Charmed oh my god! Paige is getting married!
Your thoughts on the youngest charmed sister getting married! did anyone notice that prue is the only halliwell not to be married in the series so far?
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I know! It;s crazy, I can't believe it either! I like Henry and all... but it is soooo unexpected!!
2/20/2006 #1
Dude! i know... I can't believe it... oh and did you realize that after all this time... Prue is the only one who hasn't been engaged or married!
2/23/2006 #2
Well, actually, she has. I don't know if it counts but in th eep "Bride and Gloom" she did, to a warlock! Now it's all of them! And yes, I thought about that when I found out!
2/23/2006 #3
this season is messed up! for one thing, its all billie focused, which is completely messed up, i think. and another, they're rushing phoebe and paige into relationships, and it flippin bugs me. gah, its gone completely down hill (in my opinion) since kyle got killed off. plus the whole paige/henry thing doesn't make since. i mean, they practically just met and now they're tying the knot? plus, kyle and paige had way more chemistry. hell, richard and paige had more chemistry. bllaaaah....
2/26/2006 #4
booooooo on paige/richard... yeah on paige/kyle... why would they kill him off... what is Kerr Smith doing that is keeping him from being on Charmed permenantly?... And i do agree that Paige and Phoebe are being rushed... and that Paige and Henry practically just met... they hardly know ANYthing about each other... and I don't even remember the last time they said "I love you" to each other... oy to the vey... I just wanna know who Phoebe is supposed to end up with and when she'll have her little girl!
3/1/2006 #5
Its crazy. I think I jumped off my seat when Henry proposed. I actually thought paige know, refuse! Like any typical charm girl would if faced with that question! Man, my friend is gonna freak! She HATES Henry. She hates the guy. i don't know why...
3/4/2006 #6
hah, ur friend probablly hates him cause he's not KYLE! ugh...they need to bring him back. :(
3/4/2006 #7
Nancy T
Um, this doesn't really have to do with Henry, but I hope someone can fill in a blank for me. Was Richard the one who was addicted to magic? And what happened to him? Last I saw him, he was drinking a potion which would supposedly strip his powers. (I was kind of dubious about whether he was actually doing that.) And then I missed, I think, just a couple of episodes, and not only have I not seen him since, I've never heard of him since! It's like the guy never existed, and for heaven's sake, Paige lived with him! Could someone fill me in? Thanks!
3/26/2006 #8
yea i think they just made it like richard and paige didn't work out, so they broke up and well, he just left. idk. i think that's how it went.
3/26/2006 #9
Well, supposely the eighth season is the last season of the show so the producers and screenwriters maybe what to end the show on a good note...
3/31/2006 #10
Not supposedly, it IS the last season. Isn't that depressing. And today, SpoilerFix stopped covering it! That's how official it is! I cried! Sadness.
4/1/2006 #11
eww!! no no no!! paige is SO NOT the marrying type!!! and i know how sad is that? it's like the last season :(
4/5/2006 #12
As a Charmed fan you are probably livid about the WV canceling the show. But pleas don’t think that, that means the permanent death of the charmed world. A group of fans are trying to get a spin off made about Chris and Wyatt, and we need all the help we can get so if you are interested in helping pleas go to for more information. ~Karlie
4/20/2006 #13
Hey!Don`t like Henry at all! Think she should be marrying Kyle. BTW,if you like Paige,then check out my Paige forum!
4/27/2006 . Edited 4/27/2006 #14
I loved her with Kyle! He was so perfect for her and then Henry came along and they got married so quickly! I think they'll probably divorce in a few years but that's just me.
11/30/2006 #15
I dunno I saw that they had twins in the future.
12/1/2006 #16
Yeah I know but I still think they're gonna get divorced.
12/2/2006 #17
To the poster who said that Prue hadn't been married, she did get married to a warlock in Bride & Gloom. She also took it light-heartedly and said to Piper and Phoebe, "I guess I was the first sister to get married".
2/17/2007 #18
I love Paige and henry Together they are sooooo sweet!!!!
7/11/2007 #19
I agree. And Prue did get married. Twice. Or at least engaged. At the beginning of the series, they said that Prue had been with this guy named Roger and stuff. Then she broke it off, because Phoebe and Roger had done something, or Roger had sexually harrassed Phoebe. And then the Bride and Gloom episode marriage. I actually adore Paige and Henry. They belong with each other. People who don't like Henry have serious issues. Why don't they like him? Season 7 was supposed to be the last season. That's why it was so happy and final on 'Something Wicca This Way Goes'. They named it that because the first episode was named 'Something Wicca This Way Comes'. It was finalized. Until they got more payments and stuff (or something like that), that was supposed to be the last season. But they continued it to wrap it up and bring them back [i]without[/i] having them all...not them. We're lucky we even got a Season 8, so why complain?!?!
3/1/2008 #20
Paige and Henry made a lovely couple, but I wish that there had been more time devoted to their relationship. It all happened so fast! I'd have liked to see more of their relationship evolving, but I guess it suffered from End-of-Series Syndrome.
3/17/2008 #21
I agree. It was rushed. But the directors and everyone were under serious pressure. They only had one season left, and they wanted each of the sisters to get married and be happy after the series finale. And after Aaron Spelling died, it was even harder. Everything was rushed. But it had to be, so I don't blame them.
3/17/2008 #22
To be honest, I think that having Billie there meant that they were going to have to rush Paige and Phoebe's romantic subplots more than they could have under different circumstances. Bringing a new character in at the end can often lead to problems like that, especially if the character is a regular; they have to introduce the character, develop them and give them a storyline that justifies their presence and it just eats into the screentime.
3/19/2008 #23

Prue was Married on the show.She was married to Zile in a Dark wedding.

7/29/2010 #24

Prue did technically get married just before Piper did when they turned evil and that evil warlock married her when she was unconcious.

8/17/2010 #25
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