Homestuck RP Cannon and OC's!
Here, anything can happen! Why? Because it's Homestuck! Please only join if you've read past the first couple trolls introduction. OC's Are welcome both humans and trolls! All character types are welcome, Ancestors, Trolls, Humans, and maybe even Cherubs!
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For those of you who have updated themselves With Homestuck, understand there are New Cannon Characters other then The Trolls and The Ancestors!


This should be fun! Please Register your Pre-scratch Ancestor here and wait for me to give ya the OK! :D



Age(Sweeps or years):

Race:(Please note if you are a sea dweller or not)


Blood color:

Typing quirk:

Trollian Tag/OR Chum-handle:

Post-Scratch self:


Quadrants: (Cannon characters or possibly another OC, Or you can leave em blank)

Kismeisis -

Auspice -


Matesprit -

God Tier Title :

Land :



Any History or back ground you'd like to add?

How'd They Die?:

What do they think of their Descendant?:

Any Differences of Similarities to their Post-scratch self?:

Fighter or Lover?:


Highblood or Lowblood?:

Please wait for them to be excepted. :)

11/4/2012 #1

((I'll make mine first to give an Example!))

Name: Calira Qaline (Cal or Cally for Short)

Gender: Female

Age(Sweeps or years): 10 Solar Sweeps (Around 19 to 20 years old)

Race:(Please note if you are a sea dweller or not) : Land Dweller

Sign: Thought Wave

Blood color: Light Indigo

Typing quirk: "YOU, YEAH You, WITH The bloody f*Cking big nose...Sh*t. YOU got a LIGHT?" Often uses "*" to block the vowel in a curse word. When a word is Capitalized, like Nouns and Pronouns or the first word of the sentence, she'll capitalize the whole word. C's are always Capitalized.

Trollian Tag/OR Chum-handle: CheekyPriestess

Post-Scratch self: The Guardian / Mother Caprika

Descendant: Gazzet Qaline

Quadrants: (Cannon characters or possibly another OC, Or you can leave em blank) I used some of my other OC's as examples. These could change.

Kismeisis - Tennel Hexxor

Auspice - Eskeln Gallan

Morail- Leenia Murous

Matesprit - Boojin Alagae

God Tier Title : Witch of Thought

Land : Land of Death and Clouds (LODAC)

Appearance/Personality: (A Picture of her because I'm lazy) Calira loves to mess with her friends Telepathically, She'll mess with their minds and make them freak out, She speaks like every one is her brother or sister, Uses threats and harmful names towards those who she likes. Is very Bloody and Gory when talking about some thing she enjoys talking about. She takes the Hemospectrum very seriously. Her softer sides include talking with her MAtesprit, and younger Trolls, like Wrigglers and Grubs.

Lusus: Four-eyed Doe like Gazzy's

Any History or back ground you'd like to add?

How'd They Die?: Calira died died when the Vast Honk came about. (When Kurloz screamed and made Meulin Deaf) It was so loud and too much for her that she went crazy. She went out and killed her Kismeisis. She began walking about with her blade staff in hand trying to kill every one she saw. Though when she came across her Auspice, She killed him unknowingly of what she was doing. Sending The Matesprit of Eskeln, Nomsey, Into a fit of rage and finally using his Royal blood strength to kill Calira.

What do they think of their Descendant?: Calira is almost disgusted by the way Gazzy acts so primed and Lady-like. She is disappointed she doesn't take the Hemospectrum seriously and began to Teach Gazzy how to show she was top dog to Low-bloods. Though with out succeeding, She began to pick on Gazzy, hoping it would send her into a stage of respect for the color of blood she owns.

Any Differences of Similarities to their Post-scratch self?: Mother Caprika and Calira are both Caretakers of Orphaned Indigo bloods. Though they raise them a bit differently. Both have Telepathic powers, though use them for other reasons.

Fighter or Lover?: Fighter. Calira would rather start a fight, then be caught up in some gooey love triangle.

Interests?: Brushing the hair of her friends, Kicking the asses of her "brothers" (which are her male friends) She loves to Strife, takes the Hemospectrum seriously, Gardening, and speaking with her friends Telepathically (Mainly messing with them, and screwing with their minds)She often speaks like every one is her brother or sister. Preaches about the Angel of Double Death, and other figure heads of her Beliefs, Often uses threats, and harsh bloody names when confronting some one she likes a lot.

Highblood or Lowblood?: Highblooded Subjuggulator.

((PS Her Quadrants and history mostly involves some other OC's of mine, That I could or Could not use in the RP. The Same goes for you. :) If you don't wanna use Cannon Characters you can use OC's or Leave it blank, and edit it when we begin RPing. I may change mine depending on whether or not People want to be Calira's Matesprit or Moirail or something... :))

11/4/2012 . Edited 11/5/2012 #2

Name: Cervis odicero

Gender: Male

Age: 12 sweeps ( 25 or 26 years)

Race: Troll landdweller

Sign: ( same as scavee and keeper)

Blood colour: Dark indigo

Typing quirk: bro, hey. IM MoTHERF!CKING TALKING To YoU! Yelling at you?? What?? naw i just said hey. ST!PID F!CK Do YoU KNoW WHo YoU ARE TALKING To? ( when he is talk he is very mellow And chill no capitals and two of each punctuation mark ei, !! ?? ,, when his counterpart is talking everything is capatlized but the 'o' replaces main letters in curses with ! He also has little to no recollection when his counter part is speaking.)

Trollian tag: agreeableContrast

Post-scratch self: the Keeper

Decendant: Scavee Odicero



Auspice- Chovis Allent

Moirail- Reseno zillois


God tier title- Spark of Rage

Land: Land of Music and Darkness (LOMAD)

Appearence/Personallity: long mesy hair face paint is half clean and crisp and the other is messy and undone. He wears baggy black pants that have his symbol on the hem with dark indigo sneakers. Usually dosnt wear a shirt and paints incoherent symbols on himself. When he dose wear a shirt, it is a skin tight long sleeve in his colour. Hos personallity his really sporatic and unperdictable. He himself is very mellow and happy. He enjoys a good feelings jam with his moirail and baking. His counterpart is violent and full of consentrated hate. He swears frequently and has a tendency to completely and utterly wreck people shit.

Lusus: big fluffy sheep with no horns like scavee's

Any other history? How'd they die?: when He was alive, his counterpart was merely a whisper in his head after the Vast Honk, it became more prominent slowly driving his mad, he killed his matesprit in a fit and wen down hill from there after, his counterpart ate away at him eventually causing him to kill off his own lusus and about 30 other trolls who he didnt know. One day he gave up and his counterpart took over him and he went completely insane releasing his chucklevoodoos and finally drowning himself in his own blood.

How do they feel about their decendant?: he thinks is decendant is pretty chill. He could use a couple tips about the hemospectrum, perhaps how important he is, also to listen to no one. He also thinks his decendant needs to use that silk tongue they both have properly. Use it to put the lowbloods in their place, with out shedding blood. He tends to get annoyed by how reserved he is when they talk.

Any simmilarites or differences between per and post-scratch?: the keeper is very controlled and calm while Cervis is unperdictable and and loose. They both have a silky tongue and can persuade almost anyone to do what they want they both posses minor manipulation skills although they have different motives. They also boh enjoy recreational painting and cooking.

Lover or fighter?: Cervis, having two parts, is both a lover and a fighter. Cervis is a very confused troll and will most likely flip out and try to hurt when he intends to make peace.

Interests: he loves to cook for people, and on occasion, he will sing but only when he is particularly giddy about a bloody memory ( only his counterpart sings) he often paints all over himself for unknown reasons. Its probably due to his schizophrenic nature. He also enjoys a good feelings jam with his bros and sis's he works out his tongue skilfully lulling his companions into a state of pure bliss, or absolute terror depending on his mood. Onthe side his takes care of his woolbeasts.

Highblood or Lowblood?: highblooded subjuggulator

11/4/2012 . Edited 11/5/2012 #3

Excepted! I'll start up the RP If you'd like! :)

EDIT: I started it up! and left some sort of choice, whether you'd like Cervis to already know Calira or not, :)

11/5/2012 . Edited 11/5/2012 #4

he's his pick because i didnt have it before

11/10/2012 #5

I like it! :)

11/10/2012 #6
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