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Here, anything can happen! Why? Because it's Homestuck! Please only join if you've read past the first couple trolls introduction. OC's Are welcome both humans and trolls! All character types are welcome, Ancestors, Trolls, Humans, and maybe even Cherubs!
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Hey guys, it's your awesome Admin, Scarlett, here to talk about the wonders of fresh Ideas! :D

Okay so, We all like to RP. Duh. Some of us like to plan things out, and some just like to see where things take us. Well, I'm one of those people who is a little bit of both. I like to throw new ideas out there, but I also like to come up with something random in the midst of it, Most Rp'ers do.

So if you have a really cool Idea, and wanna share with the group, go ahead and share it! We'll have a group discussion about, get some feedback from your fellow Rp players, and see what we can come up with. Trust me, it's better to have an adventure rather then a random event blog. OR at least, that's my opinion. Now let me remind you guys, that just because we're throwing in an adventure, and new ideas, doesn't mean that you have to ask about everything you do in the RP, It can still be thrown at random! Shock the other players! Make em gasp! Make em cry! lol MAKE THEM FEEL FOR THIS RP. It's just the major , plot line curve balls that you wanna make need to be okay'd first, and not just by me. :)

So the section, RP, is going to be turned into a random RP forum, where we can have a laugh and make our characters do crazy and weird things, Then I'm gonna set up a new RP, that will have an actual adventure, one that our characters can go on! Full of excitement, sadness, thrill, anything else we can come up with...(I'm really not that strict when it comes down to rules and all that. My number one rule is that there's no Sexual content. Have any questions about that please, message me and I'll explain)

Start your post with what RP Forum it is, (Pre-scratch, Ancestor RP, or the new one) and then just, let it go! Let your mind flow and show us what you thought might be a good idea for the plot line! :) Have fun you guys! :D

I'll go make the new RP forum, and set up some ground rules and all that. Then I'll organize it around just a bit. :) We'll have fun! I promise!

1/23/2013 #1

Im excited to see its growing X3

1/23/2013 #2

I hope it does grow, I've got A LOT of plans, and good Ideas, and I hope others do too! :)

1/23/2013 #3
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