Tendrils of the Night
Some teens have received feelings that draw them to the infamously 'haunted' woods of Echo Hill, their friends have told them to go into the woods, and they have received mysterious notes. On a quiet night, they all respectively creep out of their homes to explore the infamous forest. There is no guarantee to who returns and who doesn't live to see the dawn. Those who do survive will only be haunted... until they return to the woods of Echo Hill again to face their fate.
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The fun begins here...

1. Setting changes and times will be posted by me (snapdragon17) and only me, in bold.

2. Second or third tense roleplaying with no apparent character in mind in italics is the movements of Slenderman, who will be RPed by me as well.

3. Underlined posts are only to post announcements, such as deaths, or any important changes in the exposition of the story. Only mods can use this.

9/15/2012 . Edited 9/16/2012 #1

The story begins in the city of Echo Hill, a vast city built by the mountainous hill that the town was named for. Four of the high schools of Echo Hill are located in different sectors, but all of them have interesting students... The story starts on a normal day- October 1st to be precise- when our students begin getting cryptic messages...

It's now 9am, and the warning bell has rung in all four schools.

9/16/2012 #2

Jak walked in the front door and to his locker

9/16/2012 #3

Taped on Jak's locker is a folded note.

A mere 11 meters away, Rae was opening her locker, stooping to examine the lined manuscript paper that had fallen out. The texture was rough, and the paper was slightly yellowed.

9/17/2012 #4

Jak examined the note.


9/17/2012 #5

(Coke, remember not to post in bold please :))

Rae scrunched her brow as she examined the paper, the seemingly random scribbles formed on it.

The note simply read: Don't look or it takes you.

A fresh sheen of blood coated the grass. A shadow vanished.

9/17/2012 #6

((I wasnt. That what was on the note.))

Jak thought nothing of it, and threw the note in the trash

9/17/2012 #7
alice nallie

Valentine merrily galloped to his locker, humming. "Oh wow, I can't believe I got an A on my history test! Awesome, awesome, awesome! Because, like, I'm totally horrible at history- you'd think social studies would be cool, but honestly it's all studies and no social!" He went on chattering to himself, before peering into the slits of his metal locker door and crinkling his nose. He snapped his neck back, placing his hands on his hips. "Oh, wow!" He looked awed, "There's a note, like, in my locker... EHMIGOD... what if it's a love letterrrr?" He cooed at the thought of a pretty girl sending him a love letter before pausing as he tugged it out by manicured nails. He crinkled his nose.

"The hell is this...? Or what takes me?" He huffed, "And what is with writing? It's, like, so totally lame... some preschooler must have wrote it, ugh." He stuffed it into his messenger bag, swinging open his locker door.

"Like, WHAT-EVER!"

9/17/2012 #8

Jak went to home room, but couldnt shake the eerie feeling in the air

10/1/2012 #9

Rae stuffed the note into her pocket, nodding to fellow students as she entered maths class. It definitely didn't help that her locker was in a rather secluded hallway... Creepy.

10/2/2012 #10

Jak bumped into Rae on his way to his seat. "Sorry."

10/2/2012 #11

Rae stumbled. "Oh, it's okay." The note fell out and she bent down to retrieve it.

10/2/2012 #12

Jak snatched it before she could. "You been leaving notes on my locker?" He asked

10/2/2012 #13

"Huh? No, I got this note on my locker this morning." Rae said, giving Jak an odd look.

10/3/2012 #14

Jak pulled out his note. "Same here."

10/3/2012 #15

"Odd..." Rae examined the notes, then looked up as her friends gave her weird looks at hanging out with someone not in the same social strata as she was. "Um... Can we meet each other at lunch? These notes are... weird to say the least."

10/3/2012 #16

"yeah." Jak decided to skip class and decided to reseacrh the notes.

10/3/2012 #17

Rae pasted on a smile and rejoined her bubbly crowd of populars, acting as if nothing had happened and that she wasn't totally intrigued by the happenings. As math class wore on, she developed a headache.

Tendrils creeping through the night, Twining round to hold you tight...

Rae frowned... Those thoughts had appeared totally randomly in her brain... Not hers at all.

10/3/2012 #18

During his research, Jak fell asleep. In his nightmare, he saw a tall faceless figure. He woke up in shock

10/3/2012 #19
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