Remember my offer, friend."

8/27/2012 #27

Mother Caprika nodded and sighed, she then tried to remember what her offer would, but just decided it be best she left for now and talk to her later "I shall pop in by your hide out when ever I can..." The Wrigglers waved their hands saying goodbye.

8/27/2012 #28

Scavenger smiled and waved back. "I will be looking forward to it." She then made her way back down to the first floor, being very quiet so she is not found. She dug under where she stood and dropped into the tunnel. She looked up, thinking how easy it would be to just slip in and slit the Grand Highblood's throat. But she is not yet thinking of revenge for her fallen friends, for they have not yet been slain. She began her journey back to her hide out.

8/27/2012 #29

Mother Caprika nodded and watched her leave, She noticed Rishk was tugging on her dress "Mother," He said very Gently "When you die, Do you think she'll kill Master Highblood for you?" Mother Caprika thought that what Rishk was saying was a bit strange, but, Rishk said a lot of strange things. She wasn't going to die any time soon and The Grand Highblood was much too strong, even she couldn't have killed him.

8/27/2012 #30
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