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Broadway instead of Hollywood

What I need:



Appearances (links may work):



Affinity (or more than one):


History (only a few lines):

9/15/2012 #1

Name: Nat

Age: 17

Appearances (links may work): Long thick dark hair and dark eyes, petite/pixi-like

Personality: soft-spoken, gentil/kind, takes anything said against her personally, can't usually stand up for herself

Marks: shimmery black crescent with stars trailing down her cheekbones

Affinity (or more than one): controling light (PM if you want more explanation), spirit, astral projection, reading fait in the stars.

Abilities: she is good at playing the piano and singing (even though it isn't one of her affinities), and she is relatively good at knife-throwing.

History (only a few lines): She was born to parents who were obsessed with mythology. They called her Nat after the Germanic goddess of Night because it was one of the most normal Germanic names for a goddess. She discovered that Night was her favorite time of day, so she was happy to learn that vampyres were awake at night. She lived in Canada, but her family was on a trip to London when she was marked so she went to the House of Night there. Her parents kept in contact with her. She has a twin sister Dagur (goddess of the day) who was also marked.

Age: 17

Name: Dagur

Appearance: long blond hair and blue eyes, tall and shapely.

Personality: sharp-witted and outgoing, social butterfly, usually the one to stand up for her sister, sometimes hard and cruel but has a firey passionate side (get your mind out of the gutter!!! XD)

Marks: shimmery silver crescent moon with sunbeams going down her cheeks (hard to explain)

Affinities: control light, fire, astral projection, telekinesis

Abilities: very sporty and athletic, quite stealthy, good at acting

History: Her parents named her Dagur after the Germanic Goddess of the day. They thought it would be cool since her twin's name was Nat after the goddeess of night. She loves anything that has to do with the day. Nyx and Dagur were marked together, so they were both sent to the London House of Night because they were marked on a trip there (pretty much "see history above")

Tarah xXx

9/15/2012 #2
Broadway instead of Hollywood

Give them less affinities.

9/15/2012 #3

Nat: Spirit, reading fate in stars

Dagur: control light, fire

9/16/2012 #4
Gone account forever gone


9/16/2012 . Edited 12/25/2012 #5
Broadway instead of Hollywood

All accepted...I need to still make a character myself.

9/16/2012 #6
Broadway instead of Hollywood

Name:Lexi Edmond

Age: 17

Appearances (links may work): Redish- orange hair with black eyes that change with her emotions

Personality: Used to be a loner but is very frindly and protective

Marks: unfilled purple cresent with vines down her face...will get add ons

Affinity (or more than one): Earth, can understand animals, healing

Abilities: singing, playing instruments, dancing, writing songs, writing in general, acting, swimming. She has the ability to make force fields and she the unnatural of anything since birth.

History (only a few lines): Lexi lived in Japan for her first year as a fledgling but moved thanks to a problem with her faimly. She has a twin who is nothing like her and a older brother who she is cose to. Her dad died when she was thre and her mom has believed that she is a very bad kid thanks to having her parrents magic more than her.

9/16/2012 #7

Name: Stevie Nightshade

Age: 17

Appearances: Wavy light brown hair down to her waist, bright green eyes, 5'0, thin with few curves and broad hips and shoulders

Personality: Fiercely loyal with a twisted sense of humor and a dirty mind. She's sarcastic and smart-mouthed and can be very spiteful. She's also very sweet and mature- usually. She is loving and gentle. She's a bookworm and she loves animals.

Marks: Blue crescent with a black star in the middle

Affinity: She has an affinity for people's emotions and an earth affinity

Abilities: She is very good at talking herself out of anything.

History: Grew up around the U.S. as an army brat before her dad was finally stationed in London. She was marked shortly after moving. She has one older sister who is 18 going on nineteen, and three younger brothers being 12 almost 13, 8, and 3.

9/18/2012 #8
Broadway instead of Hollywood


9/18/2012 #9
Locked Secret Keeper

Same as in Everything HoN

9/20/2012 #10
Broadway instead of Hollywood

I need to see the character...I know you'd like me to go to Tarrah one but other members on here will want to see your character. I also need to be able to see the affinities straight away....

9/20/2012 #11

( is this still running?)

Name: Karsten "Karrie" Porter

Age: 16

Appearances (links may work):

Personality: Sarcastic, intelligent, funny, she has no filter and says what comes to her mind, she doesn't give advice but she'll listen to someone's problems if she liked them.

Marks: Just the crescent moon outline

Affinity (or more than one): Fire

Abilities: Intelligence, ability to see in the dark, not feeling the cold, controlling (sort of) fire.

History (only a few lines): Born in Bath, UK, and feared the vampyres just like everyone else. She was marked when she was 15, and tried to stay home out of fear, but she got so sick that her parents figured it out and she was taken to the HoN.


10/11/2012 . Edited 10/11/2012 #12
Broadway instead of Hollywood

It is still onpen and sorry I thought this was on a different forum not this one.....

10/14/2012 #13
Broadway instead of Hollywood

Nevermind Nameless Secret Keeper I'll post it for you.

Name: Georgina

Appearence: Dark red hair that hands and her waist with loose curls. Eyes that are green with golden dots with a dark blue outline (my eyes in rl). Is 5 foot 8 and a half inches.

Personality: Calm yet when agitated has a fierce temper that lives up to her read hair. Is a prankster.

Affinties: Can read souls, can tell when someone is lying and what they are like. Water, fire, air and spirit which is where soul abiltiy comes from.

Mark: Golden waves work there way down face from mark. Swirls working there way in. Mark continuly moves (waves moving along with swirls) to show busy schudel (SP?)

Other: Loves acting and singing. Trys to write a song once a week.

10/14/2012 #14
Broadway instead of Hollywood

oh yeah...she's also accepted too....

10/14/2012 #15
Locked Secret Keeper


10/14/2012 #16
Locked Secret Keeper

Name: Corin

Appearence: Black hair that hangs just above the neck with a fringe finished before his dark brown eyes. tanned skin. 5 foot 9 inches.

Personality: Easy going. Friendly and kind.

Affinties: Can talk to animals.

Mark: Black animals dancing down from mark to chin.

Other: Popular for the right reasons.

10/22/2012 #17
Tayla of the Stars

Name:Lindsey(no last name)


Appearances (links may work):Brunette with blue eyes, petite

Personality:Fiery, but can be calm

Marks:Normal unfilled blue crescent, had spirals on cheeks.

Affinity (or more than one):Earth and healing

Abilities:Can understand horses

History (only a few lines):She grew up in a good family, lived a normal life until she was marked.


12/9/2012 #18
Broadway instead of Hollywood

Corin is accepted (Don't pay attention to the Linsay one...she's banned)

12/9/2012 #19
Locked Secret Keeper

Corin one is only gonna be used in one or two. Is that ok?

12/12/2012 #20

(yeah, s'all good)

12/12/2012 #21

Name: Fate Locke

Age: 14

Appearance: (for hair and eyes). she is usually wearing short black and white lollita dresses with black combat boots but is occasionally seen wearing yoga shorts and a hot pink and white striped cropped shirt. 5'4", slim but curvy. Never wears makeup. Has 1in lashes that curl perfectly(---my eyelashes do that without mascara, so Fate's will too :3)

Personality: Tells everyone her opinions on everything/one, is very rude to people(but doesn't realize it), extremely hyper, can't sit still unless shes reading, gets distracted easily, little to no patience

Marks: outline of crescent moon, (starts at the bottom of her right eye and ends in the middle of her right cheek)

Affinity: Affinity for the future(she can touch someone and see their future, though its not always accurate because people can change their ways and it changes their future), Affinity for weather(she can control the weather but only depending on how it is, if its sunny but partly cloudy she can make it fully cloudy but cant make it storm, if its a really bad storm she can calm it down but not stop it, if its sunny but windy she can make the wind slow down but not disappear, etc)

Abilities: graceful(...except when walking....), strong, extremely knowledgeble, fast, quick thinker, sly

History: Her mother was a alcoholic who wasted away all their money buying alcohol. Her father had died two weeks before the Tracker had come and marked her. She was happy to leave her mother and left as soon as she had been marked. Her mother rarely notices shes gone, and doesnt care when she does notice.

12/18/2012 #22
Broadway instead of Hollywood

accepted...and while I'm at it, won't be on for the rest of the night. Have a concert.

12/18/2012 #23
Gone account forever gone

Name: Morgen Rose

Age: 15 years old

Appearances (links may work): Blonde hair, green eyes, her clothes vary but she's usually wearing some sort of T-shirt and jeans.

Personality: A tomboy whose not afraid to kick ass or cry...unless if its for something stupid.

Marks: (These are her furute Markings since she is still a Fledgling)

Affinity (or more than one): Water and Literature

Abilities: She can think of a Poem in a matter of seconds if you give her any topic.

History (only a few lines): Born of loving parents, an awesome family, and a fascination of Vampyres and their ways, she was not shocked when she was Marked. She quickly went to the nearest House of Night and had learned of her Affinity for Water at the first Circle Casting.

12/25/2012 . Edited 12/25/2012 #24
Broadway instead of Hollywood

Accepted... again

12/25/2012 #25
Gone account forever gone

Lol I wanted to make a new one that didn't suck :P

12/25/2012 #26
Broadway instead of Hollywood

It was fine the first time... join whenever(Now)

12/25/2012 #27
Gone account forever gone


12/25/2012 #28

Name: Carter McCallin

Age: 17

Appearance: Will post link soon

Personality: Sort of our of it. seems distracted. Not very serious unless need be. She has an active imagination and can be intimidating at times. People tend to underestimate her strength and other abilities because of her size and how her mind tends to wander a lot.

Affinity: Has true sight and affinity over water.

Abilities: Psychokenisis. She is also good with weapons.

History: Her parents divorced after she turned 1 and she didn't know her real mom till age six. Her step mother was over the line abusive to her. Her father divorced her after her little sister Chloe turned 3. Chloe is her half sister but Carter treats her as if they were full sisters. Ex step mom started to beat Chloe who was only 7. Carter steps in to protect her and gets hit in the face. Carter brings Chloe home and her father begins a fight for custody. Carter is marked two weeks before they go to court. P.S. Carter flinches when someone new goes to tpuch her. She has trust issues so this is something you have to gain.

3/16/2013 #29
Broadway instead of Hollywood

Sorry, accepted, my email must be acting up.

4/14/2013 #30
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