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A sea of courtiers move like schools of brilliant fish through ebony halls, parting occasionally for the passage of some predator. But the analogy would be an illusion, for in truth, every one of them hid a predator's hide under their finery.

Palpatine smiles, his disfigured face twisting anything pleasant from his expression.


6/10/2009 #1
For love of Sunflowers

Kaidra, the jedi exile: *Runs through the halls trying to escape the guards chasing after her*

6/10/2009 #2

Revan: *walks through the fromt door, ignoring the guards who found themselves unable to move* I hope I'm not crashing the party... but I hate being uninvited to any form of party.

6/10/2009 #3
For love of Sunflowers

Kaidra:*Jumps up into the rafters and drops down behind Revan stealthily*

6/10/2009 #4

Revan: *continues to walk forward until he stops in front of Palpatine*

6/10/2009 #5
For love of Sunflowers

Kaidra:*Jumps back up into the rafters and watches quietly*

6/10/2009 #6

Palpatine: But of course, you're welcome and your charming ... er... companion. *laughs*

6/11/2009 #7

Palpatine: *leans back in throne and smirks*

6/11/2009 #8

Revan: Unfortunately I didn't come here for pleasure.

6/11/2009 #9

Palpatine: How sad that you don't find pleasure in what you do. What a sorry life you must lead. *his fingers toy with each other playfully* ... Ah, but I must ask how it is that I find a Sith ghost in my palace?

6/11/2009 #10

Revan: A ghost? You think I'm a ghost? You couldn't be any more wrong.

6/11/2009 #11

Palpatine: In that case, the passing millenia have been good to you, my friend. What rock have you been hiding under? *gestures with the Force to free guards*

6/11/2009 #12
For love of Sunflowers

Kaidra:*Hops down and stabs a couple of them in the neck quickly with her knife*

6/11/2009 #13

*The room goes silent Everyone stares at the dead Royal Guards in shock. Then people begin pointing, yelling and screaming and you can hear booted feet thump-thump-thumping down the corridor. Palpatine looks irritated, but doesn't bother to get up. His fingers rest on the command-buttons of his throne.*

6/11/2009 #14

Revan: *smirks beneath his mask* Now, my question to you, is what is it you want?

6/11/2009 #15
For love of Sunflowers

Kaidra;*Grins sadistically before pulling off her helmet*

6/11/2009 #16

Palpatine: Oh, you know... everything. *a mass of elite soldiers burst through the double doors*

6/11/2009 #17

Revan: Then I take it... you'll want my empire as well?

6/11/2009 #18

Palpatine: Your empire ended a millenia ago. You are out of place, sir, and out of time. *In the wake of the soldiers, Palpatine's apprentice appears*

(Coz if we're gonna have an epic showdown.... always two there are!)

6/11/2009 #19
For love of Sunflowers

Kaidra:*Jumps infront of Palpatine's apprentice* *Turns her head to look at Palpatine* Only over my dead smoking corpse will you ever truly be let to say that our empire ended however long ago. *To Palpy's apprentice* I'm going to enjoy killing you.

6/11/2009 . Edited 6/11/2009 #20

Vader: Indeed? I could say the same of you. *attacks her with his lightsaber*

Palpatine *rolls eyes* This is ridiculous.

6/11/2009 #21
For love of Sunflowers

Kaidra:*Blocks his lightsaber with her silver double-blade* Bring it, Skywalker.

6/11/2009 #22

Revan: While our... apprentices are dueling, shall we talk.

6/11/2009 #23
Fullmetal Knight

Me: Not trying to sound mean but.....I thought I had Vader? I know I was gone for a bit but I didn't think I'd lose my character privilege.

6/15/2009 #24

(I'm terribly sorry, I was just trying to be in character by calling for Palpatine's go-to guy. I apologise if I've broken the rules and stolen your character - if it's any consolation, I was just using him for backup. I won't do it again.)

Palpatine: Certainly, I'm rather too old for coragious histrionics, in any case. I am interested in how you two escaped the holobooks of history.

6/15/2009 #25
Fullmetal Knight

Me: Oh no it's okay. I was just shocked. I thought since I was gone a while I lost him or something XD But if it helps he is still Vader and could turn to help Palpatine.

6/15/2009 #26

Revan: *chuckles lightly* It helps to disapear for thousands of years.

6/16/2009 #27
For love of Sunflowers

Kaidra:Helps alot.

6/16/2009 #28

Revan: Indeed, but the question is, Palpatine, how powerful is your Empire compared to my Sith Empire?

6/16/2009 #29

Palpatine: *smirks* I'm afraid I'm not an ancient historian.

6/16/2009 #30
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