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Roleplaying set after the books and the gang has died.
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Broadway instead of Hollywood

Lexi kisses her forehead and falls asleep, dreaming of her grandmother.

11/22/2013 #2,401
Locked Secret Keeper
Georgina wakes up suddenly, with a sheen of sweat on her skin. She creeps out of bed and heads to the shower.
11/23/2013 #2,402
Broadway instead of Hollywood

Lexi frowns in her sleep, seeing her grandmother's death again.

11/23/2013 #2,403
Locked Secret Keeper
Georgina quickly washes her hair and gets out of the shower.
11/25/2013 #2,404
Broadway instead of Hollywood

Lexi wakes up suddenly, looking around.

11/25/2013 #2,405
Locked Secret Keeper
Georgina wraps a towel around her body and walks back into the bedroom.
11/27/2013 #2,406
Broadway instead of Hollywood

Lexi smiles when she sees her," Hey."

11/27/2013 #2,407
Locked Secret Keeper
"Hey" Georgina replies.
12/1/2013 #2,408
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