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We all stared at Zora's limp body lying on the forest ground. Lloyd was going to walk closer but i grabbed him before he could tke one step. I sighed in relief when i heard Zora groan and start to wake up. I smile and looked at cole who put an arm around my waist and pecked my lips. "Our baby is alive," he whispers to me and i nod. I glance at Kai who is smiling sweetly at us. I turn back to look at Zora but to my surprise she is staring at us like she's never met us before. "Zora? Are-" i start to ask but she cuts me off in a scared but powerful voice, "How do you know my name?! Who are you people? Where am i?! Why am i on the ground and why does my body hurt really bad?!" She asked and i stare at her shocked for a few seconds before Cole says, "Zora, im Cole and this is Abi. You know that i mean we are your parent. You-" she cut him off too, "my parents are dead and unless you knocked her up at a young age then theres no way you could be my dad." She says and starts to get up. I take a couple steps towards her and she backs up, "Come on Zora, you have to remember
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(Sorry it cut me off again) "You have to remember me, im your mom." She just shakes her head and looks at all of us. "I dont know any of you." I feel tears in my eyes and i walk back to Cole, "she doesnt know us. She forgot us, Cole. She forgot her parents." I say and he wraps hos arms around my shaking shoulders and i put my arms around his waist in a weak embrace. "I didn't mean to hurt you but i really dont know any of you." Zora said before sitting on the ground again. (Ill do another part in the morning but im tired right now)
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(Ive been doing some of these on my phone so some are shorter)

After we told Zora our names and who we were, we walked back to the house. When Zora told me that she was tired i sent her down to the basement. i collapsed on the couch and everyone sat around me. Kai was by my side, holding my hand. Dad was standing behind the couch. Lloyd was right next to me and Cole pulled me into his lap. i wasn't saying anything, i wasn't crying and i wasn't feeling anything. i just felt empty. like a part of me was missing. "Something is missing," i whisper finally and everyone looks at me. "What do you mean?" Cole asks me and i look up at him, "i was just thinking that without Zora a part of me is missing and i realized that she is missing. the Zora that we know isn' She's gone." i look down again but i don't cry, i don't have any tears left and i don't want to cry. Not for something i'm never getting back. "Abi...everything is going to be Ok," Cole says and i look up at him and stare at him intensly, "Is it Cole? is everything gonna Ok? How would you know that? Can you see the future?" he shook his head, "Abi calm down i can barley see you," i looked around and noticed how dark the room was and tried to calm down but then stopped myself. "No i won't calm down, all my life i've been trying to harness these powers and for what? what advantage does that have on me now? None. Before it made sense because if it got to dark Zora would get sick, but now she doesn't even know who i am so why should i try to stop myself? i like the dark its my natural element and i think you all should just deal with that!" Everyone was shocked at my outburst but i didn't really care they could all go blind in this dark for all i care right now. "Abi STOP IT! YOUR SCARING LLOYD and this is kinda freaking me out too!" Kai yelled and i took a deep breathe and punched the wall. They only heard the crash so they jumped but didn't know what i did. i kept my hand in the hole i left in the wall and turned the lights on. They saw my hand stuck in the wall and me taking deep breaths trying to calm myself down. i pulled my hand out, shook it lightly to get the dust off and sat by Cole again. they all just stared at me. i got off the couch and went to bed. they stayed there and talked.

Cole POV

We all just stared at Abi's retreating form in silence. Once again it was broken by Kai. he didn't take his eyes off of the door Abi just slammed but whispered to me, "Did you think that was hot too?" I turned slowly towards him with an 'Are you serious?' face he shrugged, "Im a horny teenager. even in the worst times i still think chicks are hot," i rolled my eyes, "Kai your like 22 years old" he rolled his eyes "Fine i'm a horny adult, same thing," i just shook my head and sighed, "im done with this conversation," He nodded and changed the subject, "Ok so what are we gonna do about Cole's insane and crazy hot, Girlfriend?" i punched him in the side and he restated, "Sorry what are we gonna do about Cole's, lovely, slightly deranged girlfriend whom i love like a sister and would never try anything with?" i glared at him and looked at Gar who was standing right behind Kai. He nodded and smacked Kai upside the head. "Ow what is it with you two in hitting?! Jeez your more alike then i thought." "We actually are a lot alike." Gar pointed out and i nodded, "Yea besides the whole 'i think im gonna go get bit by a snake that later turns me evil and then barfs me up when i kill it' thing." Gar actually grinned at my joke and shook his head, "So what are we going to do about my daughter? She isn't taking this very well. How come you are Cole?" "What?" "You seem to be taking this a lot better than Abi and yet your Zora's blood relative," i sighed and looked down, "Im not taking this well at all. it broke my heart when Zora said she forgot me. besides i learned the hard way that blood doesn''t mean love." Gar looked confused, "One time when Zora was in trouble i said that i share blood with Zora so that means i love her more. Abi didn't agree with me and told me that she has always been there for Zora and that Blood doesn't always mean loving someone more. She broke up with me that day and told me that she couldn't be with someone that thought like that." Gar nodded and Kai added, "Yea it was there first real fight and it was brutal, especially when your the witness." i nodded and Gar said, "Well at least i dont have to worry about threatening her boyfriends. She'll do that if they piss her off." i nodded and laughed then sighed, "i just hope she doesnt go total bat-shit crazy."

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(Naw its cool sis :3 okay, now here i go...)

After entering the basement, i landed on the bed with a loud sigh. man, why does it all hurt so bad?? I thought as a wave of pain flashed but then faded away. I still felt a dull pain in my head, but chose to ignore it. What i cant ignore is that fact that i woke up to see total strangers in front of me, and now im in their house. I mean, sure, they're nice and everything, but i dont know if i can fully trust these people. That one girl, whats her name...oh yeah! Abi, she seemed really upset along with Cole, they said that they were my parents, but mine are dead... I shivered slightly from the cool air from the window, and i rolled over on top of something. I sat up to see a tiger with a purple ribbon, staring at it for a few seconds, and right away i reached for it and held it tight. It felt so familiar...I felt a few tears weld up in my eyes and i hugged it tighter. Okay, i may have acted like a little kid right there, but I dont care. This stuff animal reminds me of the one i had has a child. I suddenly heard yelling from upstairs, and Involuntarily, i whimpered. What...what am I DOING? I heard a door slam and I jumped up wile holding the tiger. As i headed towards the door, and I stepped on something sharp. I know because it went through my shoe. "oh mierda!"I yelped and saw a lot of glass. "What happened??" i saw a sword thing on the floor in the middle of it, and a broken window too. "...I'm scared...." I clutched the tiger closer to me and saw something that made me wanna scream: Blood. Oh man, theyre killers!! I felt myself get dizzy, so i sat down on the bed and turned on the TV. "I dont think that they'll mind.." I turned on the Tv and saw a battle going on around the place that i woke up at. I saw two girls, one glowing a light, and the other making darkness, then they were on dragons. It was like a news thing recording, but i stopped when the dragon of darkness fell on the camera, crushing it, making it go dead. I sat there feeling a strange sense of Daja vu, and I walked upstairs. I saw everyone playing around, but i didn't see Abi. I went into the hallway of the big house and heard crying come from one door, and i guessed right; there was Abi crying into her pillow. I felt a pang of guilt flash through me, and i opened to door slowly. "A...Abi?? Are you okay??" I dont know why i said it that way, but i sounded scared, maybe because I was scared for Abi. Abu jumped in the bed, and looked at me with tears in her eyes, which were slightly red and puffy. She rubbed her eyes and looked away.'Z...what are you doing?? Shouldnt you be sleeping..or something??' I shooked my head and sat on the bed with the tiger in my arms. "I would be, but i heard some noises coming from here, and i couldn't just leave someone crying without anyone here to ask why and talk to. What wrong?" Abi shook her head and looked away. 'It was nothing...' I sighed and gave her a hug. "Come on Abi, if it was nothing, then you wouldnt be sad. You know what, 'That was one of the saddest things about people--their most important thoughts and feelings often went unspoken and barely understood.' I think i heard that from someone before, but i do t remember who...but please don't be like that. Dont hide it." I saw Abi tear up a little, but wiped the tears from her eyes. 'Later, we'll talk about this later.' "But-" 'Later Zora, I promise.' Abi held out her pinkie finger to make a promise, and i smiled and made the promise complete. "Okay, later." 'Good, now, just go to sleep.' I nodded my head and walked towards the door, but i stopped. "Hey Abi, would you mind if I..." I didnt want to say the full thing, but i also didnt want to sleep in the basement. 'Why??' "....the basement's scary...." I heard her laugh, and I felt myself grow embarrassed. i knew that this was a bad idea!! 'haha, sure kiddo.' Okay, not a full bad idea.. I smiled and jumped onto the bed with my tiger and got comfy. Abi looked at me funny, shrugged it off, and got in too. I rolled around for a second and felt myself grow even more tired. I clutched my tiger tighter and yawned out the words, "Night mom..." Before i was able to take anything back, I succomed to the effects of fatigue and fell asleep holding onto the tiger tighter then ever.

(not bad, i guess. Haha, the ending XD)

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((I AM SO SO SO SO SORRY SIS)) When I heard her say 'mom' I knew my Zora was still in there somewhere, even if she can't remember it. I wait until I know that she's asleep before walking out into the living room where its now just Cole and Kai. "Where's dad and Lloyd?" I ask and Cole answers, "We said they could sleep in the guest bedroom," I look a little concerned now. "Isn't that where me and know..." for a girl that likes sex I really can't talk about it around people I don't do it with. "Yeah I changed the sheets and blankets the other day," Kai tells us with a shiver and adds, "Jeez what do you guys even do? There was like frosting and cake crums and...other liquids.. stuff i'd never like to see again. I didn't even know you could buys those things." Cole and I were dying by then, I was sitting in Coles lap clutching my stomach while he was laughing harder than I'd ever seen him. Kai looked terrified. Like Zora used to when we gave her the birds and the bees talk. Its funny, I never got that talk but I sure know how to give it! I am a terrible mother. Its a good thing Zora isn't my actual kid or she would have been screwed from the start....well she kinda already was but differently and more depressingly. I calm down and look at Kai, "I'm sorry you had to see all that, you could have asked me to do it. I mean I do the laundry anyway," he glares at me, "I know I didn't think it through." I chuckle, "I didn't know you thought at all!" I had to say it, he set himself up for it. We all ended up laughing but our fun was soon cut off by a ear splitting scream followed by more and crying. We all look at each other with terrified, pale faces and sprint to Cole and I's room. ((Not as good as it should be and not very long but its like midnight its all I got))
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Just take out the after thing, IDk what i was even talking about back then -_-"

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Okay cuz I think thats the one that stopped me from eeplying bc I didnt really get it :/
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Yup I have no clue what I was even thinking abut writing for that one...

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