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Hi, I', Chelsee Howie, you can call me Chelsee or Chels, which either suites your fancy. I live in the Sydney, Australia and I am currently attending high school (secondary school) in Grade Nine.

I am a vigorous writer and a fanfiction fanatic! I read alot, I'm a rising artist, I'm currently writing my own novel, though it's not going along well. My favourite food is chocolate and, yeah.

I love the Mortal Instruments!

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The Lady Cloudy
I'm not at liberty to reveal very much about myself, but I can tell you that my official pennant (not fan fiction) is Alyssa and you can call me Aly. I'm still in school and I love history even if I someday hope to work in the medical field. School is more important than anything to me and I'm very driven. Depending on how much studying I have to do or how much homework I get in a day I may or may not be able to role play.
10/11/2012 #2

Hey there, I'm Francesca, but you can call me Frenchie, Cesca, Frankie, whatever :) I love music, mostly things in the pop-punk, rock, a bit of metal genres. I love, love, LOVE Paramore, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, Blink-182, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Bring Me The Horizon. I am going to see Paramore in concert in my hometown on the 24th of September, then the next day, I have to go to Stratford for a Shakespeare trip. I'm currently in Year Nine, I'm british, and I love things like Sherlock and TMI/TID, Harry Potter. I write constantly, and depending on homework will probably be rp'ing here :)

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Great! You can go RP now!

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Hey, I'm Madi but you can all call me Krestral or Krest (prefer those to Madi). I hate Madi because the name sounds to preppy and everyone in my school who's name is that are preppy little snobs. I LOVE reading and writing, in fact I have written over ten books before and lost them -.-. So that's me! Really nothing to it.

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