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The reasons Farla agitates me! Someone I know was made fun of for their story in literature class... They would always write... and they just stopped... and apparently they got a hate review for Farla the next day... and then he hasn't written anything since... (P.S He deleted his account and I didn't read or write fanfiction at the time so~) He's now got depression and hates being in Literature class... He's actually in a lower class than me now... AND I'M 2 PROJECTS AHEAD OF THE CLASS!!! *Undyne happy face* Then two later I get a hate review from her too! Then she sends me a link to, well basically what she thinks is "Grammatically Correct" Personally she probably failed and exam in Literature of something and just takes it out on the fanfiction world. WE COME HERE TO WRITE!!! Not you listen to her hating, but because we enjoy it! I'm not saying that she's a bad writer, just a despicable one! I mean: That's just lower than low! Hell "Descent" that's just sad... I've read a bunch of these they're fabulous! So if there just "Descent" I don't know what her good is? And if she says she's the best author of all time? BRING IT! My one and only dream is to become an amazing true author! I go out of my way to write in class all the time! I've came up with four full stories and a collection of sad ones! (P.M Me details of them! and maybe an extract! -) I haven't and won't give up! For everything! ESPECIALLY, The freedom of all fanfiction writers! To be free from haters like Farla! and I will add, personally the pokemon capitalized thing, if you're calling it's name then caps, mentioning the species, non caps. But now it's just up to the writer. I mean the only people who can decide that is the creators.... so let's just read the manga to find out!

All in all, for the freedom of all writers.... Farla.... STOP THIS CRUELNESS!!! WE TRY TO OUR BEST ABILITIES BUT IT'S NEVER GOO ENOUGH FOR YOU!!!! ANYONE SEND ME YOUR FICS!!!! I'LL TELL YOU WHAT I THINK!!! and if I have to crit it will be constructive like "Yeah but maybe you could,________ to make it better?" SO FOR THE FUTURE OF POTENTIAL WRITERS!!!!

2/8/2016 #1

You mean like how you PMed me with

(also to prove that I've done everything write, This is from a book I'm actually writing so, go ahead hate if you want, because I know I write and a good level of skill!)

She was really starting to annoy him. Everyday at school she would act like an heels-over-head, love maniac. (Not that she wasn't). Another day had arrived as Coral was sitting on the regular bench. Of course she was wearing her Pikachu hat too. I was prepared or another yell of her voice, it never came... The bell had rang and Erik had pulled me to our first period class, I didn't she Coral again.

It was lunch (Finally, if I had to listen to another word Mr. Black said, I'd probably drop dead.), Erik yelling my name from the hall was as loud as the crowd, yelling to get their lunch. Rushing over I was stopped right in my tracks, by none other that Coral McKenzie.

"Oh, Hi Blaze~!" She scream I really couldn't be bothered with her just now... I had just failed my Mathematics test, It least I felt I had...

"Hi." Trying to walk past ignoring her pleading cries to eat lunch with her, I skipped past rushing to Erik so we could meet up with, Conner and Joseph.

Think that sucks, Think again!

2/8/2016 . Edited 2/8/2016 #2

Look that was from my memory I know the mistake I made there... the tense TT but that's a habit of mine -_- and see at least I know I'm not perfect and I can and will point out my other mistake of saying "Write" instead of "Right" unless you're mocking me okay~ also with "see" and "she" okay! Those are the only mistakes here but at least I can point them out and at least I don't think I'm perfect like some people... and at least I can get proof from actual people with a degree in writing! In fact I get along with all the Literature teacher! (I met one at 'Burger King' last Thursday after the Harry Potter event! IT WAS SO COOL!!!) and again, YOU PUT ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS INTO DEPRESSION!!!!!!

2/8/2016 #3
The Mighty Trubbish

I dunno what your problem is fam. I'm sorry about your friend, but how he actually feels IRL is probably do to something else. He would be a pretty shallow person to be that upset over a review. Anyways, you go on and on about freedom, but are trying to dictate how people review? Not everyone has to be kind when they give criticism and just because you don't want to listen to what they have to say doesn't mean they're wrong. Everyone has the right to review however they want, and honestly, if you can't take a "bad" review or whatever why are you writing? If you truly want to be a "true author" then you need to take shit with a grain of salt. Also, don't even think for a second that your shit smells like roses and that you're a perfect writer, because that is bullshit. There is no such thing. Accept all criticism and stop preaching about false freedom.

2/8/2016 #4

No he has, well had an ordinary life. He talks about everything and told me that's what happened. Which is extremely sad, more cuel. He would have shrugged it off, but he was already depressed about this. It's kinda like me getting bullied, it's worse when you don't actually know them.

"Not everyone has to be kind when they give criticism" You mean like Farla?

Nah I can take shit like this, Just some people can't I'm trying to help them! Not people who hate on others because they think they're "Perfect."

And I know I'm not fucking perfect! Though I'm ahead of my Literature class I'm in the second highest! So I don't fucking care! But the highest level teacher has seen my work, said it was amazing. and my Literature teacher said my work is excellent.

2/8/2016 #5
The Mighty Trubbish

You're dragging to much "real life" into this. Listen, I don't care about what class you are in school or any of that bullshit, I don't care that your friend gave up writing because he didn't like a review, this is real simple and cookie cutter straight fam. Handle criticism, that's it. You don't have to like it, but you don't need to bash another person either. It's immature.

2/9/2016 #6

wat is dis i dont even

When you post a fanfic, you are leaving yourself open to criticism. It's a fact, and you'll need to deal with it. I'd rather have a blunt but helpful criticism than a sugarcoated but useless review. Farla also happens to be exceedingly mild compared to some other mind-numbing stuff the internet has presented me with, so if a simple blunt review (Yes, they're copy-pastes. They're also extremely effective since they give you a general outline of the problems you have) is enough to scare your friend off the site, they really shouldn't have been online in the first place.

3/1/2016 #7
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