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Bristol, TN: One Month After Outbreak

Tre and Stasiya sat in their dorm room staring at a radio. They sat in silence except for the static of the radio and the occasional screams of a student that had tried to leave. A voice from the radio finally broke the silence. "Surviv..... saf-... fed-ex forum...." Tre stood as soon as the message played.

"We gotta go!"

"Where?" Stasiya asked.

"Memphis. Grab anything and everything we might need."

9/15/2012 . Edited 4/13/2013 #1
The Lord's Jester

Luke sighed as he sat in his 'safehouse' cleaning his sword and clothes off "damn walkers..." He said in a growl and finished up. He walked out of the broke down place and onto the streets, being as quiet as possible so he didn't run into a horde of walkers like before.

4/14/2013 #2

Tre stepped out of the dorm followed closely by Stasiya. Just outside a walker was feasting on a recently killed student. Just as it looked up Tre's knife penetrated it's skull killing it once again.

4/14/2013 #3
The Lord's Jester

Luke scanned around for a new place for him to use as a shelter for awhile, his katana strapped to his side.

"Come on...." He said starting to jog down the street.

4/14/2013 #4

Tre noticed a figure jogging and turned to Stasiya. "These things don't run do they?"

Stasiya just shrugged.

4/14/2013 #5
The Lord's Jester

Luke stopped when he spotted a walker, a smirk appearing on his face as he unsheathed his sword and walked forward slowly.

"Boo." He said grinning before stabbing his sword through its chest and ripped the blade out, blooding splattering on the ground.

4/14/2013 #6

Seeing the figure stab a walker calmed Tre's nerves and he and Stasiya made their way over to him

The walker however continued to try to grab at Luke

(Gotta destroy the brain)

4/14/2013 #7
The Lord's Jester

(Yeah I know.)

Luke jumped back and stabbed the sword through its head, he didn't stop there though he quickly pulled the blade out and slashed the walkers head off from its shoulders.

4/14/2013 #8

The two arrived just as he finished off the walker. "Good to finally see someone living." Tre said.

4/14/2013 #9
The Lord's Jester

Luke looked at them "I know what you mean." He said swinging his blade through the air to get the blood of it before sheathing it again.

"Names Luke." He said holding a hand out.

4/14/2013 #10

"Tre." He replied shaking Luke's hand.

"I'm Stasiya." Stasiya said.

4/14/2013 #11
The Lord's Jester

"Good to meet you both." Luke said pulling his hand away and resting it on his sword.

"So why are you two out in the open like this?"

4/14/2013 #12

"We're heading to Memphis.Heard they got a fortress set up there." Tre answered.

4/14/2013 #13
The Lord's Jester

"Really?" Luke asked as he sat on the hood of a nearby wrecked car.

"And you believe that?"

4/14/2013 #14

"Hell it's better than sittin around and starvin' or waitin' for these things to bust in. Plus they just sent out a radio broadcast. Gotta be somethin' there."

4/14/2013 #15
The Lord's Jester

Luke hummed at that as he nodded "fair enough....would you two mind if I tagged along?" He asked.

4/14/2013 #16

"Sure. The more people the safer." Tre said before looking around to get his bearings. "Alright Memphis is that way." He said pointing west.

4/14/2013 #17
The Lord's Jester

"Then we should get moving then." Luke said getting off the car and starting to walk.

4/14/2013 #18

"It's a long walk." Tre said eyeing the abandoned cars they were passing. "Think they got gas?"

4/14/2013 #19
The Lord's Jester

"I highly doubt it..." Luke answered and looked at the cars.

"But we could always look."

4/14/2013 #20

Tre approached a car. "Got anything I could slid in to unlock it?"

4/14/2013 #21
The Lord's Jester

"Would this work?" He asked drawing his sword and spinning it so the handle was towards Tre.

4/14/2013 #22

"Worth a try." Tre said taking the sword and sliding it in the window. After a few minutes of trying to hit the unlock button the alarm went off. "Shit!" Tre yelled before breaking the window unlocking the door and starting to hotwire the car.

Several walkers in the area heard the alarm and made their way toward the sound.

4/14/2013 #23
The Lord's Jester

Luke took his sword back and slowly walked towards the walkers "I got this just start the damn thing!" He yelled as he stabbed one in the head.

4/14/2013 #24

Stasiya helped, swinging a crowbar she had picked up earlier at the walkers. Meanwhile Tre continued working at the car finally getting it started several minutes later. "Let's go!" He shouted.

4/14/2013 #25
The Lord's Jester

Luke wiped his sword off with his black trench coat before jogging to the car "come on." He said to Stasiya.

4/14/2013 #26

Stasiya ran to the car and got in.

"It ain't got much, but it's something." Tre said pulling off once they were in.

4/14/2013 #27
The Lord's Jester

"Yeah." Luke agreed as he looked out the window, humming softly as he placed his sword and sheathed on the sword next to him by his feet.

4/14/2013 #28

"So you from around here?" Tre asked.

4/14/2013 #29
The Lord's Jester

"Yeah I am." Luke said smiling slightly.

"Lived in the suburbs...what about you?"

4/14/2013 #30
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