This is the Next Generation of Shadowhunters in the New York Institute! you can play a child of the original characters or come as a Downworlder, or other Shadowhunters. Canon Characters are open. OC are accepted!
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This is were we RP! In here, you can talk to more then one person, if they are in the same room as your character (Kitchen, library etc.)

8/28/2012 #1
The Lady Cloudy
It was late one night when Melody Herondale attempted to stealthily creep down towards the kitchen. It seemed as though she stepped on every creaky board and step in the process, though.
10/13/2012 #2
Arianna sat in the kitchen, sipping a hot cocoa in her metallic purple pajamas. Her hair was in a ponytail, uncharacteristically dark with no colour in it
11/16/2012 #3
The Lady Cloudy
Melody didn't even notice Ariana as she walked towards the fridge in hopes there was something good to snack on.
11/17/2012 #4
Arianna smirked as she watched the blonde. "Melody, what are you doing?"
11/17/2012 #5
The Lady Cloudy
Melody turned bright pink as she turned to face Ariana and nearly tripped in the process. She clutched the counter to keep from falling.
12/15/2012 #6
((IM CHELSEE! IM USING MY NEW ACCOUNT)) Arianna looked clinically amused "Are you quite alright? " she asked the blonde, her head tilting curiously, making her dark bangs fall over her bright eyes
1/19/2013 #7
The Lady Cloudy

"I'm fine," Melody sighed, sitting down hard on the floor.

4/15/2013 #8

Arianna rested her chin on the palm of her hand, narrowing her eyes. "Are you sure?"

4/27/2013 #9
The Lady Cloudy
"Positive, I was just coming down to get a midnight snack without waking anyone up. Probably woke everyone up," Melody said, self-depracatingly. She started to stand up, but hit her head on the counter and winced.
4/28/2013 #10
'Don't worry, you hardly made a sound' Ari replied reassuringly 'Actually, I wanted to ask you something. I was going to wait until morning, but since your here...' she played with a lock of her hair ' Will you be my parabatai?'
4/30/2013 #11
The Lady Cloudy
"I don't know. I'd love to, but...those are powerful marks. I can barely do simple ones and I'm not sure I could handle it." Melody stammered anxiously. She had not seen this one coming.
4/30/2013 #12
'Oh right, yeah' Ari said, seeming to almost physically wilt 'I just thought...' she aruptly changed what she was saying 'Forget I mentioned it' she stood quickly, so quickly she dropped her mug. Swearing, she dove down to retrieve the shattered pieces.
5/1/2013 #13
The Lady Cloudy
"I'm really sorry and I would love to, but at least right now I can't handle it. And what good am I as a parabatai? I can't even fight." Melody sighed.
5/1/2013 #14

"You could" Arianna said confidently. "You just don't have enough confidence. If you had more, I'm sure you would be fantastic"

5/2/2013 #15
The Lady Cloudy
"Never as good as my parents," Melody commented bitterly.
5/2/2013 #16

"You don't need to be as good as your parents, Mel" Ari said soothingly, placing a gentle hand on her friends' shoulder.

5/3/2013 #17
The Lady Cloudy
"But they expect me to be able to do something," Melody complained. "And they both have the extra angel blood and I's just not, Shadowhunter-y."
5/3/2013 #18
she raised an eyebrow 'What can you do, Mel? You act as though you have nothing, but I can tell that you have something. It doesn't matter if its 'Shadowhunter-y' or not'
5/4/2013 #19
The Lady Cloudy
"When I was five I started to see things, it was just glimpses then, but they're longer now. Past and future. Events that are going to happen and things that have already occurred." Melody admitted, not daring to look up.
5/5/2013 #20

Arianna was silent for a moment, then asked thoughtfull "So, have you lie, seen the Mortal War? And stuff in the future, like who you're going to marry and stuff, or just like what you're going to have for breakfast?" She plonked herself back down on a stool, watching her friend with interest.

5/7/2013 #21
The Lady Cloudy
"I wish it was that interesting. I've seen some stuff from the 1920s, mostly drunk people at parties. There has been several things I've seen from the 1960s, with protests and such. From the future, it's blurry. Smoke, flames, and ashes sometimes. The clearest thing I've seen is when I'm standing in the middle of this field and everything is covered in snow. It's still snowing and all I can hear is screaming in the distance, but then it's silent. But the snow turns red and I realize I've been screaming. I'm not sure that's my future, it could be anyone's. I usually see it from someone else's point of view." Melody explain.
5/7/2013 #22

Arianna's lips parted in surprise. She opened her mouth to reply, but was cut off by a deep male voice at the door.

"You two should be in bed" Elijah wagged his finger as he mock- scolded them, sitting down on the marble counter top

5/12/2013 #23
The Lady Cloudy
"Oh my god! Elijah! I thought you were my dad for a second!" Melody stifled a yell, staring at Elijah in shock.
5/12/2013 #24

Elijah chuckled. "I hadn't realised I resembled the legendary Jace Herondale" He grinned broadly, pushing his glasses up his nose. "So, what are you girls talking about?"

Arianna rolled her eyes at her 'cousin' "Periods and tampons, Eli"

Eli leaned back on his hands still grinning. "Excellent, I always wanted to kow about those things"

5/12/2013 #25
The Lady Cloudy
"You're so weird," Melody laughed.
5/13/2013 #26

"It's what makes me awesome" He threw an arm around her shoulders "Being normal is for losers"

"Or, you know, sane people" Arianna pointed out.

5/13/2013 #27
The Lady Cloudy
"I guess that makes Ari and I losers," Melody said, pouting at Elijah and trying not to laugh.
5/13/2013 #28

Elijah gasped dramatically "My dearest Melody, you are not a loser!"

"What about me?" Arianna inquired.

Elijah seemed to contemplate the question "Well... you are a little bit"

"HEY, I resent that comment"

5/13/2013 #29
The Lady Cloudy
"Why thank you, Elijah!" Melody replied, faking a Southern Belle voice and putting a hand dramatically to her forehead.
5/13/2013 #30
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