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"All I'm going to you is that she will keep my dream alive, even after I've been culled. She'll keep living and she'll continue what I have started." Signless looked away from the highblood, hiding the sadness in his eyes. Scavenger almost ran out to him, but instead she stood still, letting her tears fall silently. "Oh Sssignlesss..." She whispered to herself.

9/4/2012 #91

Highblood smirked "Lucky..." He laughed to himself "IF I SO MUCH AS ASKED THE WOMAN THAT I FANCIED TO FOLLOW MY DREAMS ON WHEN I DIED...She'd spit in my face. OR SHE WOULD MOTHER FUCKING TRY AND I'D BREAK...her horn off" He grinned at the Signless and laughed again, this time a chuckle "WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU...Killed her?" He said trying to keep a smile and not a sad frown. Mother Caprika set a hand up to the Scavenger "When he strikes we strike... Wait for my signal" She said gently. She got ready to move, waiting for the right opportunity.

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Scavenger wiped her tears away and nodded, readying her scythe. Signless glanced up at the troll. "If I killed her? I would never kill anyone, ever. If you care for someone, you don't kill them. You care." His voice cracked and he closed his eyes.

9/4/2012 #93

Highblood got angry "I AM A MOTHER FUCKING SUBJUGGULATOR...WE CARE FOR NO ONE!" Handler mumbled to his brother "Mother did..." Highblood heard this and snapped "Your mother Choose that path...SHE WANTED TO FUCKING DIE!" He sat back down on the throne and looked over to the ground wiping something from his eyes. He was hoping the Signless wouldn't see. Though Mother Caprika did.

9/4/2012 #94

Signless opened his eyes and mumbled. "I'm sorry Scavenger..." The Scavenger gripped her scythe tightly, holding back all of her emotions. She needed a clear head for this to work.

9/4/2012 #95

Highblood looked down at the Signless "Why do you fight for the Low bloods? ANSWER ME THIS ONE QUESTION...before I end you" Mother Caprika got ready, She stood behind one of the pillars that held up the roof of the Highblood's Throne room.

9/4/2012 #96

Signless looked up at the highblood. "Because, someone needs to." Scavenger almost jumped out, wanting to scream at the highbloods and save her love. She almost wanted to kill them where they stood for taking him away. She breathed in deeply, ridding her head of those thoughts.

9/4/2012 #97

Highblood laughed and nodded "Same thing Caprika used to say...BEFORE SHE DIED" Mother Caprika turned to The Scavenger "Their going to take The Signless away, I know him... trust me, follow the Signless do whatever needs to be done to get him out of here, when I jump out don't jump out after me...wait" She set a hand on The Scavenger's shoulder "Whatever happens...thank you for being my friend"

The Grand Highblood raised a hand and The older Guards came back to take The Signless setting the dark grey steal cuff on his hands, made them heavy enough so he wouldn't escape them, and it would be hard to run. Highblood dismissed Handler and Unbroken long enough for Mother Caprika to step out of the shadows. She stood there waiting for him to notice, Just as she stepped out The Signless was now being drug away.

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Scavenger nodded at her and whispered a, "Be carefull." before following the guards and Signless. She stayed far enough away so they couldn't hear her, but she kept them in her view. She wanted to stab both of them, right through their indigo pumping hearts. She wanted to kill, and badly. She shook her head again. Where were these thoughts coming from? She was a peacefull troll who hated killing the beasts she ate, who wouldn't kill another troll for her life. But for Signless'? She kill the Empress herself to save him, or any one of her closest friends.

9/4/2012 #99

Mother Caprika nodded before she stood before the Highblood. She raised her blade to his face and walked closer to him "I'm not dead..." She said sternly. Highblood looked at her and stood up walking to her with little to no emotion in his face "Your not...I FUCKING KNEW YOU WOULDN'T BE...Your stronger then you put off to be" Mother Caprika shook her head "You killed my Wrigglers...Kidnapped my new friend and you...Let My son die alone!" She yelled talking about Ellik. She raised the blade closer, as he walked closer. He grabbed the handle of the staff and looked at her "IF YOU WANT YOUR REVENGE it" He pointed the blade to his chest where his heart was "Do it" He commanded again. Mother Caprika tried but couldn't. She even pushed her weight to the blade but, she couldn't possibly do it. She lowered the blade and sighed "Why can't I..." Highblood smiled "Your weak...YOU'VE ALWAYS BEEN MOTHER FUCKING WEAK" He stood in front of her now, his warm hand gently touching her face. His fingers ran across the crack in her left horn, and then the broken stub on her right one. He sighed and looked her in the eyes "Are you going to kill me?" She asked gently. He shook his head and bent down to gently touch his lips to hers, but in an instant her guard being let down, she dropped the blade and The Highblood took his chance. His hand reached up and focused on her neck. Strangling her as hard as he could, while not allowing her to part away from the kiss. Her eyes flushed open and she tried to scream for the Scavenger but couldn't.

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As the guards continued to drag Signless around, Scavenger kept getting the feeling that something went wrong. She glanced from left to right, then flickered her tongue. The smell of blood came rushing to her. She gaged and stuck her tongue back in her mouth, hiding it from the stentch. The blood was from a highblood, but which one? Scavenger bit her lip as she stopped and thought. It was lighter than the regular indigo blood, but lower than fuisha. Her eyes widen in fear as she recongnized the blood. She had a choise to make. Either save Signless, or save Mother Caprika. She gave a longing glance at Signless being led away from her, then turned and ran to the throne room, hoping she wasn't too late.

9/4/2012 #101

The Highblood's nails dug into Mother Caprika's skin as he choked her causing her to bleed out. Her lips were still pressed to the Highblood's as he dug his nails even more into her skin. He let go for just a moment. Letting her fall to the ground and gasp for air. Small cuts on her neck showed themselves. Highblood picked Mother Caprika up by the neck of her dress and looked at her "Strange way to show some one they love them huh?" He said with a slight grin. Mother Caprika still couldn't breath "JUST GOES TO SHOW...We Subjuggulators can be very, UNPREDICTABLE" He frowned looking into her Light Indigo eyes "I lied to you..." He whispered "...When I said you were nothing more then a servant. When I said your blood is nothing more then Subjuggulator Servant blood..." He said softly "I lied...You were meant to be a Subjuggulator Queen..The Grand Guardian would have been your title" He looked in her dieing eyes "Or something like that...Mother Caprika, You would have been my Matesprit...IF it wasn't for your love of Low-bloods" He kissed her head once more before she got the chance to say anything, He picked up her broken horn and stabbed it between her rib cage "ALL TRAITORS HAVE TO DIE" He said in a dark voice. She screamed out and shook. From the horrible pain. She lashed her hand up to grab onto The Highblood's left horn "All Killers..." She said with a smile on her face "Have to pay a price...A horn for a horn Highblood" With the last of her strength she snapped it off and let her hand fall to the the ground. She struggled as he yelled out in pain and ripped her own horn from her abdomen. She struggled for breath and shook as he held his head in pain.

9/4/2012 #102

When she heard the screams, Scavenger ran faster into the throne room. She gasped when she saw the bleeding Guardian. It took her a few moments to recover and when she did she rushed over to her. She fell to her knees besides her and began to put pressure on the wound. "Mother Caprika, ssstay with me. I will get you back to the cave and have you fixxed right up." She glared up at the highblood, but didn't say anything. She looked back down at the shaking Guardian and picked her up. "I will get you back, if it will be the lassst thing I do!" As fast as she could with Mother Caprika in her arms, she ran. She ran to the tunne, dropped down into it and began to run towards the cave.

9/4/2012 #103

Highblood shouted at the two as they left "IT'S NOT GOING TO BE WORTH ANY OF YOU TIME....SHE'S GOING TO DIE JUST LIKE THE SIGNLESS, WE KNOW WHERE YOUR TUNNELS GO AND WE COME GET YOU BOTH" He shouted as Mother Caprika groaned in Pain. She held onto the Scavenger and shook "Sc-Scavenger..." She Called to her and looked back at the Shouting Highblood. She thought she noticed the shine of Indigo tears streaming down his face as they ran. She looked up at Scavenger again and sighed "Let me go okay?...I'll be okay just let me..." She coughed slightly and winced in pain. She could barely speak it hurt so much.

The Highblood ordered Every Guard to go after them, Instead of torturing the Signless. He actually didn't know where their tunnel would be, so why not find out from A certain Red blood.

9/4/2012 #104

Signless heard the Highblood shout about tunnels and his eyes widened. "No Scavenger." She couldn't lead them to all of those innocent lowbloods, they'd all be culled.

Scavenger's eyes filled with hatred. If he killed Signless, he'd be more than dead to her. She looked down at Mother Caprika. "I am not going to leave you. I could help you and I dare them to try to make it into my tunnelsss. They would never know which one isss the right one." She slowed her pace a little, but continued on. "You are going to live. I will make sssure of it."

9/4/2012 #105

Mother Caprika looked up at the Scavenger, she felt very thankful to her. Mother Caprika was happy that there was another Highblood alive and out there, that cared for other people then themselves.

She felt the pain under her rips stop for a while as she went slightly numb. She smiled and nodded "I'll hold on as long as I can, but...Promise me this, if I don't make it, Please take care of my sons?" she said drowsily "Or at least find some one who will..."

The Grand Highblood turned around as his men ran out of the castle, he turned to the Signless's direction and stood in front of the poor excuse of a red blood "where are...THEY MOTHER FUCKING...going?"

((Sorry it took so long, I had a lot of stuff going on not to mention school :P))

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The Keeper walked soundlessly pass all the commotion in the hallways of the palace, everyone seemed to be in a rush. he minimally shook his head. he turned a corner and heard a scream. his jaw ticked lightly. Its was The Guardian. The Keeper really didn't know how to feel about her, she was decent and did her job well. But sometimes his moirail became a bit more moody than usual because of it. he unconsciously quickened his step walking in the direction of the screaming and yelling. at one point he saw someone rush by him in the same direction. He cocked his head ever so slightly. 'now i'm curious.' he stalked over the the room and stood in the entry way. what a mess this was, he tsked silently. Indigo splashed and splattered everywhere so carelessly. he dragged his finger across the wall lifting it off covered in sticky blood. His blank expression flicking down to the two troll on the floor. He tsked again when he saw the state of The Guardian. " whaat haave you done now?" he asked her with mild concern. " look aat you. you must haave done something quite aaweful to be in this staate." he walked over glancing at the other troll. crouching beside them he looked her over. "hm" he looked at the broken horn and almost cringed. almost. he looked at the floor and then suddenly stood and turned on his heel. a few moments later he returned with another troll, a green blood. " they will help you if you permit them" and with that he left the room.

10/17/2012 #107

The Guardian looked up at The Keeper, In a blur of pain and the smell of her own blood filling her nostrils, she just barely noticed he was there. She had a drowsy smile though as if to show she had acknowledged he was there. She laughed almost, remembering something. When she had met Keeper she was young and just starting out her job as a Caretaker to the Grubs and Wrigglers. She liked him, thought he was a well suited Subjuggulator, though never had she gotten the hint he fought for the same thing she fought for. Highblood though, being his Moirail, made sure to take Keeper's opinions in an account.

10/18/2012 #108

the Keeper stalked down the hall way with a blank expression, but behind his eyes his head was working a mile a minute. he needed to figure out a way to keepo the grand highblood from finding the lowbloods. he let out an in audible sigh and continued on his way to his moirail. He found his with the Sufferer, The keeper twitched slightly at the state of him. he regained his composure slinking over to highblood. " highblood," he called out calmly. " have you gotten any intel out of it yet." he stood beside his moirail and stared at the Sufferer with no visible expression to the untrained eye. but to someone like the Sufferer, it was a look of questioning and slight concern.

10/18/2012 #109

Highblood turned to look his Moirail in the eyes and gave out a quick sigh "If I had...WOULD I BE MOTHER FUCKING YELLING AT HIM?" He grunted and slammed his fist against the cage before looking back down the hall to the Throne room. A trail of light indigo blood following him to where he stood, he looked back at The Keeper, "Today has been...EVENTFUL...wouldn't you think?"

10/18/2012 #110

the keeper nodded " yes i guess it haas been." he wiped some indigo off the others face. " aalwaays so messy." he shook his head lightly. he sighed inwardly. thank god. if he had gotten the location, there would be a massacre. he turned to face the Sufferer and called for a maid to clean up the mess in the hallway. moments later a little rust came scrambling out with a cloth and a bowl of water. she began to frantically scrub the floors. his mind quickly flashed to The Guardian. he wondered if she was out of that room yet. oh well, he would find out later. he looked to the highblood again. " if you waant, i caan taake over", there was a glint in his eyes. " you know how long its been since ive let loose? TOO LONG" he let his voice break it's normal flat tone to get the message across to the Sufferer. he was going to indirectly help the other break out.

10/18/2012 #111

Highblood looked to him "I SUPPOSE...I need a good fucking night of sleep anyways" He straightened up and looked down the hall again "I'M GOING BACK TO MY MOTHER FUCKING THRONE...I'll be in my quarters after that, SHOULD YOU MOTHER FUCKING NEED ME" He said in his usual Soft then aggressive tone. Switching back and forth. He looked down at the Rust blood and let out a chuckle, Then continued on his way. Though on his way to his throne, he met up with one of the guards Mother Caprika had raised. The Follower, a very trusted Guard to the Highblood's court. He patted his shoulder and whispered to him "Assist, Keeper while I'm gone..." Follower nodded and walked closer to The Keeper, then looking down at the Signless he looked back up "Is he the one Highblood killed Mother over?" He asked gently with a blank expression.

10/18/2012 #112

the keepers expression was still unreadable. " shes not deaad" he said in a hushed tone. that was the thing about have an expressionless face. no one could tell what you were saying unless they could hear you. then he questioned his own statement, was she dead? who knows. " for now." he added on no wanting to get the Followers hopes up. " hope thaat she lives." he then turned his attention back to The Sufferer. " to aanswer your eaalier question, yes. he is the one." he stepped forward and looked at him. " your life will be saaved becaause aanother haas given her own." he then straighted out and raised his voice slightly so that surounding people could now hear. " but because you are the indirect cause of a highbloods death. I WILL HAVE TO MOTHERFUCKING HURT YOU." he wasn't going to cause permanent damage, but it was true, and he had a mutual trust with the Guardian. therefore her death needed to be acted upon. he flicked his eyes over to the Follower as a sign to close the door, he didnt need any of the lower blooded servants to die.

10/18/2012 #113

Follower looked at the red blood and then, back at The Keeper, he respected any other Subjuggulator in The Grand Highblood's court, but at that moment, he wondered if it was right. Mother Caprika had always taught the other Grubs and Wrigglers the right of the blood caste. She would tell them stories of on how they, The Subjuggulators, were the highest land dwelling blood on Alternia, That they had power over all the other Blood castes. Though, she took her time explaining to her "children" That because they were high in blood color, they shouldn't be low in courtesy. Then the Highblood had to go and ruin and damage most of her children's thoughts and minds with high power and stories of the Great Honk and the Mirthful Messiahs. Mother Caprika believed them too yes, but She took more of a liking to the Idea, that the Messiahs don't want Them to kill and murder, that they wanted The Subjuggulators to Lead their own kind into a wonderful place, After The Vast Honk had erupted, And Though The Guardian had spoken with the Highblood about such things, He still worked in his own way.

Leaving Mother Caprika, A lot of work on her own.

10/19/2012 #114

((now im sorry, i just got my computer back -;))

Signless looked into the eyes of the Keeper, his expression blank. "You may do what you will, but I will never give up those who have trusted me.

Scavenger looked down at Mother Caprika and frowned. "Would you be able to make it back to the cave? I need to go back and sssave Sssignlesss." She thought of a life without the Signless, how her secret love would be murdered and no one would care. She had to save him, even if she died trying.

10/20/2012 #115

((Haha! It's okay, Looks like we all needed a break before we jumped back on! Glad that we're all back now though! :))

Mother Caprika looked up at The Scavenger and smiled, She tried to sit up the best she could "I'll...B-be Okayyy...G-go help...Th-The Signless-ss..." She coughed, She looked very weak, then looked up at The Scavenger and smiled at her, A look of Determination shone in her eyes as she looked up at the Lavender blooded troll "I'll-ll... Distract The H-Highblood, Okayy?" Mother Caprika wasn't stupid, she knew the Highblood wouldn't stop, If she could stall them for a long enough period of time, then maybe, just maybe The Scavenger and The Signless could get out. That was her main goal, Mother Caprika had no choice, She would Die for her friends and her cause. Her own son died protecting as many Low-bloods as he could, and because of that his bones now rest in a cave some where.

In a way, Signless reminded her of her own son, The Exiled. They both fought for the same reason, the same thing. Because of that, Mother Caprika would keep that dream alive as long as she could. Whether the Highblood or The Keeper got in her way.

10/21/2012 #116

Scavenger nodded and picked Mother Caprika up once more, then began to run down the tunnel towards the palace. She hoped she wasn't too late, and that she didn't have to kill many trolls to get to him. She soon was at the entrance of the small tunnel and helped Caprika through the hole, crawling up after her.

10/21/2012 #117

The Keeper shut his eyes gently. " don't worry. i do not haave aany intention of haarming you" he said in hushed tones. he looked to the Follower then paused. " there is aanother who waants to help." he paused there were footsteps down the hall he assumed they belonged to the Scavenger. before they arrived he looked back to the Sufferer. "you aare lucky i aam calm, because the grief of losing aa friend is enough to drive aa maan craazy.."

10/21/2012 #118

Signless glared at the Keeper, trying to keep his voice steady. "Don't you dare hurt her."

Scavenger crept to corner, trying not to be seen by anyone. She thought to herself, "Don't worry, Sssignlesss. I will sssave you and I will make sssure the highbloodsss pay." She glanced around the corner and surveyed the situation. She scowled, realizing she would probably have to kill as soon as she left her place.

10/22/2012 #119

the Keeper looked slightly taken aback at the misunderstanding. he cocked his head. talking was a waste of time they did not have at the moment, he would explain everything once they were safe. and as the say went, actions speak louder than words. he walked over to a bout ten feet away from the scavenger. he ducked his head as a sign of trust. "like i saaid, i haave no intention of haarming you. but we must work quickly, my moiraail is not one to staay in one plaace very long." he straightened himself once again turning to the Sufferer. " i aam whaat you would caal aan aally." he gestured once again for the Follower to close the door and come over the unlock the cage.

10/22/2012 #120
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