Railen Chronicles:Suggestions Characters?
I am writign a story and i need suggestions, and characters.
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Character form



Owl Species-


Special Markings-

(Chooses to)Fight or Flee-



Can I kill you character if necessary?-


Characters i need





11/8/2012 #1
Name:Ivan, Age: 26 (owl years), Owl species: Barn Owl, Appearance: quite large (about Kludd's size), Special markings: scar on the back of his neck, He decides to fight, Ivan is a pretty decent solider, Family: Turned out to be Soren's cousin , Injuries: the scar on the back of his neck, If he can die?: I'll rather not let him die, but if you want to kill him, make it in a epic way and make towards the end of the story, Other: Has a Russian accent.
2/14/2013 #2
Keeralie Starflight

OK, I'll try this.

Name- Mirka

Age- 16 (owl years)

Owl Species- Great Gray Owl

Appearance- Normal size for species, slightly ragged-looking.

Special Markings- Scars on her face from battles

(Chooses to)Fight or Flee- Fight, always! And she's good.

Family- None known

Injuries- Means scars? Lots on face.

Can I kill you character if necessary?- Um, sure. Just as long as it's in battle.

Other- Rogue Smith. Temperamental and impulsive.

2/27/2013 #3
Blood of the Fallen Star

Name- Corvus

Age- 1year (owl years)

Owl Species- Barn Owl

Appearance- Has a scar across eye, and is strangely large for a barn owl

Special Markings- Has a crescent moon mark on top of head

Fight or Flee- Fight if necessary

Family- None

Injuries- scar across eye

Can I kill your character if necessary- If it is reasonable, but if he dies can it be in a battle

Other- Lives in the Beyond the Beyond, and always wears battle claws that can cut trough rock.

1/2/2014 . Edited 1/2/2014 #4
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