Talk about your favorite and not so favortie couples.
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Like you've never considered it
6/16/2006 #1
chyeaa its lizaaah
ok eww!
6/29/2006 #2
what's wrong with Ryan and Troy? I mean, they're plenty of good ones on this fandom and you have to give them a chance. See, the people who really don't like Troy and Ryan together are young middle school kids. But the older audience seems to like them together.
7/6/2006 #3
I think it's kind of cute! I don't normally read Troy/Ryan stories, but I might if it's really good. But a lot of people automatically go "EWW!! YOU ARE SO GROSS!" about slash. Same with i***. Well, i*** is kind of a different story, because you don't really want that to happen in real life. Or at least I don't. But there is nothing wrong with being homosexual. And it is rude to say that something that someone writes is disgusting. I should start reading more Ryan/Troy! prongs
8/3/2006 #4
Mondler, I do agree with what you're saying, but I'm sort of offended by the fact that you compare me to a 'young middle school kid'. I think that a lot of people just don't like to think about slash as an option, really. It's there, and lots of us like it, so there must be a reason, right?
8/8/2006 #5
Well, it's the truth. A lot of middle school kids are the first to say. "No! It's supposed to be Troyella!!" They freak out! You it's a crime.
8/9/2006 #6
I am aware of that, and it does annoy me that people won't even give other pairings a chance. But I still don't like being told that I'm young and immature. Whatever--I respect the slash shippers, because yes, there's always a chance that it could happen, even though some would prefer that it didn't. Oh well.
8/9/2006 #7
Total eww... I don't like slash at all sorry to offend anyone vut this is a forum so I'm alowed to say anthing I want it's a free country after all.
10/18/2006 #8
Slash makes me skip around and giggle like a stupid little school girl...though, I am a stupid little school girl, so that's kind of a given. Slash is rad, power to the homosexuals and the slash loving fiends (hehe, I love that word)! While I support the notion that everyone is allowed an opinion regarding slash (ie. they hate it and it 'makes them sick' or they love it) I don't agree with people flaming other's fics for that fact alone, if you don't like it, it's not that hard to click the 'back' button :]
12/27/2006 #9
I am into slash in some fandoms, it all depends on the fandom really anyway.I am alight with them but I only get excited about some slahes. Reagrauding Ryan/Troy, Ryan can do so much better than Troy.In my Oppion Troy is a j***, don't belive me watch HSM2.
8/26/2007 #10
I used to love Ryella and then.. that love died. And was replaced by Tryan. A great upgrade, y/y?
9/2/2007 #11
I'm obsessed with Ryella. Tryan is defintely a great couple, though.
9/3/2007 #12
One of the best pairings out there! XD I suppost the Tryan Pairing and I've got quite of few that I've written myself... I only started reading it in the first place because I could relate to it, now I can't so much, but I'm still a huge supporter of the ship.
10/9/2007 #13
That's good! Keep supporting!
10/9/2007 #14
I'm not really one to write slash, but i support it. :)
10/9/2007 #15
I was never one to read slash...until I discovered the Troy x Ryan pairing. I forget the first Tryan I ever read (I think it might have been After the Music by weaksauce) but now I'm totally hooked. I love them together. I just recently wrote my first Tryan and I definitely plan on writing more
10/26/2007 #16
I'm still thinking about whether or not I want to start writing slash...
10/27/2007 #17
Ooooh ... I've never posted in a forum before. This is exciting! Anyway. The reasons I <3 Tryan are many and varied. While I know the pairing will never exist outside of fanfiction, I think they're cute together and they really do exemplify that whole complementary notion that Disney has going on with Troy and Gabriella in the movies. Ryan seems to be a bit more introverted and shy, while Troy is extroverted and popular, etc., etc. ... The whole reason I was originally drawn to them, though, was because of their stunted interactions in the movie ... especially the second one. It just seems like they should know each other and either really like or really dislike one another ... but they don't. It makes me feel like something is going on between the two of them. Like an internal struggle in both of them as to why their relationship is the way it is. I don't know. All I do know is that it's fun. Hurray for Tryan! Hurray for slash! Hurray!
12/3/2007 #18
I ♥ Tryan!
12/9/2007 #19
So do I!
3/2/2008 #20
Yay, us!! *claps like London Tipton*
3/3/2008 #21
Tryan Must Be My Favorite, Acctually Im Writing My First Story On It <3....Check It Out, The Links ON My Profile
3/5/2008 #22
Here we go again...
3/5/2008 #23
Oh joy. More self-plugging.
3/8/2008 #24
I know!!
3/9/2008 #25


I really hate it when they do that.

4/26/2008 #26

Yeah, though I'm guilty of it. :D

4/26/2008 #27


4/26/2008 #28


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