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What are some fanfiction ideas that you want to share? Or are just plain wrong? They don't need to be strictly Eva fanfic ideas.
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Invincible Shinji

I know that there is a forum 4 crossover ideals and etc. already, but I do have a few ideas i want 2 run by every1. The first is NGE/Naruto. I want to encourage every1 2 read n review SulliMike23's Orphaned Shinobi. The second is NGE/Bleach, u should check out Evincar's Memento Mori, and want to know your opinions - how you would do it, r if would, etc. 3rd is NGE Full Metal Panic, or possibly Super Robot Wars. From what ive read about and seen of the series, I think it would be very interesting. I like to hear everyones ideals and thoughts, it helps me with my writing and I just love to chat.

Just let me know what u think. It can b about anything.

7/31/2008 #1

I am working on a NGE/FMP crossover between my other projects... Too many Ideas for various stories. Hopefully, I can finish the first chapter and post it soon.

7/31/2008 #2

Here an idea for to try if your interest. An Eva/Teen Titan crossover with your style. His power should be in energy and matter manipulation with his AT field and maybe add an Impact Bolt like attack for facing villian like Trigon. You got to admit after being asorbed (in a way, death and rebirth) by his Eva and going throught TI and in a sense of becoming a God or higher being that he won't develop some kind of power. That is if you don't include the movie. Pairing could be Shinji and Raven because I think they share similar background (aka manipulative and coniving b*** of a father), losing their mothers, and feeling lost even among friends, they could help each other with loniness.Shinji could slowly learn how to overcome his problem by being the Titans with the range of personality he surrounded with along with Raven. Another is an Eva/Tenchi Muyo. You could probably have Shinji get turn into a cabbit like Ryo-ohki by accident courtesy of Washu wanting grandchildren and looking for a mate for her. He can turn back by some way and it would funny if he's hugged to death by all the girls if they see as he is. Age wouldn't be a problem because most of Tenchi Muyo character are far older than most humans. Pairing could be Shinji/Rie/Sasami(Tsunami)/(female form)Ryo-Ohki and Neju pairing. This can stretched into GXP series like the anime with Shinji and his love interests getting into troubles curtesy of Lady Seto. Plus I think it funny if Shinji get into similar situations as Techi if his girls get alittle jelous with each other. Maybe a original character base on a female Wau can be engaged to Shinji because Lady Seto wants to cause trouble for him just for kicks and get his girls riled up like Seina Yamada's girls. Be pretty neat to see that happen :).

Here is an Eva/Final Fantasy 11 with Cait Sith. She tumble in his world and has seen what happen to him and wanted to help him. You can see clips from the game on Youtube and see the kind of personality she has and her manner of speaking. Plus it might even be fun to see the interaction between her and Shinji. You can somehow have her be turn into a catgirl or human for a pairing and added shock for the people around him. Sorta got this idea from the Super Smash Bros. crossover fanfic.

Hope you like these ideas and hope for some feedback. Thank You.

8/26/2008 #3
Invincible Shinji

Not Bad. Ilike your TT xover idea, I might try to do something with that. I need to watch the series/read the comic some more so I can be faithful to both. As for Tenchi Muyo, check out deckmans Moving On and "continuation" of his story Moving On CH6. I only have 2 chapters out right now, I kinda hit a writers block. But check both of those out and write me back and let me know what you think. I am also trying to work out a Mahoromatic xover as well. And as for ffxi Im afraiod Im not quite familiar enough with it to try anything with it just yet. But I appreciate all your good ideas and will c what I can do. Arigato!

8/27/2008 #4

Keep in mind that the next two paragraphs wasn't fully thought out but opinions would be nices and appreciated. Just wanted to see how well received this would go as an idea. This idea came to me out of nowhere for Shinji, his sins and the price he willing to pay to restore the world is maybe a thousand years traveling to other deminsions and worlds to either help other characters with their problems and/or heal their hearts or souls or something like that and learn a lesson about himself or learn something that can help him grow as a person. He can't grow old which make him immortal till he set foot on his original world and has to stay on that world till he done his part. If you play Lost Odyssey then you would know how bad that can be, especially to someone like Shinji. Not sure about this part, each time he jumps to a new one, his memories are reset and after he fulfill his bargain can he return home. As proof of his sins and the pact he made is the blue ribbons like deminsions tears, that moves like a scarf would in the winds, of his worlds that he destroy with his hands on both his hands and parts of his arms, more like his will but you get the point. And a red one coming out of his left eye as his ?redemptsion?, not sure that the right words, to Asuka for not helping her during the mind r*** and EoE. These are his eternal proof of his sins that helps remind him of what he has to do and since his memories are reset after he returns home, the total sum of his memories of his adventures would slam back into his head which give him one massive trauma or headaches as if he live multiple lives all at once to further remind of his sins and that he mustn't ever run away from his problems. I think he would handle the sudden flood of memories well because he connected with all the souls and the massive information of other memories in Third Impact he witness, he obtained as a backup or something, so his mind would probably be more commandating. I'm not trying to tortured or bash Shinji if some of you think that way after reading this as a side note.

And I was wondering if anybody has been watching the animes coming out on the net and thought of any x-over and/or pairing for future fics.

I was browsing through anime at a store and saw Hyper Police and after watching it on youtube was wondering how Shinji would fare in a x-over with that or part of his 1000 year traveling pact.

6/10/2009 #5

if i may have a story called "Power Rangers Dimension Legends" w/Asuka as yellow ranger. in fact 4 characters from 4 of the most popular animes have been chosen to save the Earth (Gohan/DragonBall, Lucy/Elvin Lied, Kai/Please Teacher, and Duo/Gundam Wing) give it a read and check out my poll relating to it (upcoming green, violet, and gold rangers (6 charcater choices), 2nd pink ranger (6 possible choices). anyway bye.

12/31/2009 #6

if i can inquire whats the crossed series? EVA and what? Well anyway i've got a bizarre story entitled "Neon Genesis Nightwarriors" why not check it out... please? Take a guess at the 2 series being crossed if you can;)

12/31/2009 #7
Satanic Park Of Madness

A Metal Gear Solid/Evangelion crossover that is about all of the Metal Gears ever built facing off against the angels in a vs style. Or have Snake,Raiden, and Meryl hunting down SEELE

4/24/2010 #8

YEAH, Metal Gear RAXA going against Sachiel, or maybe the ICBMG squaring off with Arael. anyways, here's an idea: an Evangelion/Escaflowne crossover. Shinji Ikari, Askua Langely Sohryu, Rei Ayanami, and their EVAs get sent to the kingdom of Fanelia on the planet Gaea, by a new type of Angel they were fighting. There, they must help Van Fanel and his allies stop the Zaibach Empire from taking over Fanelia. Will Merle get annoyed by Asuka's attitude? Will Van try and encourage Rei to show a bit more emotion? Will Allen, Van Fanel's first knight, help Shinji with his confidence problems? Find out readers!

pretty good summary, eh?

5/23/2010 #9

now there's a new idea... never heard of that before go for it i give full support of it and review iy every so often.

5/23/2010 #10

here's another idea!

an NGE/Big O crossover!

7/5/2010 #11

that sounds like a good one a man made god vs an ancient battle machine sounds good!

7/5/2010 #12
The Tomohawk

I got an idea for a fic, how about a story where Shinji was raised by Jesse Custer & Tulip from Preacher, it'd be interesting to see how the real god, genesis, the grail, & the Saint of Killers would come into play in the NGE universe, also the idea of seeing a Shinji who took after Jesse Custer & also had John Wayne as his imaginary friend/spirit guide is so incredibly awesome that the very image of it nearly caused my skull to cave in. Tell me what you think.

7/7/2010 #13

bizaree but so are my ideas go fer it!!

7/9/2010 #14
Ronnie R15

I'm thinking about doing a crossover with the "Godzilla" franchise. What do you guys think?

9/1/2010 #15

eva with godzilla hmm... there's an unfinished fic called evangalion-G but you go for it.

9/1/2010 #16
Ronnie R15

Yeah I read those, in fact they helped inspire the idea, though I plan on doing things a bit differently.

9/2/2010 #17

I'm thinking an NGE/GUNHED crossover, but then again, the GUNHED robot's a measly 30 Ft. tall

9/2/2010 #18

I'd like to attept a fic crossover, two fan-fics meeting. Done right it could be very intresting

9/10/2010 #19

accidently unsubscribed sorry my bad just send any new news to me

9/12/2010 #20
Devil Boss

I'm doing a Metal Gear/Evangelion crossover now, but I always thought Evangelion could be mixed with themes from Fight Club. I know it sound ridiculous, but think about this: a guy like Shinji, who is actually brave when he has to but overall is very repressed tends to accumulate a lot of feelings of anger and fear. I've seen guys like that myself, and when they explode it's not pretty. Now I picture him like Edward Norton's character, slowly going into madness, no longer caring about what other people thinks or wants from him and the such. I can't properly describe the idea, but correctly done it could give Shinji that edge of self respect he needs to overcome his trauma.

9/14/2010 #21

Okay, I've had this one rattling around in my head for a while, thanks to a REALLY immature coworker combined with my overpowering desire to avoid work. My idea: a NGE/Harry Potter fusion. While it may be difficult to get certain parts to mesh together (UK potentially being partially underwater due to Second Impact, for example), I could see this being a great deal of fun, particularly in regard as to how it affects Shinji, who, I imagine, would be the fusion's conduit. (I keep getting a visual of Shinji stumbling onto an area akin to Platform 9 3/4 shortly after Gendo abandons him, but maybe that's just me.)

Some tinkering would probably be necessary with both sides, but between the rampant symbolism throughout Eva (as well as all the constantly inexplicable crap that according to the resident super-genius, should NOT BE POSSIBLE), coupled with the darkening mood throughout the later Rowlings' books, and I see a potential winner.

Update, 3/3/12: Due to a different coworker combined with the same overpowering desire to avoid work, I had ANOTHER idea for a fusion. This time: NGE/Mass Effect fusion. I've seen fanfictions that have certain elements to this, so I know it's at least feasible. The temporal discrepancies seem to me the hardest element to overcome, but...there are ways.

It just seems to me that there are a few elements to NGE that an infusion of Mass Effect could elucidate, particularly the nature of the AT field and its generation (Can anyone else say, primitive attempts at biotics?) as well as give a possible rationale to ADAM's discovery on Earth, as well as why ADAM keeps sending the Angels to reclaim it, despite their repeated lack of success. Remember, NERV and SEELE only have the barest of notions as to why. Given the Angels' apparent lack of understanding in regards to combat (they keep sending their agents one at a time, for crying out loud), I get the impression that they haven't developed a "fight for survival" mentality, due to lack of necessity. But, say they were given an impetus to develop that mentality, perhaps via a combative, bio-synthetic lifeform that consumes and destroys entire civilizations en masse...

That, and I keep getting the question, "Which would win in a fight, the EVAs, or a Reaper?" stuck in my head.

6/12/2011 . Edited 3/3/2012 #22

NGE with Super Robot Wars? How would that work? Various NGE verses and fics crossed together into a SRW-like story - now THAT would be very interesting.

On an unrelated note: it would be quite humorous to make Misato related to Keima Katsuragi, aka The Capture God (of The World God Only Knows fame) then having a Weiss target either of the Eva girls. For those not familiar with TWGOK, Keima's task is to flush out the Weiss possessing the girl by "filling the gap in the girl's heart", aka making her fall in love with him. However, everyone knows how problematic Rei and Asuka are... how long can he go at it before going insane?

12/3/2011 #23

Well I'd like to do one on NERV Japan's Tactical Operations and perhaps on the DSI aka Section 2.

1/30/2012 #24
Jess D

Okay, here's the idea, a Neon Genesis Evangelion/High School of the Dead crossover or fusion story.

Whether the dead begin to rise back up because of the a screwed up Third Impact taking place, or because one or more of the Eva cast members are somehow transported to the HOTD world for the exact same reason. Plus, you can either have said transported individual(s) remain human, or give him/her/them limited Angelic powers by giving him/her/them a mini S2 organ.

You can take it from here, make your version entirely, or anything else you want. Its really up to whomever likes this idea enough to take it up.

Good luck.

3/4/2012 #25
Gob Hobblin think my soul is hemorraghing from the sheer eyeball bursting brilliance of this idea. And my face has gone numb. You've blown my mind.

7/7/2012 #26
Gob Hobblin

I started a fanfic like this before letting it peter out: basically, it starts with Shinji watching the third heat death of the Universe, being bored, and offered to go back and do it again as is. I couldn't keep up with it, though, because I felt it was too much like playing a video game on God mode. I mean, if Shinji goes through all that, he's no longer a human. He's operating on a cosmic perspective that makes interacting with humans even harder if not outright impossible. It's like trying to humor ants: I keep thinking of the problems Dr. Manhattan had in the Watchmen. There's a point where that can be interesting, but it would be hard to pull off. Most of the appeal of Evangelion is in the interaction of all too human characters, people who are flawed and believeably flawed. Or, as is the direction of some of my favorite Eva fanfic writers, humans who interact in healthy ways while trying to cope with mindbending and awful realities.

Then again, it would be in that Eva sense for a character like Shinji to come back, say, 'I'll do it right this time,' only to find...he's so far removed from the people he's obsessed about saving that he struggles with his original purpose, or he looks at his father, and sees an infant...and that includes his views on everyone who is important to him. Imagine coming back to your life and seeing your heroes in ways that are so beneath and demaning to them, multiplied to the cosmic level.

I don't know. It's just a pickle for me to square. Though...your concept of a Shinji weighed down by sin might be the right way to balance it out. I think it can just has to be tortured on the skillet a bit.

7/7/2012 #27

Hey everyone new person here!

I've got an idea for Evangelion/Transformers movie fanfic, though since I can write a story to save my life, I'm willing to give out this idea to anyone who want to adopt it and I'll gladly give out the story's plot and ideas to help out. All I ask in exchange is some little recognition and that anyone who starts it, has to be willing to finish it, no matter how long it takes.

Well here's the quick summery of it to peak your interest;

Transformers Genesis: Three years after third impact, Shinji, Asuka and Misato now living a peaceful life away from Nerv and the past, when a old family secret from Gendo's side uncovers a clue to a power that brings a alien robot war to their world. Shinji/Asuka romance.

Well what do you all think? And if you want to know more then please feel free to PM me.

11/6/2012 #28

I'm thinking of writing a Harry Potter and Methods of Rationality style fanfic (check it out if you haven't read that already, its funny and awesome!). In this Kaworu would be the "rational" character (for lack of a better term) who is able to see humanity's problems from a distance and this gives him sort of an objective perspective and he helps Shinji confront his demons. Eventually Shinji regains strength and so much power that he joins forces with Asuka and Rei to destroy Seele. I don't know how well this would work out, because Eva is fundamentally an emotionally deadly roller coaster and I don't feel that confident in going as deep in psychological mindfuckery as Anno did. What does the forum think?

(Still figuring out how to use this thing, pretty much a noob here)

2/22/2013 #29
Currently reading Classic Cowboy's "Emarld Genesis". It's not bad, but it got me thinking of another hero. Being a fan of Young Justice, how about an Eva/Shazam crossover/alternative universe? What if, pre-Eva, or midway during the Angel Wars, Shinji (or another character) had been chosen to become DC Comics' Captain Marvel? Thoughts? Comments? Any takers? Its completely up for grabs. What does anyone think?
3/18/2013 #30
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