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This is my forum for the PC game "Emerald City Confidential," based on "The Wizard of Oz" and created by PlayFirst Games and Wadjeteye.
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Prompt 1:

Since PlayFirst Games isn't planning on making an Emerald City Confidential 2, make up your own sequel.

Plot suggestion: There's a new First and Foremost Phanfasm who leads a new Phanfasm uprising, and the Ozma calls on Petra to stop them again. At the same time, Petra tries to find her brother, William, who's disappeared again.

11/25/2012 #1

Prompt 2:

There were two extra levels that were supposed to be in the game, but were cut due to budget reasons, where Petra had to go find the Witches of the North and East. The missions she had to accomplish to find the Witches were: In Munchkinland, there is a Hound of the Baskervilles-type creature attacking the area. In Gillikin, there was a murder at a lakeside resort. Make up your own versions of what could've happened.

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Prompt 3:

There are several references to the day when Petra left the Ozian Army to search for her brother, William. Write the scene where she decides to leave.

11/25/2012 #3

The First and Foremost Phanfasm and his army returns, more powerful than ever, seeking revenge on a specific Ozian... Petra, of course. Petra is assigned a mission from the Queen to help fight the threat: Petra must create a group of all mighty wizards and witches, whose combined powers will destroy the First and Foremost, once and for all. Petra knows the people she needs on the job, however, there is trouble on the way. She needs her brother, William aka Cutter, but he has beeen transformed into a child and Petra doesn't know how to turn him into an adult again. She also needs the help of Ruggedo, who has been imprisoned for life. And Ruggedo is not willing to help... She needs to persuade the Wizard of Oz to come out of hiding and return to Oz to help. She needs to return Mombi to the real world, getting her out of the spell that the Wizard of Oz and Glinda had trapped her in and then persuade her to help. Finally, she needs to bring the witches of the East, West, North and South back to life. The only ones that join her at the very start are the Scarecrow (willing to help), Dorothy Gale (also willing to help) and General Jinjer (forced to help). After the group is formed, they must put their differences aside and start working as a team. In the ending of the game, the Phanfasms invade Oz, and our heroes must fight them off and stop them before they get to the Palace and kill the Queen. In the very end, they have to take down the First and Foremost himself too, but he's more careful than the last time now, and he's not willing to let Petra and her friends live... All other characters found throughout the first game could be found and interacted with too. The plot could progress always in a different way, depending of the dialogue options the player chooses. Also, the player could progress the plot differently by choosing the order they add the wizards or witches in the team. Finally, there could be more playable characters in the game, each with his/her unique abilities.

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Ooh! Another prompt idea! Thank goodness I'm not the only one that loves this game!

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