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One spell; that was all it took for Henrietta to turn the entire world upside down, Hogwarts had found itself in the centre of Panem but they were not alone. Other books had joined them in Panem and the capitol could only think of one thing to do to teach these 'fictional character' a lesson; Let the Fandom Games begin! Come and RP the children of your favourite book/film/tv show characters in the hunger games. *Not currently accepting*
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Let's have a chat :P Hi xD

12/15/2012 #1
12/15/2012 #2
Rue's Roses


12/16/2012 #3
Shuniice Mariie

Hey!! Did you all have a good Christmas? :DD

12/29/2012 #4
yeah I sure did!
12/29/2012 #5
Shuniice Mariie

Good! Have anything nice. I had so many books! Can't wait to start reading them :D

12/29/2012 #6

I had tones of books too xD aha, have you by any chance read 'Gone'?

12/29/2012 #7
I didn't get many books for once. I bought some in the sales though.. Apparently I have too many books. And nope, I haven't read gone
12/30/2012 #8

If anyone has fictionpress... Join xD hehe

12/30/2012 #9
Shuniice Mariie

No i havent read gone. BUT! I had the whole series for chirstmas!! Will be starting them as soon as i finished Matched :D

12/30/2012 #10

Yeah, I got it for christmas too xD aha

12/30/2012 #11
Shuniice Mariie

Is it good?? And i've doen Luke's Corn thing haha :D

12/30/2012 #12

I've only read the first two chapters but yeah it's good :)

12/30/2012 #13
Shuniice Mariie

Ooo good. Matched by Ally Condi, is amazing! I can't put it down. :D

12/30/2012 #14

Cool, I haven't read it. I got Gone, the fourth book to Need by carrie jones and Dark Storm so I have so much to read xD My parents know me well :}

12/30/2012 #15


12/30/2012 #16

Hi :)

12/30/2012 #17

How are you?

12/30/2012 #18

I am good, how are you?

12/30/2012 #19


12/30/2012 #20
I would like to read the whole matched thing - there's 2 books, isn't there? How good are they as I may have to check them out sometime?
12/30/2012 #21

Sev! :) Do you think the games should start now?

12/30/2012 #22
Um .. Well buttons, I am not really bothered, although I have invited more people to join so im not too sure :/
12/30/2012 #23

Hm...Start on Tuesday :}

12/30/2012 #24
Yeah, good idea :D
12/30/2012 #25
Shuniice Mariie

THere are three books in the Matched series Slender... :) And when are we starting teh games??

1/8/2013 #26
Shuniice Mariie

And i've almost finished the first book in teh Matched Trilogy, they are really good!

1/8/2013 #27
XXbuttonsXX tomorrow good? Was going to start them last week but I forgot so tomorrow- I'm too busy today :P

1/8/2013 #28
Shuniice Mariie

Yes! When ever you get time :) I still have to do the training and the interview for Luke yet anyway :)

1/8/2013 #29
Yeah, I know. It was a typing error, sorry... :/ and error an we please not start tomorrow? Can it be this weekend as I have to do Emmahin and Jarefton's interviews and I won't have time to type that much as I have exams to revise for...
1/8/2013 #30
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