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the keeper let a small smile slip onto his lips as the guardian walked looking like her usual self again. he bowed his head slightly " some of your faavourites from your eaarly yeaars- im not sure if you still indulge in pie, but ive still maade some." he pulled out a chair for her and filled her glass. he dished out the food and then sat himself. there was extra for the guardian in the kitchen that he was having sent to her quarters. he sat and ate his food, he enjoyed being albe to take to highblood and help him calm down. he was so pale for him. he smiled to himself and sighed minimally. he wished he could pin this moment in time and tuck it away for safe keeping, it was times like these where he felt truly happy.

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During dinner, Nearly the only time they actually a safe place to speak and a sound environment, The Guardian actually was getting along with The Highblood. The Conversations were still taken into a bloody and unjust direction whenever the Highblood spoke up, though that was the way he was. They couldn't stop it nor, Did the Guardian want too. Perhaps it was one of the reasons why she loved him, perhaps not. Even with the bruises on her face, and the tired look she gave most of the time, she still seemed to smile. Laughing at The Highblood's jokes.

"Alright, ALRIGHT....Tell me if you've heard this one?" He started out with a chuckle "TWO RUST BLOODS WALK INTO A HIGHBLOOD BAR..." Before he could continue The Guardian laughed with a quick "Oh great!" Instead of lashing out, The Highblood laughed and continued "Quite woman! ANYWAYS...Two rust bloods walk into the Highblood bar...BARTENDER ASKS WHAT THEY'D LIKE, One says 'I'll have whatever doesn't kill me...' THE NEXT SAYS 'I'll have what ever kills me quickest!" Guardian gave Keeper a Quick look, as if she had already known where this was going, though still humored her taller and very brutal Lord. "THE BARTENDER POURED ONE GLASS OF TYRANNY POISON, AND One glass of honey juice, THE BARTENDER DECIDES TO SWITCH THE GLASSES BEING THAT THEY'RE THE SAME MOTHER FUCKIN' COLOR, so when the two start to drink, one chokes to death and the other feels fine!" He begins to laugh as if it was funny to him. "THE ONE THAT WANTED TO DIE ASKS WHAT HAPPENED! hehehehe....And the bartender says, 'Can't you take a joke?" Waiting for the two to start laughing he smiles big and turns his head to both. Over the years, The Guardian has learned to fake her laughing, Just to please him. She starts laughing and has to hold her hand over her mouth to be polite and not laugh while chewing. Feeling satisfied, The Highblood goes back to eating his meat.

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Keeper chuckled upon hearig the quirky joke, the highbloods sense of humour was hilariously odd, but then again so was his, but what was even more funny was seeing him so mirthful. It looked so out of place it was dificult not to atleast crack a smile. Speaking of his odd sense of humour he had many jokes revolving around highblood cuisine, he refrained from telling them though, because guardian was a bit sensitive to the wriggler cracks. So ue smiled lighty and ate his food. When they finished he snapped his fingers dissmisivly and a rather confused troll dropped his mop and walked over clearing the table, sometimes the manipulation thing came in handy. " now, who waants some pie?"
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The Guardian smiled and nodded, upon finishing her last bite of Moobeast roast. She left a huge bite of meat left on her plate, before finishing her vegetables. It was a habit of hers to always eat what she didn't like as much first, to eating one last bite of what she really liked on her plate, for last. Sort of like Complimenting the meal with a finale of what she liked the most. An Odd habit for a Highblood, but one she just couldn't break. The Highblood on the other hand would eat each type of portion he wanted, and then if he ran out, would ask for more, He'd rather eat more, then save the best for last. If it truly was the best, why not obtain more of it. Another reason why The Highblood ate so much, Though he was supposed to anyways. He was a rather large looking troll.

The Guardian noticed the Highblood relax, laying back in his chair and rubbing his neck once more. His horns were sometimes a strain on the back of his neck, Resulting in a slightly angry Highblood. She Smiled and spoke up "Master Highblood? Would you like me to rub your neck for you this evening, when I run your bath of course?" Being the Servant of the Grand Highblood, The Guardian had duties to make the Highblood comfortable. Though shared those duties with The Keeper, since he was of course his moirail. Highblood nodded his head and sighed "I MOTHER FUCKING SUPPOSE..." he sighed "Today hasn't exactly been the best of days has it?" He asked closing his eyes. The Guardian nodded and moved her foot to the leg of the table only to hear a squeak. When she reached down to see what it was, she grabbed it, only to see it was a left over Wrigglers toy. She held it in her hand looking down at it and nodded once more Replying to her master "Yes, Yes it has..." Peering from the corner of his eyes he saw the way The Guardian reacted to the Squeaky toy "YOU MISS THEM DON'T YOU?" With a few tears, she smiled and nodded silently. "I thought I was doing you a Favor, Caprika...IF I HAD KNOWN IT WOULD HAVE TAKEN THIS MUCH OF A toll on you...I would have stopped myself" She smiled and nodded. She was Silent. Everything The Highblood trained her to do, was gone in such a violent flash. Running her finger against the soft fabric of the plush toy, she said in a very gentle tone "You had no idea...It w-was in your nature" The Highblood looked back at the Keeper, and sighed, now rubbing his temples he grunted, a slightly annoyed grunt "WHEN THE WEEK IS may go out, and get a few more grubs....THOUGH ONLY A FEW! Too many and I'll have to mother fucking do it again!"

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The lowbloods nodded and ran off to find all the medical supplies they could find while Aeh began cleaning his wounds. "Why would anyone want to do this to you, my friend?"

The Scavenger held her head in her hands, letting out her quiet sobs. She had failed her job, she couldn't protect him. She dug her nails into her skull, trying to rid herself of these urges to go back to that palace and CULL THEM ALL! "No, that isss not what I am. I am not like thossse murderersss who ssshare my blood." She mumbled, taking her hands away from her head and stares at the lavender blood that was now covering them.

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the corners of the keepers mouth twitched up lightly at hearing this. he stalked off to the kitchen and arrived a moment later with a large pie in hand. he set it down on the table, he had made it as a small celebration, for getting the sufferer out alive, and now, because guardian was allowed to take in grubs once again. the keeper handed guardian a soft cloth to wipe her eyes. " dry your eyes guaardiaan, now is not the time for teaars." he flashed a small smile and cut a small piece for him self as well as one for the guardian, he didnt cut one for highblood, instead allowing him to take however much he pleased. after tomorrow, he would have to go out and find the Sufferer. so today, he would forget his worries and try to enjoy himself as much as possible.

the Summoner flew as quickly down the hall as possible a small wingedbeast had announced the arrival of his partner. he race threw the tunnels like a bullet, only stopping once he arrived it the small area where he lay by a woman clutching her head. he paused and stepped forward. it was the Scavenger. he moved quickly now falling to his knees beside them both. he rested his hand on her arm and bit his lip at the state the Sufferer was in. but at least he was safe now. " Scavenger, what- what happened to you two?" he looked between the two of them with a concerned expression.

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The Guardian smiled and nodded to The Keeper, she smiled at the piece he gave her and laughed gently "this looks very delicious Keeper, thank you..." She gently tucked the plush toy in her lap before grabbing her fork to eat the slice. The Highblood saw her smile, and smiled himself, then smelling the pie, gave an even wickeder grin "SMELLS MOTHER FUCKING GOOD..."He laughed and took a piece the size of his plate and began to eat it, getting the insides of the pie on his face. The Guardian began to think of The Scavenger and her wrigglers left in the tunnels. She began to think whether or not she would have a chance to see them again before the end of the week. In the middle of eating her pie she looked up at the Highblood and asked gently "Master Highblood...Would it be possible for me to go out and get the grubs tomorrow? I would go with the Keeper, he could be my escort, help me carry them back while I help him with the groceries?" The Highblood grunted and sighed, irritated for being interrupted "If it's alright with the Keeper" He grunted mid-bite.

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The other trolls rushed back to Aeh, handing him everything they found. He accepted them and began to work on Signless. "I'll need some help." The others nodded and got down on their knees, doing anything they could to help.

The Scavenger shook her head and hid her hands, hiding her blood. "We were going for our usssual ssstroll and we were abussshed by highblood guardsss. They took him and-" She bit her lip, trying to hold back tears. "They almossst killed him."

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kepper smiled. " itd be a pleaasure." and with that he put on a parental smile wiping highbloods face and reciting his oh so often used phrase; " aalwaays so messy." he he then sat and ate his own slice of pie, tomorrow was going to be nice, being able to see the low bloods again it what felt like sweeps, he rarely ever saw any of his old friends, he was dedicated so only stayed within the highblood kingdom, but often get letters attatched to small beasts or telepathic hello from one of the more inclined trolls. he smiled to himself.

Summoner saw the distress in Scavengers eyes, he knew about her flush, but he kept quiet, he knew the pain of a denied love. he snarled slightly when he heard they were ambushed. " disgusting highbloods think they can do whatever they want." he grit his teeth, " i swear if i could id kill them all.." he sighed letting some of his rage go, " but that is not what he wants." he looked to the Sufferer. the poor soul, all he wanted was equality and peace. and here he his, caught up in was was turning into a war. Summoner shook his head lightly and gave Scavenger a weak smile. " at least you both are safe now"

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The guardian smiled fully now "Thank you Keeper" She said finishing her pie. Her hand gripped on the toy in her lap. Remembering some of the good times she had with her Grubs and Wrigglers. She would try and teach each one how to behave properly. She would teach them about the Low-bloods and they would all listen with curiosity. She sighed and let it go though. She looked up and smiled "Well, I think it's about time for your bath, Master Highblood?" The Guardian said standing up setting her plate on top of the empty one of the Highblood's and the Keeper's. She set it all aside for a servant when the Highblood Grumbled "Ughhh...WHY MUST I TAKE BATHS AGAIN??" The Guardian sighed "Because, your all filthy by the end of the day, and a clean Subjuggulator is a..." She sighed remembering saying this to a young fussy grub once "...Strong Subjuggulator" She sighed once more and then tried to smile.

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Scavenger nodded, masking her fear. What if he found out she was a highblood? Would he still act the same towards her? She glanced up at him. "Ssso, what bringsss you here?

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Summoners eyes widened slightly, " what do you mean! you say you're going for a walk and dont show up for three days!? jeez you scared the life of me!" he sounded like a worried lusus scolding his wrigglers. he sighed and brushed Scavengers bangs from her face. " next time i go with you guys." he smiled tiredly. and glanced over to Sufferer. " damn he's in rough shape."

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"Hey!!" A voice from the end of one of the tunnels said walking in, stumbling more then walking. Rishk popped up and out of the shadows to greet the Summoner and The Scavenger, the blind young wriggler seemed to turn his head a little to recognize the voices that were speaking "Scavenger?" His faded eyes were barely seen under his bangs, he liked it that way to be honest "Who's that with you? Is he a friend of yours?" He tilted his head "Does he know where the Sufferer is?"

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