Twilight Roleplay!
Just wanted to make a Twilight rp because I saw alot were dying out. Hopefully this one doesn't! And this rp will take place during ALL of the books/movies.
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Okay let's try this again, better not die again.

6/2/2013 #1


6/2/2013 #2

Lestat walked down a sidewalk in the town of Forks, waving to the people he recognized as he walked by. Funny how none of them even suspected that he wasn't even human....

6/2/2013 #3

Alexandria stepped out of a dark blue car. She sighed as she pushed her black glasses up and pulled a hand through her long brown bangs before putting it on her hip. She revealed her slightly worried countenance. "So this is Forks? A little too deary than I expected," Alexandria commented to herself.

"Well, it's your new home until school ends at least," her new legal guardian said, "so you better get used to it. C'mon, I'll show you to your room. Hurry up and unpack so we can plan your training."

"Alright," Alexandria replied, taking her black suitcase out of the truck and beginning to lug it towards her new home.

6/2/2013 #4

A woman's voice could be heard mutteringa curse when her phone fell. With a frown on her face she bent down and grabbed it. The screen cracked.

"Great." She muttered to herself.

6/2/2013 #5

Lestat looked for this source of the woman's voice and when he saw her he chuckled before continuing on his way. Momentarily stopping to look at the girl.

6/2/2013 #6

The woman stood up and checked over her cracked screen, sighing she began to walk again, putting it in her pocket for its own good.

6/2/2013 #7

After finished unpacking, Alexandria decided to walk around the neighborhood. "Don't worry, it's just a walk around the block!" she told her guardian. Alexandria pulled a grey jacket around her and exited the house. She looked around, deciding to go clock-wise around the block, and maybe saying hi to a couple of neighbors.

"Hello" Alexandria smiled. She stopped saying anything else when she say the woman's frown on her face.

6/2/2013 #8

Lestat walked until he was at his home which was sort of in the woods, a nice wood cabin.

"Home sweet home." He mumbled as he stepped inside.

6/2/2013 #9

The blonde woman looked at her from beneath her bangs. Emerald eyes giving a soft greeting look but she was obviously troubled by something and that something was her phone. She waved polightly at her.

6/2/2013 #10

Alexandria smiled and waved back. "Hi. My name's Alexandria. I just moved here," she smiled. Her dark blue, sapphire eyes and smile gave off a calming and nice atmosphere. "What's your name?"

6/2/2013 #11

"I'm Ashley." the woman said before drifting her gaze up to the sky.

"It's going to rain soon." Ashley mummered before looking back at the girl.

"It's a pleasure meeting you, though I don't understand why you'd want to move here."

6/2/2013 #12

"Oh. I, uh, I moved here to have some time with a friend," Alexandria smiled. A few drops of rain started to hit her glasses before it began to shower. "Do you live around here? If not, you could stay with me for a while," Alexandria offered.

6/2/2013 #13

"I....I think I'll walk home. It's only two miles away." She shrugged. "But thanks for the offer Alexandria." Ashley said with a smile.

6/2/2013 #14

"You sure? It's no problem, Ashley," Alexandria fussed. "If you need anything you can just say it."

6/2/2013 #15

She sighed as more rain drops began to fall more rapidly.

"Can I please? Just until the rain stops? It's gunna pour it seems." She said slowly.

6/2/2013 #16

Alexandria smiled, glad she could help. "My home is over here," Alexandria led the way. "Hey, I'm back!"

"Oh good. Let's start planning out your training," her guardian said.

"Can't. We have a guest. Don't worry, she just staying here until the rain lets up a bit," Alex said, before turning to Ashely and asking, "Are you hungry or thirsty?"

6/2/2013 #17

"Oh no thanks." She said polightly shaking her head no. Smiling though as she looked arou d the house.

"You have a nice home."

6/2/2013 #18

The house was a normal size. There was bathroom, a kitchen, two bedrooms, and a living room. "Thanks," Alexandria smiled. "Go ahead and take a seat in the living room, I'll be right back."

6/2/2013 #19

Ashley nodded. Taking her shoes off by the door and then walking into the living room. Sitting on the couch, back straight and her legs crossed.

6/2/2013 #20

"Help yourself," Alexandria set a bowl of chips and crackers with two sodas on the living room table. "Is it always raining here?" she asked.

6/2/2013 #21

"Oh no thanks. I'm good." She said as she dismissed the food and sugary drinks. None of those she ate. They where bad for the health.

"and to answer your question pretty much."

6/2/2013 . Edited 6/2/2013 #22

"You sure?" Alexandria asked, reaching for a soda. "Suit yourself. But anyway, what's it like living in Forks? Is it always the rainy?"

6/2/2013 #23

"It's I guess you can say always raining, not much happens here. Life is VERY slow." she said shrugging.

6/2/2013 #24

"Is there anything fun to do around here? A beach, a festival, a concert, anything?" Alexandria asked, taking a sip of her soda.

6/2/2013 #25

"ummmmmmmm" Ashley said thinking long and hard about this.

"Not really..."the woman answered after a couple of minutes.

6/2/2013 #26

(Do you have any ideas for the plot? One that could include all three of us?)

"Looks like I'll have to preoccupy myself with school then," Alexandria sighed.

6/2/2013 #27


Ash Nodded efore shrugging,"in my opinion school comes first anyway."

6/2/2013 #28

(Sorry for poofing off. Let's head into the forest later on to meet with Mr. Draven's OC.)

"You're right, but once school ends, then what? I just hope there's a mall here," Alexandria sighed.

6/2/2013 . Edited 6/2/2013 #29

Ashley smiled,"Actually there are malls. Like an hour and a half away though." She said before chuckling.

"Better have your liscence before then."


6/2/2013 #30
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