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Jeremy Hillary Boob

Current issue:

From naarna on Tip Thread:

FNID 8112349 - 1001fics - Harry Potter Fandom - [Active]probably [NSFW]


Story: (in Spanish)

Original author:

The original author, Lena Phoria, has taken the original story (Cruel And Beautiful World) down to rework it into a published novel, as noted on her profile. The original Spanish translation by another fan has been taken down as requested by Lena. However, this plagiarist has put everything online again "in the name of freedom".

Thanks for checking it out! :)

Got the same Tip by PM, and had a look this afternoon. OA, Lena Phoria, gave user Sunset82 permission to translate her work into Spanish. Both were deleted after it was turned into a book, and this user has uploaded it without permission. Already warned OA on Tumblr, sent her a PM with the DMCA, and sent the admins a report.

Oh, and the last chapter has copyrighted lyrics to "Blackbird", by The Beatles.

Edited to make FFN links clickable, SID 12357474 deleted. - RMB 14 Jan 2021

2/23/2017 . Edited by RogueMudblood, 6/28/2021 #1
Jeremy Hillary Boob

And she's playing the delete game, "because of the blocking and the reports". Just saying that the last one who did that (Lia of the Moon) ended up banned.

New link: Deleted. Let's see for how long.

Link (27/2/2017):

2/25/2017 . Edited 2/28/2017 #2

Not bothering to review any more. Just going for the abuse button...

2/27/2017 #3

Thanks for the following, let's hope Fanfiction wake up soon!!!

2/27/2017 #4

Sorry to ask, but I read the main tittle and it's said that the subject is resolved, story deleted....but it wasn't deleted, the plagiarist changed her profile name, elminating and uploading the story again and again.... Is there any solution to this?

2/28/2017 #5
Jeremy Hillary Boob

Probably I forgot to change it again after republication. As far as I've seen, it's deleted again. The fact that there's no plagiarised story makes it resolved, but it will be changed again if she republishes it again.

As for solutions, admins doing their job and banning her IP address from the site.

Also, adding troll tag based on her new profile pic.

2/28/2017 #6

Do I want to know want to know what the profile pic says?

In any case I'm thrilled that its gone.

2/28/2017 #7
Jeremy Hillary Boob
Do I want to know want to know what the profile pic says?

Nope, you don't. Just saying, it ends with "Say no to plagiarism."

In any case I'm thrilled that its gone.

My spitrits aren't that high, I'm afraid.

2/28/2017 #8

Ok, thank you Jeremy

3/5/2017 #9
Jeremy Hillary Boob

Got a PM by Sunset82, saying the plagiarist reuploaded it on a different account.

New account:

Stolen: CYHM, FFNID 12429466. (Rogue note, 14 Jan 2021: story renamed: CyBW)

Also left themselves a review:

que quede claro, que la historia no la voy a bajar por nada de este mundo. ne he asesorado ya, no en vano viaje de un estado a otro para poder subirla, así que ya no la bajaré, sin embargo tomaré mis precauciones por si acaso. chicas que leen esto no dejen comentarios, ni pm no es necesario. nos estamos leyendo.

let it be clear, that I'm not going to take it down for anything in the world

I have already consulted, not in vain have I travelled from one state to another, so I'm no taking it down, however I'll take precautions just in case.

girls who read this don't leave comments or PMs, it's not necessary.

we'll be reading each other

Oh, ain't it cute that she thinks that by travelli ng into another state, inside Mexico I presume, she'll be free from consequences?

Edit: e-mailed.



4/1/2017 . Edited by RogueMudblood, 6/28/2021 #10

Thank you Jeremy, this is so annoying, I really hope that the platform can do something this time.

4/1/2017 #11
Jeremy Hillary Boob

She's left herself a review stating she'll reupload old fics that were taken down from the site. Also says she won't take it down as long as there is one person reading the story...

4/3/2017 #12

I think she may be playing the 'take it down and reload later' game. I checked a couple of days and it was gone. (Unfortunately I was having connection issues and couldn't post.) I checked again later and it was back.

And there is a new twist... she is 'advertising' her actions on another author's review page. She has one story as a favorite and her 'ad' is there. As usual, she 'regrets' she has to do this.

4/10/2017 #13
Jeremy Hillary Boob
I think she may be playing the 'take it down and reload later' game. I checked a couple of days and it was gone.

This one is here since April 1st. More than delete'n'restore, it's a new account making game, I'd say.

4/11/2017 #14

FFNID 9007525 and associated content deleted by FFN site admins. Name at account deletion: Fics1001. (listing in HoS under that name)

They were informed of ownership of second account, but since the content had already been removed, it was left alone.

6/28/2021 #15
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