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What are some fanfiction ideas that you want to share? Or are just plain wrong? They don't need to be strictly Eva fanfic ideas.
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How did you get an idea for a fanfic that you've written? Or how did you arrive at a particular topic? I think that it's fascinating how people get their ideas and evolve them into stories. Do you start at the title? Was a particular scene? Does anyone start from the ending? For me Numbers Game takes off from a theme that I've seen in technical books: the idea that numbers have their own stories to tell. Edward Tufte has written a trilogy of non-fiction books on this subject. One of the diagrams that he cites is a medical bill accompagnied by commentary from a doctor who describes the last days of an elderly woman's life from the procedures and phamaceuticals on the bill. As the woman's organs failed, the doctors put her on life support. All of this from a receipt. That got me to thinking about different places that numbers show up and clicked in place for Numbers Game and One Weekend. One Weekend actually started out as Number Games II.
3/4/2006 #1
Goon Du the Newbie
Ah, ideas, ideas, ideas, where are you? Well, I don't remember where ideas comes from, sometime, you had to admit, ideas comes from anywhere and anytime, before you sleep, in the toliet, when you eat your dinner, in school while listening to maths, while you are walking to school, near the janitor's closet, even near the highway! Sometime I had to play a little idea association, starting from one idea relating to another, this was quite useful when I planned out my characters. Or just ask questions, Why, how, what, when, who? Well, I've heard that if you keep thinking of ideas, it will be easier to come up with a plot. It's like praticing, I guess. Just my two cent...
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IA Seldon
I always just start writing. Eventually, there are places, names, descriptions, and a theme. That's the easy part.
5/6/2006 #3
That's true. It's been said that art is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. Recently, a friend of mine went back to college to help her friends with their architectural thesis projects. The thesis projects are required to graduate. She commented that some people had some great ideas, but if they couldn't represent them, then they might as well as not had the idea. Back to writing for me.
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For me, I get my inspiration from daily life. I never think up an idea for a fanfic actively; I let it come to me and punch me in the face. Like when I'm watching discovery channel about the 2nd World War, I suddenly get a good fanfic idea about the WWII. I get a few ideas a day, most of them are unoriginal though. But when I encounter a fresh idea, I store it in the back of my mind to use it later.
5/14/2006 #5
in all honesty, i get inspiration from anything. it could be a cupcake, an episode of a show n tv, a game, even another fanfic!
7/1/2006 #6
Be more specific.
8/3/2006 #7
yeah, seriously... anything... artistic. a song is an example. i could think of a scene just by listening to the music. for example, i could listen to... i don't know... "What is love" by haddaway. i might come up with a naruhina fanfic because it gets my mind going. i think a lot, and i also have a pretty big imagination. sorry if i wasn't so specific
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Well I carry a notebook where ever I go really just in case. Simply because there are times I get a massive brain f*** that won't leave me alone and starts spontaneously sprouting more ideas that just fill my head to the point that if I don't write it down immediately I forget certain parts of it that are vital. So for me inspiration/relavation makes up at least 30% of the process. I've completely filled one notebook with many story ideas from anime origin to personal sentiments and mixes. Most of these rarely even make it to any computer however as I review them later and find it not my kind of thing to write maybe because of appropriateness, monumental amounts of work I don't see the worth of, or just don't really see any kind of conclusion. Anyway I start with writing the concept down first - the base of the whole shabang, the reason for it's existence manifesting in your mind - this will create a sense of worth of relevance and the why, who, and how. Next write out key moments/events that explain and progress the plot - this will lead you to know what the underlying forces are that direct the flow of the concept - which builds up the sub-plots causing these events and also creates a deeper story. -Now put these in some form of an outline so you can start organizing this flow. You should be able to see new connections and underlying motives tie them together and fills in the gaps - for me this creates "Ah-ha!" moments and I start writing out actual segments of the story - without the dialog except for key phrases. From there you have the details figured in and ready to just write. Let come naturally the dialog and sequence of minor interations take control - let it flow with you putting in the details and merely guiding the characters along as they go through the main events and think of their responses/reactions - this is where it may temporarly or permenately diverge from your plot - do you want to force an unnatural likelyhood or see potential of a different direction. So basically get that concept idea first - from there the rest should come as you keep writing, just be open minded. However the reason why my writing goes so slow is that I keep over analysing every line in my final drafts...sigh. Hope I helped someone out there.
9/28/2007 #9
I suppose I should stick to the forum topic more though. 'Tag for Shinji' came to me after seeing a few harem themed/hinted Eva fics. Now I'm not a big fan of harem really, but it nagged me for some odd reason to find a rather in canon possible way for there to be a harem for Shinji - and hey he could use one after being the universes bit7h, and I wanted to poke a little fun of not giving harem fans what they wanted. I was just entertaining the idea in my mind only for a short while, intending to let it drop easily enough. However that semester the 'Tag' commercials were airing all the time and I think it wasn't until the one where the guy is on an island spraying tag cans into the air and for miles around women are migrating in mass towards him - when it dawned on me that that would be what it would take for Shinji to get some. From there it's been spontaneous, though slightly crackfic like - I've had a lot of fun and laughs to the point that my roommate thinks I'm slightly off-tilter from writting it. What really gets me are unique ideas even admists repeated themes - and I am downright shocked that I never seen any other harem fics as a result of 'Tag' 'Axe' or any of those before hand.
9/28/2007 #10
Surpising I'm the only one on her since my last post. Well, yesterday was Valentines and I was just in the middle of working on various parts for several stories still in concept, when I decided to go to Yahoo to check mail and one of thier side articles caught my interest. Now I never intended to expand on my 'Resolutions' story past the newyears oneshot, but I suddenly got the drive to do one as I read this convienant article on flower symbolisms and in an hour and a half I had produced a fitting sequel. I can't seem to write for special occassions until I actually feel it in a sense - the motivation just isn't quite there until you're in it.
2/15/2008 #11

I keep three notebooks; 1 for concepts, 1 for background info of the series, and 1 which I write names and backgrounds for OC's. And is it odd to have a dream, wake up write down a concept for a story that go back to sleep?

5/23/2008 . Edited 5/23/2008 #12

I keep three notebooks; 1 for concepts, 1 for background info of the series, and 1 which I write names and backgrounds for OC's. And is it odd to have a dream, wake up write down a concept for a story that go back to sleep?

Not at all, I think that it's great to be so devote to writing.

5/24/2008 #13

Also, after I have finished watching an entire series, my mind tends to think up stories. Example would be Blue Gender, which I should start on the first chapter from what notes I have. So many story ideas, so little time.

5/29/2008 #14

I find that most of my ideas come from the things I read. I am easily inspired by topics that interest me, whether it's a book I'm reading, another piece of fan fiction, a song, etc. Mind you, when I read something that inspires me, I don't try to copy what I've just read. I merely consider what I've read and try to come up with another way to tell the story, or maybe even something completely different. Other times, my ideas just come right out of thin air (but that only happens about ten to twenty percent of the time!). As for the plot, I generally begin with whatever comes to mind and I just roll with that idea. For my characters, I have a very active imagination when it comes to appearances and personality traits, so that is by far the easiest part of my writing process. I spend a great deal of time constructing my characters' personalities, including their likes, dislikes, fears, personal relationships, and so on. My characters' names are chosen from a database that I found via Google. I'm actually very picky when it comes to naming my characters. A name alone can tell a lot of things about a person. I'm a very dramatic, vibrant person by nature, so nearly all of my stories include plenty of drama with a healthy dose of angst thrown in, and occasionally some tragedy as the cherry on top, so to speak. I've been writing my whole life, and since I was probably eight years old, I knew that I wanted to make my writing a career. At the moment, I'm double-majoring in American Literature and English.

10/21/2010 #15

with me, i had been wanting to use my writing skills and write a fanfic, but had no idea where to start. so i read others about the same topic, and im now working on two stories!

7/27/2012 #16

Well, sometimes my ideas are completely unoriginal and mainstream. *coughcoughSuckedIntoAnimeWorldcoughcough* But I find that it always turns out to mould into something new and exciting. Stories have been told so many times over and if they're good enough to be sold on the shelves, then they're obviously unique in their own way.

I get ideas EVERYWHERE. Sometimes I really like someone else's basic idea but think I could do a better job, and it ends up a completely different idea.

Some of my best ideas, though, come from complete randomness. I was having ice-cream with sour gummy worms and suddenly thought of Death Note (an anime) and ended up writing a fanfic about the main character biting into an apple with a worm in it.

Oh, and music! When you listen to lyrics and actually stop and consider their meaning. =)

11/22/2014 #17
Jon snow stumbles upon Robert in the crypts of winterfell. Jon stares up at the statue of his mother with regret and guilt before he says the words that may very well damn him. "She was my mother your Grace. I'm the only thing left of Lyanna on this Earth" Robert stumbled back in shock and stares at Jon; but Jon keeps talking. "My father feared you would kill me as a babe, see me as just another Dragonspawn. He hid me from you for her; A promise to my dying mother" Robert was frozen unwilling unable to think, so Jon spoke on. "When he told me; Do you know what I said your Grace?" "I said why would he kill the last thing that remains of the one he loved? The one she died for?" Tears were falling from the king's eyes but Jon refused to stop. "Lady Stark does not know, she thinks me but a b*** of her husband and a stain on her family... I guess she is at least partly right..." Jon looked down now; holding back tears of shame and guilt. He said one final thing "So do what you will of me your Grace; I give myself to your judgement" Robert looked up at Jon at those words for a few moments before he looked at the statue of his fallen love. After a few minutes he turned back to Jon and said the words that would change the fate of the seven kingdoms . "You are my son and heir; I hid you from the realm with Ned so that you may become a humble king. Jon Bartheon heir of the seven kingdoms" and with those words everything changed. For the love of Lyanna, Robert takes the son of Rhager as his own. A true act of love.
3/8/2016 #18
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