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Roleplaying set after the books and the gang has died.
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Broadway instead of Hollywood




Appearances (links may work):



Affinity (or more than one):


History (optional):

9/15/2012 #1
Broadway instead of Hollywood

OC #1

Name: Sakura Amaya

Age: 17

Appearances (links may work):

Personality: Very stubborn, childish, and is ADD.

Marks: She has none.....not a vampyre

Affinity (or more than one): (not a vamp but a sorceress) Has Sakura cards.

Abilities: Singing, acting, any type of athletics, and plays guitar and violin

History (optional): Has known Lexi since she was 12.

OC #2

Name: Syaoran

Age: 17

Appearances (links may work):

Personality: Stubborn and OCD

Marks:None...same as Sakura

Affinity (or more than one): (Sorcerer) Can use the Sakura card and is good with fire and wind elements

Abilities: Martial arts, singing, plays violin, acting

History (optional): Is dating Sakura....known Lexi since he was 8

OC # 3

Name: Tomoyo

Age: 17

Appearances (links may work):

Personality: Crazy, loves people, ADD


Affinity (or more than one): (sorceress) Has a gift with spirit and with love spells

Abilities: love spells, singing, fashion, and kindness

History (optional): Cousins with Sakura. Known Lexi since she was 8.

OC # 4

Name: Eriol

Age: 17

Appearances (links may work):

Personality: Sadistic, mourns easily, kind

Marks: none

Affinity (or more than one): (Sorcerer) Can use Sakura cards. Has a gift for all the elements

Abilities: Playing the piano, colors, weddings

History (optional): Is the reincarnation of Clow Reed.

NOTE: Sakura cards (first called Clow Cards) were made of the 5 elements with other specific types of magic.

12/21/2012 #2
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