Homestuck RP Cannon and OC's!
Here, anything can happen! Why? Because it's Homestuck! Please only join if you've read past the first couple trolls introduction. OC's Are welcome both humans and trolls! All character types are welcome, Ancestors, Trolls, Humans, and maybe even Cherubs!
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Please let me know if there is a Cannon character you would like to adopt during our RP sessions. I will begin to make a list and plop them on the list as we go. I will only mark on the list of those who have claimed them. IF you read the list, and see that a character you want to use hasn't been adopted yet, please let me know! :) Ancestors, Humans, Cherubs, and Trolls. :D

So Far:

Signless : Sukairaa-chan

Karkat : Sukairaa-chan

Grand Highblood - ScarlettGlascov

Gamzee - ScarlettGlascov

Kurloz - ScarlettGlascov

Tavros - Sick-Fires-Bro

Summoner - Sick-Fires-Bro

Terezi - Highb100dsonly

Jade- ImaSlytherinforlife

8/29/2012 . Edited 1/21/2013 #1

I'm just gonna take Grand Highblood and Gamzee because So far Theres only a few people in This RP. :)

EDIT: and I'm taking Kurloz...For the fun of it! :) If any one else thinks they can do better then me, or just generally wants to use Kurloz, then let me know! :)

8/29/2012 . Edited 1/21/2013 #2

I hope you don't mind me taking Signless and Karkat. :)

8/30/2012 #3

Not a problem! :)

8/30/2012 #4

can i take Tavros and The Summoner? :??

10/17/2012 #5

Why not! :) We need a Summoner anyways! :D

10/17/2012 #6
Can I adopt Terezi as the wriggler she is? I have no idea what I am saying, I do apologize for that. But yea Dibs on the Pyrope if that's cool.
10/18/2012 #7

If you like! :) The more the merrier!

10/18/2012 #8
Could i have jade
11/23/2012 #9

Of course! :D She's all yours!

12/18/2012 #10

edly on a nearby chair. Vespen Hawkin looked at her blind Dancestor, then to her Ancestor, Savior, who stood further away from the large group. The jade blood trio obvious carried no bonds strong enough to keep together like the Snosky's.

Vriska Serket slipped in, Mindfang following silently. Aranea Serket was with the group, but was walking far behind them.

Dave and Dirk joined the group, but Dave obviously wasn't fond of the 'guest' his bro brought.

Aradia Megido joined, in her God Tier clothes, with the uninterested Handmaid and Damara wh


12/21/2012 #11

Please pick a cannon character before you go off using it. :)

1/21/2013 #12
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