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Okay, since apparently it's necessary, the current review spam/threats and PM spam/threats is a bunch of sockpuppets. I'm working off the idea that Dragon's Blaze (Now Hybrid of Fate, and Sevenways56 on other sites) is the main one mostly because that's the account with stories on it. Alts include:



For45Why/Dinoman1234/Stylepoints Zero

Final Fight 45 (Here we have her fucking up remembering which alt she's using: Final Fight 45: Hello I'm Mega SevenWays56 on Fimfiction I wrote 22 stories spent time on TV tropes to understand tropes, cliche and what not to better myself. I know this is hard for you to understand but the little since nonsense is literally nonsense.) Edit: So, she deleted the entire account to get rid of that. Luckily, I screenshot it at the time: 78(dot)media(dot)tumblr(dot)com/ea7fbaca3fcc0bf25422a5ca56946517/tumblr_pe1103ct4C1rhg2cso1_1280(dot)png

20Seven2 - renamed Supernatural Fans for some reason. This account is the one referred to in Fire4Heaven's bio where she tries to refute the idea it's a Hybrid sock by claiming it's Fire4Heaven's sock. Yes, we were already at socks having socks this early on.





DB Second/Undead4Hire

The Crazy Cazadore

DB Third

DB Fourth

DB cause WB/ReverseWorld34

KingPyle/Second Legion Scout/Warhammer4life


Final Fantasy 67

NuLucker23/Gemini67 - imgur . com /a/Ikpmwc7


For ways over 5


She's been using the name Twenty4Seven in anon reviews and on accounts elsewhere such as TvTropes, so it is possible the account twenty4seven here is hers. She's also sockpuppetting all over Reddit with at least the accounts thirdpoint23, MarvelFanantic, Sevvenways56 and OverLordfan23 active, so if anyone with those names shows up over here it's probably her. She said she was already on Reddit before any of those accounts popped up, so she either has other older ones or those older ones were already banned for unrelated awful behavior before she even started this fight.

She's doing similar things on other sites. On my own blog alone, some of her many names but one IP address hits are:




People who seem like they're independent people she's roped into this are:

MeganSH051 - does not appear to be malicious but will repeat any malicious thing they've been told without verifying it.

knight7572 - absolutely malicious, was PMing me and another person telling me the other person wanted a fight and the other person that I wanted a fight, tried to get identifying information from someone who spoke up about Blaze on my blog and when I banned them for doing so went on about how I should "forgive" them so they can come back and keep harassing people for information there.

The Castaway Pariah - appeared to PM about how I'm harassing Blaze by blocking her, currently defending Blaze's honor on another site and apparently has a history of harassing people.

FuckthisHoe69 - Possibly the same as the above, possibly when Blaze bragged about being friends with lots of trolls she actually did know multiple trolls.

Pinkie Avenger - is this person even on her side or just trying to stir shit? God knows.

Suneo-Miso - Actually definitely on her side, thank christ for being able to make out someone's motivation for once. Is copy-pasting Hybrid's reviews but writes coherently outside of that, don't know if they're also joining in on the "dogpile random people who don't want anything to do with this" behavior or not.

Just pretending to be on her side to stir shit, apparently:



If any of these accounts threaten you, it's bullshit. If they say that you're harassing them by not doing what they say, it's bullshit. If they say they've reported your story/account and it's going to be deleted, it's bullshit. If they say they have admin friends who'll delete your account, it's bullshit. If they say a bunch of buzzwords about hacking and deep web and crimes, it's bullshit. If they say they have absolutely no involvement with any of the above people but just happened to come by to tell you that disagreeing or blocking or whatever is cyberbullying and they're an internet lawyer who prosecutes cyberbullying and you'll go to jail, it's bullshit. If they say the courts can ban you from the internet, it's bullshit. And when they say everyone agrees with them so you'd better or else, it's just Blaze replying to herself over and over.

Similarly, if you tried to make her stop PMing you by saying you blocked us, bear in mind that she's stalking your stories and if she ever sees a review show up she starts howling that you lied and spamming you under any account you didn't block.

Update: Okay, so she's now making more alts for people who did block all of them. So you'll probably be hearing from her at least once regardless.

6/7/2018 . Edited 7/1/2019 #1
GijinkaVerse Writer

I thought the 45s was a different person, but it seems that Blaze created two 45 themed accounts. The "just got back from deployment to see accusations of sockpuppetry" act was particular funny.

Edit: Finally got to the screenshots. Wow is that drama tough to follow half-heartedly.

6/7/2018 . Edited 6/7/2018 #2

Probably should add Mr. 'I'm a site admin and also my penis is huuuuuge I swear' to the cohort list. His surface reasonableness and expert gaslighting behavior concern me a lot more than Blaze's clearly unhinged alts.

6/8/2018 #3

I'm assuming that's Castaway. They showed up right after Castaway jumped in on TvTropes after pumpkinking0192 removed the fanfic rec from Twenty4Seven as violating the no-self-recs rule by saying there was no proof fite me!!!, and shortly after Castaway PMed me here, and their behavior seems in line with those links to Castaway's behavior over on Fimfiction.

6/8/2018 #4
C. Pariah

Oh really? I guess you have to delude yourself into thinking less people are against you by assuming two of them are the same. Do I have that correct?

6/8/2018 #5

As this forum itself shows, I don't have any problem believing many people disagree with me. Many accounts doing the exact same harassment of innocent people, on the other hand, is an issue, as is trying to find out the identity of people to target them for further harassment.

6/8/2018 #6
The Crazy Cazadore
But your doing that.
6/8/2018 #7
The Crazy Cazadore
Castaway is a different person. Not everyone you meet is blaze you know. Also why would blaze go through all this trouble to make a f ton of emails for each account.
6/8/2018 #8
The Crazy Cazadore
Also note that I'm not his friend I just find you annoying and rude. And I can't stand lying manipulative jerks like you who spout lies to get people to join you against some one you have no proof against.
6/8/2018 #9

Hey again, Blaze.

6/8/2018 #10
GijinkaVerse Writer

-Creates New Account

-Waits 4 whole days

-Has no theory of mind when pretending to be different person

6/8/2018 . Edited 6/8/2018 #11

It looks like it was made at the same time as the other two recent alts. So I guess she may have made a mess of fresh alts at once and will now trot one out periodically.

6/8/2018 #12
GijinkaVerse Writer

It turns out The Crazy Commodore is a real person who was trying very hard to pretend to be a sockpuppet.

They sure fooled you Farla. Throwing in real people among the mass of Identical IP accounts.

6/8/2018 . Edited 6/8/2018 #13

I'm sick of your bullshit Farla. All you do is spam the same argument. If you think your helping you really aren't. The Arceus as poke-god could be reported and taken down as religion is a very touchy subject and people could get offended thus making the abuse report valid. I also want you to name one story with your capitalization "rules" that state not using species names as they are referring to a specific type of object. Saying that what if a trainer had the same name you wouldn't capitalize it then. True but name a story that this falls under I have not found a single one in all of my 8 years on this site. Claiming these are "alts" of an account that is "hating on you" is inciting hate against another user and accusing a user that might be innocent of something they aren't. Your how old and your bullying kids on a site like this. I have a friend of mine that left for 2 reasons. One was because he ran out of ideas but he said and I quote "Even if I had ideas I've seen Farla and a few other users spamming reviews of stuff and them posting the same arguments when confronted. Like seriously your backed into a corner and all you do is do what you know best say the same shit." If your that big an OCD stop reviewing and write show us "how its done" Prove it if you got the skills to write these "good stories" your challenge if you choose to accept it is to write a story based off an Eevee and an Absol and how they made a business (names for everything are up to you) and how they became popular and then the business slipped away from them and them fighting for what they worked hard for. I'm done arguing put your money where your mouth is.

www(dot) fimfiction(dot) net/user/242481/TheCrazyCazadore www(dot) fimfiction(dot) net/group/207724/the-insane-creators-guild/thread/362810/farlas-gone-crazy#comment/6466141

blaze told me to post this whatever it is I'm staying out of it. I wish you good luck

6/8/2018 #14

Blaze contacted you to post a defense for a random person who has no connection to her or this whole affair, but also according to your own link was told to come over here and post what Blaze said to post.

[ your challenge if you choose to accept it is to write a story based off an Eevee and an Absol and how they made a business (names for everything are up to you) and how they became popular and then the business slipped away from them and them fighting for what they worked hard for. I'm done arguing put your money where your mouth is.]

Christ's sake, does this seriously work on anybody?

6/8/2018 #15

I'm gonna be real here you make me laugh. You claim all this shit in reviews yet when I tell you to prove that you can do it. The part with Blaze wasn't supposed to be in the post even if I didn't have him pm me about that I still would have posted. This thread is basically a hatebomb. If you can prove me otherwise then I will drop this whole thing. The biggest issue I have with you is you post pms without permission to another website. Your profile claims "do this at your own risk". But in the past you posted a basic conversation and I told you to take them down. You agreed but still that alone is proof you troll. You know what the logical thing to do is. Make a video on your review month that proves you don't spam. Because the entire fandom hates you. I want you to write this to prove that you can do what you always tell other people to do. Because your forcing other people to do it. Your "stories" from 10 years ago are just you rewriting events. Not even writing all the events up to that change. One thing I always know when writing is to show each characters point of view. If you say not to bash a story actually put more that 5 seconds into writing it. You cant win when everyone is against you. The supporters later turn against you after finding out who you really are. A monster, a freak, a bitch, a bully and a troll. If you would show your point of view maybe people might think differently as you never show your side. Only diss other peoples side. You choose to troll. You choose to review people with nothing to show but talking shit. In real life you have no friends besides the knife you cut your wrists with. If you care you'll back off. If you weren't a troll we would welcome you with open arms. But that's all everyone sees you as. Until you can stop talking shit and actually prove your position and not fucking talk shit which it all comes down to get out and go suck your boyfriends dick. That's the only way we can shut you up.

6/8/2018 #16
Wildebunny the Eternal

Drawn to this forum mostly because of Dragon's Blaze and other antics related to Dragon's Blaze.

Dear god, katanaeyegaming, I took the liberty of trying to read all four of your stories. You don't know how to write or format properly.

Edit: I may have missed the point he was trying to communicate, it's difficult trying to understand him.

Here's take two:

One thing I always know when writing is to show each characters point of view.

Yea, I'm not sure where you got that bit of writing advice since third-person limited is a very popular way to write stories.

If you say not to bash a story actually put more that 5 seconds into writing it. You cant win when everyone is against you

I'm rather confused about this. Are you saying Farla should spend more time reading? or more time writing. Considering, Farla's stories outclass yours by far.

6/8/2018 . Edited 6/8/2018 #17

sure whatever you say because you claim to follow critics united. i was a part of it on my old account once. none of yoi guys even try fuck all of you

6/8/2018 #18

and fyi i had this planned for a few months.

6/8/2018 #19
Wildebunny the Eternal
and fyi i had this planned for a few months.

Bad grammar aside, you spent MONTHS planning to troll a forum?

I highly suggest you find a better use of your time.

6/8/2018 #20

im not trolling lopk arpimd the community im sure yoill find people planning on attacking you.

6/8/2018 #21

as of this point i want nothing more than you guys to not troll

6/8/2018 #22

youll never learn so bye

6/8/2018 #23
I think that while I don't agree with absolutely everything you and others say farla (like whether or not the story is in the right universe), I think and KNOW that the grammatical aspects of your reviews are correct so people just need to either take it with a pinch of salt, not pretend they're ten-year-olds with anger issues, or alternatively take the review into consideration and rewrite the story correctly. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
6/9/2018 #24

katanaeyegaming, [you posted a basic conversation and I told you to take them down. You agreed but still that alone is proof you troll.]? I feel like you don't know what trolling is.

And hi, Venomheart the Dreamer!

[Drawn to this forum mostly because of Dragon's Blaze and other antics related to Dragon's Blaze.]

If you're interested in unraveling this mystery, you could check out whatever's going on over on her older stomping grounds at fimfiction.


Both of these accounts posted within minutes of their creation, which allowed me to see that was within minutes of each other, on June 4th.

You'll notice that, in addition to the fact this was made on the same day, the numbers for this third one mean it was made only a few minutes after the other two.

The thread katanaeyegaming helpfully linked is dated as beginning June 5th. In it, Blaze raises the idea of someone else making an account, and Cazadore appears to say they'll do so, then claims that there's some waiting period that doesn't exist given that the first two accounts posted immediately.

So somehow, established fimfiction user Cazadore (who has no fic on their account) made a brand-new FFN account right when Blaze was making alts and before Blaze makes the thread that brings up the idea of fimfiction users making accounts here.

TheAzureFlygon, hi as well!

[people just need to either take it with a pinch of salt, not pretend they're ten-year-olds with anger issues, or alternatively take the review into consideration and rewrite the story correctly.]

Ideally. But I'd really like to emphasize that the reason I'm listing sockpuppets here is because scream at me like they're ten is an acceptable position, and so is deciding to make a sock account to talk to me at all. If, for whatever reason, anyone wants to talk to me through an alt account, that's okay! The issue is having sockpuppets talk to each other to back up lies about how not obeying someone will get their stories/account deleted, or mob individuals who disagree with multiple accounts at once, or use them to get around blocks. Blaze is doing all three.

6/10/2018 #25

I do do know some dirt about MeganSH01. She is someone who rarely thinks before doing anything. She can be easily persuaded, and flattered just by saying a few nice things. You can also get her to stop by hitting her where it hurts.

6/10/2018 #26

I would really recommend everyone to just not engage with MeganSH01. I know she's trying to hurt innocent people but I don't think she can understand that enough to be considered accountable and she's definitely being hurt by people herself.

6/10/2018 #27
Wildebunny the Eternal

I think you're right on calling certain accounts sockpuppets. I don't think every one of them is Dragon Blaze though. I've seen some of Dragon's Blaze's reviews. Dragon Blaze has too much time on their hands to go around intentionally discrediting accurate grammar advice and has enough time to literally spam your stories with the same review over and over just to be a nuisance. That's not even going taking into account the capitalization argument. A review of theirs argued '"Dialogue." He said.' as correct.

Regardless of my own views on capitalization, your reviews give constructive criticism beyond just that diatribe.

I'm curious, have you openly made the sockpuppet claim before May 20 somewhere?

Fire4Heaven, Istwill56, Final Fight 45, For45Why, and 20Seven2 are all her, as far as I can tell.

This has to be the worse thing anyone ever did. I'm more disappointed in how they could dehumanize me and claim someone else basic

Taken from Istwill56's profile. I find it suspicious that it doesn't even name WHO made the claim.

Istwill56 showed up to Writers Anonymous after a link showing Istwill56 mirroring Dragon Blaze's review posted on a story word for word although it was 13 days later or so. That link was hastily redacted but not before I saw it. I find that highly suspicious. Supposedly a technical error that ate the review, but the "guest" didn't even post what the review was supposed to be.

Either way, sockpuppet or people who think alike (does it really matter too much) if they don't express anything that can separate them as individuals.

Edit cause I overlooked the details about Cazadore:

established fimfiction user Cazadore (who has no fic on their account)

I don't think Cazadore having no fics is important because blogs are just as good (as a substitute for a story.) That account isn't Cazadore's though judging by the comments of that thread.

6/10/2018 . Edited 6/10/2018 #28
Wildebunny the Eternal

Blaze is truly incompetent at selling hatred.

I wanted a reason to dislike Farla... she gave reasons to dislike Elmo. She's highly insecure in reviews because is so bothered by the fact that you or Elmo claimed she was sockpuppeting reviews on her story when I didn't even care about that bit. (They look legitimate to me.)

It's been over two hours and I've yet to find a reason to dislike Farla.

Blaze brought up two Elmo reviews which I feel on some points the "counter" review had merit, but that's not Farla and I'm still waiting. It doesn't help that the counter review gives outright bad grammatical advice instead of just being subjectively right on some level.

Regardless of what I thought of those two Elmo reviews, none of the points can be argued objectively wrong. The counter reviews (one even posted by Blaze) go out of their way to be contradictory even if it's debatable as a subjective point.

Elmo reviews the story, Blaze reviews the review and looks at the story to support evidence of her argument if needed.

Not impressed by Blaze at all. I've saved the entire conversation since I expect to be blocked soon. One thinks someone would jump at the chance to convert another one into hating Farla.

6/10/2018 . Edited 6/10/2018 #29

[I don't think Cazadore having no fics is important because blogs are just as good (as a substitute for a story.) That account isn't Cazadore's though judging by the comments of that thread.]

No, Cazadore and Blaze are both saying this proves I'm crazy because I believed Cazadore's account was Blaze, as well as claiming the other people are all real:

The Crazy Cazadore: I'm gonna try linking fimfiction accounts to prove that these people are real.

Mega SevenWays:And they called you blaze

The Crazy Cazadore: Ha.

Mega SevenWays: And Castaway assuming he isn't banned can easily post your Fimfiction link and mine. They discredited themselves without even thinking.

The Crazy Cazadore: Yes. I sent a pm with my account. It's laughable she thinks I am you. I'm trying to not overstep the rules their so I'm acting more reserved. Maybe I should have went into a tyrannical bitching.

A PM I did indeed get, which was indeed from the person who posted here, which of course said the same thing every Blaze alt I ban says, which is that I'm crazy if I think they're Blaze. So yeah, judging by the comments, it's the same account, even though going by the time stamps, only Blaze could've made it.

[I don't think every one of them is Dragon Blaze though. ]

I understand that it seems really weird that there would be so many socks running around given the usual number of socks involved is zero to one. I'll try to recount the event chain.

Initially, I just knew the 45s were connected, and I thought it was just someone using an alt out of backlash concerns, which, whatever. For45Why was posting, then Final Fight 45 appears, then you can see at that after Final Fight 45 gives their example of what should be cut from St Elmo's Fire's reviews, For45Why replies with "I did that because..." Also then the Anonymous4561 came over to threaten us with a story that'd be posted at a certain time, and the resulting one was actually posted to Final Fight 45's account.

That was referenced over on Writer's Anonymous in

Oh hey, I just realized that the Dragon's Blaze account there is quoting something I said in PM to the lstwill56 account. On a thread where Blaze is insisting up and down that showing other people PMs would be the worst thing anyone can do, somehow they're aware of the PM I sent a different person who very much isn't them, and throwing an exactly identical tantrum about how I'm not allowed to write or even think about stuff like that because they're the only one allowed to decide what the allowed fanfic topics are.


Oh christ in searching for the links to add in I tripped over there's Final Fight 45 getting mad I said they didn't know what they were talking about and responding by saying they're Mega SevenWays56 who has lots of numbers on their stories that means they're better than me. I didn't click the link at the time because I didn't care, but as you can see in the link left to prove I'm totally wrong about Blaze having a pile of sockpuppets and my transcript of part of the comments, that's Blaze's account.

Look, in my defense they were posting a lot and PMing a lot and "a bunch of friends with similar lack of grammar skills" really seemed like the more plausible option at first, so I wasn't really paying attention. Anyway, I'm still going to give a bunch more evidence because I did the rest of the writeup first. Anyway also Blaze posts a bunch with the same IP over on my blog early on, pictures can be found in comments of recent post, but I actually missed that too until much later because again, sockpuppetting like this is really weird.

Anyway I already did the review section first before the links so fuck it, I'll just post that too.

Sorting by posting date, Blaze has been counter-reviewing St Elmo's Fire since at least the start of April (she was pretty inconsistent at first, and I don't want to bother going back further to figure out the exact point) which is current at aboutémon/?&srt=2&lan=1&r=10&p=35

Flip through the reviews there or pretty much any more recent page and you'll see several accounts saying the same thing while making the same typos.

Interestingly, while checking to find that point, I found that on Blaze accuses someone else of being a sockpuppet account of St Elmo's Fire on the basis they don't agree with her.

Anyway, let's skip ahead to near the end of April, currently atémon/?&srt=2&lan=1&r=10&p=25

You'll find point by point counters such as at

Note the attacks aren't just on us, they're on anyone thought to associate us, like a little later with

Also, the top comment in particular is repeated on all three of the author's stories.

You can find something pretty much any day from Dragon's Blaze, lstwill56, and/or Fire4Heaven, sometimes the exact same thing.

Again, the issue is not actually "Are all these Blaze's sockpuppets?" The issue is, "Does Blaze use her sockpuppets to help with her harassment campaigns against people and if so, how many names do you need to block to actually block Blaze?"

And again: you don't have to pick a side! Block all of us if you want! I've always been really clear that if you don't like my reviews or for any other reason at all, it's fine to block me and I will not get mad at anyone for it. But Blaze is engaging in a harassment campaign. If that doesn't impact someone, cool, I'm glad she's left you be. But if you are getting targeted, now you know why so many different people all seem to agree you're awful and that the threats they're leaving are false, and you know how many accounts you need to block to make that stop.

6/10/2018 #30
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