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Equestria girls?
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So what do you guys think? Personally I'll probably watch it, then write a TF crossover with it lol.

5/13/2013 #1
Darkryt Orbinautz

Oh, FINALLY. Somewhere I can talk to people about this! I need emotional counseling from people who UNDERSTAAAAND, but I didn't want to bring it up and traumatize anybody who didn't already know about that didn't need traumatizing!

...*Ahem.* Excuse me.

1) I wouldn't mind quite as much...if it weren't for the technicolor skin on the humans. If a human girl has Rainbow's coat color as her skin color...she's probably sick and dying.

2) I already thought of a crossover with it: A what-if oneshot where FiM:P Twilight is in a situation where she can rescue the Equestria Girls (that being the term for their humans counterparts) from Decepticons, leading up to where she has to decide whether she cares more about her friendship with Optimus, or her hatred of humans. All done up in a delicious, chocolate Noire-style packaging, with first-person narrations and guns and grisly interrogations!

A Twilight Sparkle that hates humans plus a Twilight Sparkle that IS a human equals...what? A lot of interesting story.

3) I can't decide whether to add the Girls to Infiltration, as one of Infiltration's many themes is comprehensive inclusion of stuff from all eras (I'm talking Marvel, IDW, G3 and G1 Ponies, Beast Wars!) AND Twilight's human-hate is going to come to a head in the story... so the Girls would work fairly nicely with that...

And least, with the whole Noire thing letting me explore a different kind of story-telling, I've managed to preemptively squeeze some good from it.

And between this, "Keep Calm and Flutter On" and Twilicorn, there is absolutely no way Hasbro can save face and say they aren't literally just cribbing ideas from the Fandom...

I'd been wanting to ask Lauren Faust what she would do with humans, (I know she has a DeviantArt account that she occasionally answers questions on) if she absolutely had to, Just as a "What if?" kind of question.

I somehow get the feeling this would not be it.

Mmmh...Chocolate Noire...

5/13/2013 #2

(answering your statements)

(1) Yes, the skin color is...weird, Rarity looks like she's being choked to death, and the cutie mark on the wrist or cheek was odd, (course, it would look absolutely hilarious if it was on their-ahem- gluteus maximus (sounds like a Tformer don't it?).

(2) I think it's been announced that Twilight is from FIM and that she's transported to Anthroestria (as I call it).

I can't wait to see her (Twilight) reaction to Spike the dog lol.

(3) Would the space time continuum be able to handle that?

The way I see it, Hasbro's trying to listen to see what the fandom likes, example:

Hasbro: Huh, so bronies like humanizing the ponies, huh? Hey, we've been wanting to get in the doll market again, why not? (begins scanning those drop down suggestion on search engines) Rule thirty-four? What's that?


Hasbro: TAKARA!!!!!!!!!

later, after showing the fans...

Fans: ruined FOREVER

Hasbro: these guys are getting as bad as the Trans-fans.

5/14/2013 #3
Darkryt Orbinautz

(2) Alternate universes, man.

(3) Nope!

It appears that Equestria Girls is going to suffer from the same fate as the Predacons in my continuity...that is, after tangential information comes out, I start thinking of what I can do with it, and by the time more, better information comes out, I've already thought up the entirety of their plot-line.

Uh, sorry for the long post last time, but I had just been holding it all, so when the opportunity arose to finally let it all out, I just...let it all out!

5/14/2013 #4

I also read Twilight's gettin' a boyfriend.

Hmm, I have mixed feelings about it.

And I also read that EG is the reason Lauren Faust left.

Color me...interested.

5/14/2013 #5
Darkryt Orbinautz

...Where do you read that it was why Lauren left?

5/14/2013 #6

saw it on TFW from something leaked.

Darkryt rage in 3..2..1...

5/14/2013 #7
Darkryt Orbinautz


I'm waiting for the Darkryt rage too.

Any second now...

5/14/2013 #8

Just to warn you, I probably won't read your 'Darkryt rage'.

(That'll get em to rage)

5/14/2013 #9
Darkryt Orbinautz

I...it...what!? Hahahahahahhaha HAAA HHAa! I...

No, really. What!?

5/14/2013 #10

Darn it!

Oh, well, let's change the subject.

Hmm... Twi's new boyfriend!

also, 300 posts!!!

5/14/2013 . Edited 5/14/2013 #11
Darkryt Orbinautz

Yyeeaah...I'm not feeling so hot about him.

5/14/2013 #12

Didn't think you would.

I Think they said (I'm not sure) that he'll come back with Twilight and be her bodyguard.

5/15/2013 #13
Darkryt Orbinautz

Y'know, thinking about the Human-Hating Dark Energon Twilight interacting with the Human Twilight, I...briefly had the idea for them to have a hatelove relationship. You know, spewing out venomous, contempt-fueled insults one second, then kissing the next. ('Cos D.E Twilight does have a history of kissing humans prior to developing her full-out hatred for them.)

Disturbing? Good. It's supposed to be.

However...that would technically be slash, I, uh, I think. Which I try to expunge from my crossovers. So I've abandoned the idea.

It's still funny, though.

5/15/2013 #14

Darn it! I was going to have Sombra torture Twilight and then turn her into Nightmare Dusk by them sharin' spit!

Maybe if you had it that DE Twilight goes after SNAILS (who's been confirmed). THAT would be disturbing.

And funny.

5/15/2013 #15
Darkryt Orbinautz

No reason you can't still do that. With the Sombra thing.

If I let people having similar ideas to my own stop me from going through with stories, I... I don't know where I'd be.

5/15/2013 #16


BTW i was gonna give sombra acidic spit.

5/15/2013 #17
Darkryt Orbinautz

Quit talking to me about it and go work on it!

5/15/2013 #18

Can't, its going to be in the sequel of the story I'm currently writing and usually I change a lot of stuff so doing it ahead doesn't work that well for me.

5/15/2013 #19
Darkryt Orbinautz

I TOTALLY get that.

But seriously, quit yakking and start clackin' on them keys.

5/15/2013 #20

Okay, Mom.

(wait, I thought you didn't read any of my stories...)

i usually take a break every two days and then write the rest (sometimes write a bit more)

5/15/2013 . Edited 5/15/2013 #21
Darkryt Orbinautz

Not usually, but I'm all for Unwilling Twilight x Villain!

5/15/2013 #22

Then would you like to help me write some? (when the time comes.)

It's more like he persuades her that her friends don't care about her but he does and, after a while, she becomes Nightmare Dusk.

And it only lasts till the end of the story.

5/15/2013 #23
Darkryt Orbinautz


I don't...understand...the question.

5/15/2013 #24

I mean would you like to maybe help think of some ideas on how to execute the whole Sombra x Nightmare Dusk/Twilight thing.

5/16/2013 #25
Darkryt Orbinautz

Random Thought that happened as I was reading TFWiki page on Overlord and the recent reveals in More Than Meets the Eye about his history.

Phase Sixer Ponies?

Which of coursed, led into...

Phase Sixer Equestria Girls?

The buck!? The THINGS that Crossovers DO to YOUR MIND.

5/16/2013 #26

I just had a thought for your EG story (if you're still doing it). What if DE Twilight is over at EG Twilight's house, having tea maybe? And then EG Twilight's boyfriend comes over, a bit of awkward silence comes over them and EG Twilight decides to go get something to help.

While she's gone DE Twilight tackles the boyfriend and pins him, she mildly beats him up, they exchange some words, then Twilight begins kissing him- right when EG Twi comes in.


5/17/2013 #27
Darkryt Orbinautz


She's insane, she's got Dark Energon voices in her telling her to do BAD THINGS to people she doesn't like, and murder people, and tie them up for horrific experiments that are sins against all Celestia and Optimus stand for in the universe, but she's not rude. And that? That is just plain rude.

5/17/2013 #28
Darkryt Orbinautz

Anyways, what I was thinking was making two different "Infiltration" stories, one with, one without. Like this;

Act Negative-Four : Infiltration

Infiltration: Equestria Girls Version

That way, people who want nothing to do with EG can still enjoy Infiltration, and people who want to see the EG as-done-by-Darkryt can see it as well.

Gotta cover all my bases. :/

5/17/2013 #29

I thought it might appeal to your disturbing side.

5/17/2013 #30
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