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A Roleplay of our favorite movie, Rio ;D 'Cuz it deserves it! x3
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Welcome everybody! Here, you can select a Canon to Roleplay with, or push your beloved character(s) into the spotlight, to introduce them to the other fellow roleplayers :D

Here's the info that you must complete in order to get your character aproved:










Life History:

Extra Facts:

8/26/2012 #1

Name: Nicoletta Cynthia Malle

Age: same as Nico

Species: Yellow canary

Gender: Female

Appearance: Looks like Nico, but no bottle cap, Blue eyes, and orange head feathers like long hair.

Likes: Singing, dancing.

Dislikes: Spiders, bad guys.

Strengths: Singing.

Weaknesses: chocolate.

Life history: Nicole lost her parents at the age of five in Dampier, WA. They were killed in a fire caused by an evil white cat called Shelia. She moved to SA at the age of nine where she met Pedi, a short tempered red crested cardinal who lived in an abandoned alley. They were saved by a ten year old girl called Jessie and moved to Rio three years later. In the future, she meets Pedro and Nico, falling in love with Nico. (Saying in the future is okay, right?)

Extra facts: If in a movie, wuld be voiced by Katy Perry.

10/25/2012 #2

Well, I guess I'll have to aprove it, because she's the first OC, but I don't really like her that much, She seems like the female version of Nico ._.''

(Even her BF is a cardinal!) But with a different story life.

Also, where are the personality traits?

I know nothing about her.

Personality, rather than looks, it's a really important element in the creation of a character, the rest hardly matters; is some sort of an extra, a complement, a decoration.

Why don't you try to do something new? Make her a red canary with green eyes, make her awful at dancing, but with a beautiful singing voice (Nico could help her with the dancing..;) ) Make her shy, make her clumsy... etc, etc. (Those are only examples, ok?)

There are millions of endless posibilities, make your character complicated and interesting, if you make her like everyone else, Why should Nico take an interest on her?

Please, don't feel ofended, I'm just trying to help :)

If you don't want to follow my advice, don't do it!


But, in order for your character to be aproved I need more info, Does she only like singing and dancing? And she only dislikes bad guys and spiders? Really?

Do you only dislike or like 2 things? Also I make enfasis in the personalitiy traits, wich should go in the Strengths and Weaknesses,

Positive traits in Strengths, negative (Yes she ought to have negative traits, just like everyone else) in Weaknesses.

By the way, thanks for using this forum :) You're the first :D

10/27/2012 #3
Sorry. I didn't know. I tried to make her like a older, bird version of someone ear. Me.
10/27/2012 #4
I have submitted her profile in other RPs. They kinda have more detail.
10/27/2012 #5

Alright, I'll take another go.

Name Nicoletta Cynthia Malle

Age: Same as Nico.

Speicies: Yorkshire canary

Gender: Female

Appearance: Blue eyes, yellow feathers with splodges of brown here and there. Yellow and brown head feathers that look like long hair.

Likes: Hanging in alley ways, singing, making new friends, stealing shiny things, shiny things, improving, faking things, people who don't lie, fruit, nighttime, soft songs, nice birds, humans, her home, leaves, bushes (They're cool to hide in.), music, samba, her siblings, close friends.

Dislikes: Spiders, cats, dogs, mean birds, super fast, loud music, people who lie, sticks, stones, fighting, lying, daytime, bright light, rotten food, dumpsters, hunters, tree-cutters, water (She can't swim.), larger animals, Law breakers.

Strengths: She has the most amazing singing voice and she is a strong girl who is always willing to help other in disaster than herself. She'd listen even if she'd never seen you before if you had something to say, because she never misses a chance to make new friends. She is exellent at hiding, espescially in bushes.

Weaknesses: It would have to be that she's really really shy, she can't dance, and finds it hard to talk to dreamers and flirters. She's clumsy when it comes to flying, dancing, even running. She blushes heaps if any guy winks, at her, look sat her all dreamy, holds her hand, hugs her, or kisses her.

Life history: Lived in Dampier, WA, where she lived in an abandoned doll house with her family. It was burnt down by a hungry cat called Shelia who killed her parents. Nicole still wishes today she could have done something to save thewm today. She moved to SA where she met a few friends, including Layla the canary with dyed feathers and Bob, the dancing Galah. At the age of ten, they moved to Rio where they, in the future met the Rio gang and a few others. In future, Nicole and Nico fall madly in love.

Extra facts: Bob is a real bird, mine actually, Nicole meets Nico when she steals his bottle cap. Nicole's voiced by Katy Perry.

10/27/2012 #6
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