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Cervis' counterpart cackled at the beautiful memory. "-THE VASK HONK SIS, THIS FUCKER FINALLY CRACKED AND LET ME OUT-" he paused letting a manic chuckle tear from his throat. "-ALL THOSE YEARS OF HELPING PEOPLE GONE IN TWO FUCKING DAYS SLAUGHTERED THEM ALL!- i dont remember much, but shit i woke up and my matesprit was dead and my lusus. and then- I MOTHERFUCKIN KILLED THIS GUY TOO, YOU SHOULDVE HEARD HIM SCREAM!!- there was so much fucking blood, coating everything like fuck! it was everywhere that bright fucking indigo.." his eyes were wide as if he were discribing the most vivid painting. then i was here all a sudden, that was a forever ago though" he went back to cleaning the counter."

11/11/2012 #31

Calira smiled at Cervis, she leaned up against the wall and set her blade staff down "The Vast honk gets to all of us brother...When the Angel of Double death finally comes down and takes us, We will must be ready..." She grins "Praise the Angel my brother, For when he comes he may spare our lives for the others...We must follow in his footsteps and the Great Messiahs for when the Vast Honk arises once more we can do nothing but stand and follow his lead" She jumped up and stood, coking her hip to one side. She hit the back of her heal to her staff and the blade came up, slapping the handle into her hand "I am A priestess, spreading the word around of the Vast Honk. Showing my people who the Messiahs really are...I am a Subjuggulator Lady, I am Calira Qaline" She grinned to Cervis, and pointed her blade to his face , before lowering it just a bit "When the Vast Honk comes again my brother...I hope you are by my side, cleansing the world of Low-blood scum!" she giggled.

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Cervis' face immediately lit up with a wide smile. " im touched sis, a bloodthirsty devil like you, wanting me by your side? damn im honored." he nipped at the tip of her blade and chuckled. " well! i take up your offer! -WE WILL BE MOTHERFUCKING MAGNIFICENT-" he finished up his cleaning and stretched out his shoulders picking up his pan. it was covered in colours, scratched dents and a few bite marks. he grinned at it like an old friend. his gaze flicked up to Calira once again. "well, what to do now? we could always go look for some other fuckers to join our calling. -WHY NOT GO FIND ONE OF THOSE SHITS THAT LEFT YOU- sure why the hell not? " he smiled at her this time actually talking to her apparently. " what do you say? i know some other smoothblooded brothers that could be some sickly sweet company"

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Calira titled her head and grinned at his enthusiasm. She nodded her head and chuckled "I do too...but lets go and look for your followers, but..." She moved closer to a window to look out at the different colored sky and brightly colored trees "Keep things quite. I know the great messiah..." She was now taking things a bit seriously "Or at least...I think I mother fuckin' do...Even if that smooth talkin' mother fucker is only a strict dedicated priest of the church, He still has some good fucking points..." She turned back to Cervis "Only a few shall join...Keep it quite, for when the moment comes and we need to strike, then we strike, undetected and un-motherfucking-seen!" She said a bit louder praising hers words almost.

"Those low-bloods won't mother fuckin' know what hit em!" She snickered leaning on her staff.

(Sorry I've been out, Holidays wrapped up with finals! Ugh! busy. but 'm back now! :))

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(Alas! i have risen from the dead! WHAO is school ever time consuming.)

Cervis watched his wicked sisters complextion as it caught the dual ray of the colourful moons. He grinned widely as she finished her little speech and stalked up to her side. He swung an arm loosely over her shoulder and inhaled deeply. " Its motherfuckin time to wreck some shit." He agreed contently. "Now off to find the worthy of the shit eaters I used to motherfuckin surround my being with." He clenched onto his pan spastically and let his arm slither off Calira's shoulder, instead opting to playfully jab at her side. " Lets up and go - MoTHERFUCKING START - with the recruits" he chuckled softly before stepping aside to let his sister pass out the door.

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(Welcome back dude! :D)

Calira watched Cervis slither his arm around her shoulder, and gave him a bit of a condescending smile, but passed it over as she gripped her blade-staff, and turned towards the door "A couple of us Subjuggulators, should knock them low-bloods outta the park in no time!" She stopped and rolled her eyes "but...we gotta problem brother, The sea dwelling bastards..." She sighed and inched closer to the wall before pressing her back to it "I don't know about you, but I had one who....bothered me enough back in the day"

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