They Live Again: Gargoyles RP
There are no active Gargoyles RPs on this site, so I've decided to remedy that. OCs absolutely welcome.
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1. No Godmodding. I can't stress this enough. You only control your characters actions, and your character's actions alone.

2. No Mary-sues/ Gary-stus. Your character can't be too perfect and have every character after him/her. Give them faults.

3. No being a jerk in the chat.

4. Characters are first come, first serve.

5. Shippings are also first come, first serve. If you want a certain shipping (OC/Canon, OC/OC, or Canon/Canon I don't care.), ask when you request/submit a character, but the RPer using that character has to agree to it first.

6. Only take as many characters as you can handle.

7. Have fun.

If you read this, put 'Jalapena' in your post.

Character layout






Notable features:


Role in said clan (second-in-command, caretaker, warrior, etc.):


Love interest, if any:

This thread is also where you ask for the canon characters.

10/26/2012 #1

These are my OCs

Name: Mercy Townsend

Nicknames: None, currently

Gender: Female

Age: 15 (in human years)

Race: 1/4 human, 3/4 Fairie/Child of Oberon

Appearance: Mercy is 5'6" and has a lean build. She has platinum blonde hair, that is chin length, blue eyes, and pale skin. She is typically seen in a blue tank top, dark jeans, a grey hoodie, and white high tops. She wears a grey beanie to cover her ears.

Notable features: The tips of her ears are slightly pointed. Not enough where it screams 'OMG, she's a fairie!', though. More like 'look-it, it's Spock's kid!"

Personality: Mercy is normally a laid back person. Unless you do one of two things: 1) hurt Slate or 2) give her a lot of sugar. If the former happens, she won't hesitate to turn you into a cockroach and step on you. If the latter happens, get ready for a mischief making machine.

Likes: alternative rock, herbal tea, Slate, playing pranks, doing magic, reading horror novels, using magic, peoplewatching, Fox

Dislikes:getting up early, almonds, Queen Titania, not Goliath's biggest fan (she personally thinks he should get that stick up his butt out.)

Family: Marie Townsend (biological mother), Puck/ Owen Burnett (biological father),

Clan: The only member of the Xanatoses/Steel Clan she trusts is Fox.

Role in said clan (second-in-command, caretaker, warrior, etc.): She has no set role, yet.

Bio: Mercy was born to Marie Townsend, a halfling. She grew up in Portland, OR, knowledgeable of her abilities. She met Slate when he saved her from a mugging. Slate then started to check up on her at night, seeing as his clan was destroyed. When Mercy was about eleven, she cast a spell that made it able for him to be awake during the day, this was her first case of intentional magic. At age 14, her mother died in a car crash. In her mother's will, she left an amulet that was supposed to 'take her to the closest blood', which dumped her and Slate off in the middle of Owen's office. She is currently aware of his true form, and is training under him. She is also fairly neutral on the Wyvern clan, seeing as she hasn't talked to them much yet.

Love interest, if any: None, currently.


Gender: Male

Age: unknown

Race: Gargoyle dog/beast

Appearance: During the night Slate is a dark grey, with a lighter grey underbelly. He has spade shaped horns on the top of his head, and white eyes. During the day, Slate is a grey pitbull, with grey eyes.

Notable features:

Personality: Slate is Mercy's protector. He will make sure you won't hurt her. He won't leave his post unless you're Red-Hair (Fox), or Magic Man (Owen/Puck). Or you bring him bacon. Bacon is his one weakness.

Clan: Mercy is his clan.

Role in said clan (second-in-command, caretaker, warrior, etc.): Mercy's protector.

Bio: Slate was part of the Portland Clan, until his clan got destroyed by construction workers. He found Mercy getting mugged, and decided to save her. Instead of running away, like the mugger, she pet him on the head and bought him some food. He vowed to be her protector after that. Awhile after that, she decided to give him the ability to see the sun. He was glad for that, even if the transition hurt a little. He currently loves being able to spend his days in a large castle.

Love interest, if any: None.

10/26/2012 . Edited 10/28/2012 #2

Name: None yet, but will be called Tyrantan

Gender: Male

Age: 34 in human years, but 17 in Gargoyle years

Race: Gargoyle


Notable features: Tipped ears, Fangs, Wings, Tail, Clawed feet, Clawed hands, Blue skin tone, etc.

Clan: NYC clan

Role in said clan (second-in-command, caretaker, warrior, etc.): Warrior

Bio: Tyrantan is the lost son of Goliath and Demona and he is the elder brother of Angela, he was frozen in stone like the rest of the clan but he was bought in modern times by Cyberbiotics and he was put into a case in a museum. He is still curently in stone, but hopefully someone from the clan reconizes him and brings him to the castle for the spell to break on his eternal sleep.

Love interest, if any: Nobody yet


10/30/2012 . Edited 10/30/2012 #3

Name: Avalon Winters

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Race: Russian/American (if that wasn't what you were looking for then please tell me lol)

Appearence: 5'2 1/2 (she points out the "and a half" whenever someone teases her about her height, which might not happen but oh well better safe then sorry right? sorry i'm rambling lol) Hip length thick blonde brown hair, wears black skinny jeans with ripped knees and black long sleeve shirts (reason why is next) also wears black combat boots. has unnaturally bright blue eyes, hourglass figure, is slightly pale but not deathly.

Notable features: has Gargoyle wings, scars on her arms and legs, and a scar from her right shoulder to the left side of her collarbone.

Clan: ? I didn't understand the question.

Role: Warrior, Healer,

Bio: was kidnapped by Anton Sevarius, she was expiremented on and is a successful mixture of human and gargoyle dna, she does not turn to stone at dawn but has to hide her wings at all times. she looks human, she was kidnapped and experimented on at the age of fifteen. (that's all I have for now but if you need more don't hesitate to ask!!)

Love interest: None at the moment but I am open to it!

1/6/2013 #4

Forgot to say Jalapena

1/6/2013 #5
Haley M. Taylor

Name: Armina Rotherham

Gender: Female


Race: She is a human with the blood of a gargoyle so she is able to be a gargoyle.

Appearance:(Human) 5'1", pale with red cheeks, wears a black short sleeved dress, dark red cape, black shoulder long hair, green eyes with tints of gold.(Gargoyle) 5'1", light grey, dress as human form, same hair, same eyes.

Notable features:When she laughs her eyes become gold, always wears her cloak for a reason.


Role in said clan (second-in-command, caretaker, warrior, etc.):Warrior

Bio: Armina could remember anything about her parents and she is always curious. One day she saw something in the sky landing on the tower and climbed up. She saw the gargoyles but they didn't see her until she sneezed. They saw her and she became scared right then and there. She was at an edge and when she backed up she fell. Lexington soared down and saved her, changing her opion about them. Each night she went up there they welcomed her like a part of the clan. Then when she became thirteen her life changed. She saw that she had wings(Gargoyle wings) and put on a cloak immediately.They explained that a certain book said there was such thing as a human being like a gargoyle and that they would train her and help her.

Love interest, if any:Lexington(Due to he did save her)

4/11/2013 #6
Haley M. Taylor

Jalapana add on.

4/11/2013 #7
Star Stalion

Anyone still rping here?

7/23/2014 #8
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