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Beth listened in. "What is going on?"
2/19/2016 #1,171

Ari shook her head, listening intently. "Do you think he confessed?"

2/20/2016 #1,172
"Unless Mr. Herondale figured it out." Beth said, looking at ari.
2/21/2016 #1,173
"by the blessed angel, mr. herondale found out." beth said, trying to draw runes so she could invisibly see inside.
2/29/2016 #1,174
"Honestly, it's fine, Alec's gay," Jace said with a shrug.
2/29/2016 #1,175
"Oh the things mr. Herondale doesn't know." Beth said, chuckling.
2/29/2016 #1,176

(*shuffles around awkwardly, trying to think of an excuse for my absence*...School???)

Hugo seemed to perk up a little, sheepishly ruffling the back of his own hair. "Right, of course. Sorry, I'm being weird, I know."


"Think he's going to tell?" Ari whispered, pressing her ear closer.

4/3/2016 #1,177
(It's fine) "I don't know. It if he's going to, it's gonna be a big thing. Especially since Hugo has a thing for him. Besides I think that fact that your dad being gay kinda helped Hugo out a bit. " Beth said, listening in trying to get a good hearing.
4/3/2016 #1,178
Jace shrugged. "It's fine," he said. "Just try not giving Clary as much grief as Alexandria does," Jace said with a smile.
4/7/2016 #1,179
Beth smirked at the comment. "Is he leaving?"
4/7/2016 #1,180
beth looked at ari. " do you think he's leaving? he sounds like he is."
5/11/2016 #1,181
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