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Broadway instead of Hollywood

1. Stick to the general rules.

2. You can have up to 5 characters. And you can use and make as many open characters.

Note: Open characters are characters that are up for everyone's use

3. Do not be rude to each other

4. If you're not on after 31 days I will remove you. And if you are a moderator if you are not on after 16 days you won't be a moderator anymore. If you have some problems, Personal Message me. You can make new characters but they will have to be different.

Note: Open characters will not be removed unless the creator asks me(or any moderator with my consent) to do so.

Note: Your original characters will be made into open characters unless the creator asks me or a moderator not to do so.

Breaking the rules

1. Personal message that you did, including an apology to me and whoever was involved.

2. Banned for a while...depending what you did (could be from 2 days to a month)

Note: Banned for a while will not count the 31 days.

3. Removal (and you might be blocked)

Do you accept the rules?

If so comment this topic and post the bottom part to you character:


9/15/2012 . Edited 9/15/2012 #1

I accept. What do I post at the bottom of my character submission?

9/15/2012 #2
Broadway instead of Hollywood

one sec

ill fix that

9/15/2012 #3
Gone account forever gone

I accept

9/16/2012 #4


9/18/2012 #5
Locked Secret Keeper

I accept. Can't do the digit thingy though. Copying isn't working on laptop

9/20/2012 #6

I accept

10/11/2012 #7
I accept :P but Im one a mobile so I cant put the digit/code thingy....
12/18/2012 #8

s'all good! :)

12/18/2012 #9
Gone account forever gone

I accept :)

12/25/2012 #10

I accept but I'm kinda confused what you mean by the bottom part to you character sorry :/

3/15/2015 #11
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