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There is no competion troyella beats every other couple with troy or gabi (when there not troyella lol ex. traylor or especially troypay! i cant stand that)

5/18/2008 #1

Uh...mind if I disagree?

I think Troyella is nice, but it doesn't beat the rest. In fanfiction, I prefer Troypay, Traylor, or Trelsi. Faniction can be whatever you want. I enjoy Troyella in the movies, sure, but in fanfiction I like to try something new (Ryella, especially--it's my fave!) In my opinion, just about any couple in HSM is great. (Aside from Trartha, Jelsi, and of course Rypay). The bottom line is, why stick with Troyella when there are so many possibilities?

5/18/2008 #2

True, very true lol and yes i could totally see your point of view because in some stories i do that too (of course not troyella) as you can probably tell im troyella all the way!! lol but no i dont mind if any one disagrees because we all have our opinions!! keep in touch!

5/18/2008 #3

LOL, thanks! (Some people are more stubborn than others, trust me! =D)

5/18/2008 #4

Haha i know!! im one of them lol but i guess today i was in a good mood!! people just dont get that thats who i am you know? i cant help it if im: stuburn, confident, harsh, bitter, drama queen...the list goes on lol people just have to get on my good side to see the good things its like marilyn monroe always said..."im selfish, impatient and a little insecure. i make mistakes i am out of contrast and at times hard to handle. but if you cant handle me at my worst, you sure as hell dont deserve me at my best" lol thats excatly my insipiration right there lol

5/18/2008 #5

Yeah, I'm kinda the tolerant type, lol!

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5/20/2008 #7

Hey, L4L! :D

5/20/2008 #8

Hey! 8-)

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5/30/2008 #10

So...Troyella sucks!

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5/30/2008 #12

And Troypay is the best!

5/31/2008 #13

Nah, Ryella beats Troypay, even though you can have both.

6/1/2008 #14

haha sorry i told so long to reply but i just got back from visiting my family in brazil! anyways i can be tolerant but thats only if i try really really (really) hard lol and trust me thats not often!! lol

6/4/2008 #15

now its my turn lol mind if i disagree?? i think excatly the oppisete lol i think Troypay sucks!!! and i love troyella but thats just my oppinion lol

whats up?

6/4/2008 #16

How come you hate Troypay? Just wanted to ask, cuz you've gotta have a good reason. And PLEASE don't say you hate them because Troyella is in the movies and Troypay isn't. That isn't a legitamate (sp?) reason.

6/4/2008 #17

ok im stupid but not that stupid to say because there in the movies lol. the reason why is the exact reasons why you dont like troyella, because you simply dont think they look good together and many other reasons. Mine are because i just cant picture ashley and him together i mean no offence to the troypay lovers but they simply look discusting together (people this is in my OPPINION! so please dont get it wrong) and troyella, i dont know they just click, like a natural chemistry if you will, they just make sense (TO ME) and like dont get me wrong, in stories i prefer Sharpay to be nice and friends with the gang and especially best friends with Gabi because they also have chemistry (friendship people not the lesbian kind) its just that in my oppinion i think that there made for each other you know? like how you think that Ryella is the perfect couple its like that with me except troyella lol and your right i hate when they make stories of sharpay and ryan together, thats just not right people! (my oppinion again)

6/5/2008 #18

I don't like Troyella because they "don't look good together". That has nothing to do with it! Have you tried reading a Troypay? You can't say they don't click, because some writers are talented enough to make them click. And also, you really don't have to excessively repeat that what you're saying is your opinion. That's the whole point of a debate! (Oh, and not to be rude, but I'd appreciate it if you corrected your grammar in future posts.)

However, all I'm saying is that you've got to at least read a Troypay before you say things like that. Read mine if you want to, or Lissical's. Just as long as you're reading one.

And for the record, I really don't hate Troyella. It's just that is for unleashing your IMAGINATION, and you can't knock it till you've really, seriously tried it.

6/5/2008 #19

i have tried it and personally i dont like it, i m not saying that the writers are not talented because i have read a few that are really impressive. and im not going suck up to you and say that your story is fabulous because one i dont do that and two i havnt read it. but yes i will read it. just give me one of the names and i'll go to it. and im not going to waste my time checking my grammar because this isnt really that important.

6/5/2008 #20

Um...actually, bad grammar makes some people like me annoyed, but that's beside the point.

I'm not asking you to tell me my story is fabulous. Why would I do that? I just want you to read it is all.


6/5/2008 #21

I've always been a Troyella fan! But I respect people who like other couples, too. I've tried other couples before in fanfiction, and it just didn't sit well with me. I wasn't really believing what I was writing, you know? To me, that was a positive assurance that'd I'd only like Troyella. I don't mind though. I think they're cute. :)

Plus, I don't think Sharpay and Troy are very compatible (I feel the same for Ryella, Chadella, and Traylor). Based on some personality test results, these couples just don't seem right to me.... wow, I just realized how geeky that sounded. XD haha, I blame the fact that my parents are Psychologists. :P

7/8/2009 #22

I totally understand your point! Out of despreation I really really trid really really patiently to read a Troypay Fanfic. At the beginning it wasn't so bad but then it was all freaky and Troy was like all over Sharpay about her as the most beautiful and sweetest and wonderful bla bla bla...person in the heart couldn't take it. ^^ Experimenting with characters, genres is totally okay with me. Being creative and open minded and flexible...that's how I actually write my Fanfics. Of course it is more of a challange if I'd be writing a new story about another couple and if it'd be a good story...than I'd say I'd be a pretty good author but....I'd rather enjoy writing about MY favorite couple than accomplishing challenges. It should be an enjoyable journey for reader AND author. ;)))



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