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What are some fanfiction ideas that you want to share? Or are just plain wrong? They don't need to be strictly Eva fanfic ideas.
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Drew L

Yo, as you tell by the title, I have this weird idea for an Evangelion fanfic where Shinji and everybody encounter ol' Slendy. I thought I could draw on the connection of the theory that Slendy is actually the Grobmann (Great Man) of German legend, who was a fae who terrorized and kidnapped naughty children, and Asuka being German. Yeah, weak excuse, I know, but I'm still thinking it over.

It you don't know who the Slender Man is, check out "Slender Man Mythos" at TVTropes. It was a nigh complete list of stuff concerning him and links to them.

11/11/2010 #1

Cool! XD Sounds good!

12/20/2011 #2
Gob Hobblin

I got to thinking about this same thing looking at a video game someone made Slender Man two days ago! They just seem like they would merge together perfectly. I especially like how you factored in the Grobmann element - I don't think its a weak excuse at all, especially when you factor in Slender's primordial terror and Asuka's sheer vulnerability.

Please tell me you have something you're writing!

7/7/2012 #3
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