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Hello there. I've been having a lot of ideas for stories lately, and while I enjoy writing I find it hard to get anything published, and I've got so many ideas buzzing through my head I just don't know what to do with them. Since I enjoy discussing stories with people and I'm currently doing two joint projects for Peanuts fanfics with Watanuki-Kun and Toonwriter, I thought it seemed logical to put my ideas up as story challenges. And any other authors can post topics for their own story challenges as well.
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Sorry it took me so long to do this, I got distracted... anyway, here's my first up for grabs story challenge for anyone who's interested:

Chaos Warriors

Summary: When a dark wizard by the name of Ixis Naugus unleashes a demon of pure chaos, Nazo, the Master Emerald takes measures to prevent the destruction of the world. Using it's connection to the chaos emeralds, it ensures that whoever touches the legendary gems will gain powers over the chaos force. And due to an incident between Eggman's forces and G.U.N, the emeralds end up in the hands of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Sally, Lucy, Peppermint Patty and Violet. Each granted special and unique powers over chaos, the Peanuts gang team up with the Sonic Heroes to battle Nazo and his growing legion of darkness.

Rating: T

Genre: Action/friendship

Category Peanuts/Sonic the Hedgehog crossover


-The story focuses mainly on the above mentioned Peanuts characters learning to use their powers and battling threats to the world, such as monsters and minions sent by Nazo or Eggman and his robots causing mayhem.

-The gang will use the chaos emeralds to achieve a super transformation during the opening arc to battle Ixis Naugus, after which the emeralds will be scattered and the gang will have to find them. The race to acquire the emeralds forms a crucial part of the plot.

-The Sonic cast will appear, mainly Sonic and his main group of friends and G.U.N agents Shadow, Rouge and Omega. They will both befriend the Peanuts characters and also assist them in their battles, though the primary focus is on the Peanuts characters.

-The story can feature as many characters from Peanuts and Sonic the Hedgehog (Game universe, using elements of other media like Ixis Naugus) as you like, but don't go overboard of course.

-The characters with chaos powers are called chaos warriors, hence the title. They cannot be substituted for any other Peanuts character, though the rest of the Peanuts gang can appear in supporting roles. Charlie Brown is the reluctant and nervous leader of the group, Peppermint Patty is the self-appointed second in command and gives most of the orders since she's more confident than Chuck, Linus is the brains of the operation and provides his usual wisdom, Snoopy is mainly interested in playing around with his abilities but is serious in a fight and loyal to the team, Sally is of course the little sister figure in the group and is overconfident and playful with her powers, Lucy is the headstrong, rebellious and overconfident team member and Violet, while she agrees to be part of the team and is generally cordial with the gang, does not get along too well with the others, and especially finds Charlie Brown an incompetent and useless leader and criticises his frequently, though at the core she is good and as the story develops she gains closer bonds to all of her friends and becomes nicer.

-The Chaos Warriors typically have the powers of a character in super transformation, such as increased strength and speed, flight and the ability to fire chaos beams and chaos spears, though to a much lesser extent to an actual super transformation. Their strength levels are more in line with Shadow regarding these abilities. They each have unique attributes however, them being:

Charlie Brown-The leader of the group has all the general powers at a slightly higher level than the others and has the power to generate white chaos flames, not normally fatal to organic beings of course. Can also heal himself and others.

Snoopy-Has the unique ability to bring his fantasies to life. His doghouse turns into a real plane (Still resembles a doghouse though), figures from his imagination become real, and so on. Basically he alters reality. Mainly uses these powers for fun, providing comic relief.

Linus-Linus has gained vastly increased intelligence, being as smart as Tails, and his blanket can now be shaped into any form and stretch to any lengths using his abilities.

Lucy-She is the strongest out of the group physically, being able to life builidings with little difficulty, whereas the others would struggle to pick up a moderately sized house.

Peppermint Patty-The tomboy is the fastest of the group, rivaling Sonic and Shadow with her speed, and is largely invulnerable, rarely shedding blood when hit by a powerful attack and knives or swords would break if used against her. However, a strong enough force can still cause her harm, and she has difficulty fighting large numbers of enemies alone.

Violet-Violet is the only member of the group with the power of teleportation, and is often the one to evacuate and relocate citizens when Station Square or the gang's hometown is under attack.

Sally-Sally has powers over time, being able to slow time or speed it up, and can stop it completely. She can rewind time by up to three hours, but any more than that and she'd pass out. With a chaos emerald or two she can rewind time much further.

Well, this is what I'll leave you all with. If anyones a fan of Sonic and Peanuts and wants to write this story please contact me, and I'll share with you more of my ideas for the plot so you can get started.

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