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This author stole several stories, all from offsite. None of these are work-safe, and several of them deal with pedophilia.


Story: (Harry Potter)

Original Author: outlaw [at] cometmail [NO dot SPAM] com

Original Story: [original fiction]

Story: (Naruto)

Original Author: xavier . lancaster [at] ukonline [NO dot SPAM] co [NO dot SPAM] uk

Original Story: [original fiction]

Story: (Naruto)

Original Author: pm1954 [at] hushmail [NO dot SPAM] com

Original Story: [original fiction]

Story: (Naruto)

Original Author:

Original Story: [original fiction]

3/2/2013 . Edited by O Long Johnson, 5/5/2016 #1

Confirmed the plagiarism.

The plagiarist appears to have been spooked. While in the middle of checking the evidence a couple of the stories returned 'Story Not Found' errors'.

Looks like all 4 have been taken down, they return invalid story IDs when attempted to add to C2. Probably done by plagiarist herself, any stories up are probably from FFN's cache and should disappear in a few hours.

Didn't even have the chance to break out the big guns too.

Will investigate the remaining stories for plagiarism and add her to the monitor list.

3/3/2013 #2

Yeah, she knows we caught her and know we reported her in several places. However, being the evil beings we are :D I have screens of the fics side by side with the originals if you need them. They are the version from this site as well! :D I just went and made sure i had those. :D Yush, we've done this a LONG time and know what we are doing!

3/3/2013 #3

Good show! A link to them on this thread should suffice for reference. Alas, FFN does not allow images in forums.

Also noticed a couple of other problematic stories in her profile: Deleted

Contains real-life actor Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Felton and Kristin Stewart. Against FFN regulations to have those. Will leave her a warning and escalate to relevant groups later if no action taken. Deleted

Contains copyrighted lyrics to 'Heaven Knows' by Rick Price in full. This one is getting reported.

Rest of the stories look clean, though note with some amusement that one of her stories were plagiarized by someone else before. Already taken down.

3/3/2013 . Edited by O Long Johnson, 2/14/2016 #4

Gonna have to take the spaces out, obviously, but here they are (and my cohort in crime didn't screen the sex parts, thankfully)

http : / / i1225 (dot) photobucket (dot) com / albums / ee385 / RogueMudblood / Offsite % 20 Plagues /ABusRide _ zpse89b2495 (dot) jpg

http : / / i1225 (dot) photobucket (dot) com / albums / ee385 / RogueMudblood / Offsite % 20Plagues / GuardianAngel _ zps5b574bdc (dot) jpg

http : // i1225 (dot) photobucket (dot) com / albums / ee385 /RogueMudblood / Offsite % 20Plagues /JakeandtheSissyBoy _ zpse65d4091 (dot) jpg

http : // i1225 (dot) photobucket (dot) com / albums / ee385 / RogueMudblood / Offsite % 20Plagues / BabysittingFun _ zps769377c0 (dot) jpg

that should give you everything you need to confirm, including original publication dates for the ones that were lifted.

3/3/2013 #5

Thank you. Added her to the wanted list. Also noted she just changed her name to 'Emerald Solstice'. Looking at her work, her older name was 'nikkiru'.

Does not matter. As long as we have her ID, changing her name changes nothing.

edit: She also added this to her profile:

All of the rated M fics were taken down. Sorry.

Notice she neglected to mention the plagiarism.

3/3/2013 . Edited 3/3/2013 #6

Anytime! Noticed the name change. She tried that on AFF too. Didn't work there either *snickersnort*. And thanks for taking this!

3/3/2013 #7
Mach the Cynic

I don't see copyrighted lyrics as a problem as long as the author credits the songwriters. It all comes down to disclaimers.

3/3/2013 #8


The copyrighted lyrics were not credited.

In any case, even if they were, it was not for us to decide. Is explicitly forbidden in the FFN guidelines:

Actions not allowed:

  • Multiple entries of the same material. There can only be one copy of any unique story on the entire site. No exceptions.
  • Rewriting names of characters/locations of one story in order to upload to multiple categories.
  • Copying from a previously published work (including musical lyrics) not in the public domain.

Also, have an update. Received a PM from Emerald Solstice. Reproduced below:

Thank you for informing me about that wasn't really aware. Anyway I'm sorry with what I did; and yes I took 'em all down because even though the lure of the many reviews and alerts were nice, that guilt feeling ate me away and I don't like the feeling. I'm trying to start over again and have a clean slate as an author here. Once again, thank you and I apologize.

She agreed to take down the other 2 stories and have just confirmed she did so.

Since there are no more violating/plagiarized stories on her account, we will be closing her case and leaving her alone unless she chooses to plagiarize again.

3/3/2013 #9

I saw this case reported to Stop_Plagiarism too, but I have not been able to approve it yet.

However, it looks like TaPiR has confirmed the plagiarism, so I will see if I can just scoot it through based on this. Glad to see that the stories are being removed. We'll add her to our list of confirmed plagiarists too.

3/3/2013 #10

Apparently contrition was short lived


original: Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie -


"He was looking even more uptight than usual," Liza said, looking even taller and hotter than usual as she leaned on the jukebox, her hair flaming under the lights.

David wouldn't have treated Liza so callously. He'd have been afraid to; she'd have dismembered him. Gotta be more like Liza, Min thought and started to flip through the song cards on the box.

"Are you upset with him?" Bonnie said from Min's other side, her blonde head tilted up in concern. David wouldn't have left Bonnie, either. Nobody was mean to sweet, little Bonnie.

"Yes. He dumped me." Min stopped flipping. Wonder of wonders, the box had Elvis. Immediately, it seemed a better place. She fed in coins and then punched in the keys for "Hound Dog." Too bad Elvis had never recorded one called "Dickhead."

"I knew I didn't like him," Bonnie said.

Min went over to the roulette bar and smiled tightly at the slender bartender who was dressed like a croupier. She had beautiful long, soft, kinky brown hair, and Min thought That's another reason I couldn't have slept with David. Her hair always frizzed when she let it down, and he was the type who would have noticed.

"Rum and Coke, please," she told the bartender.

Maybe that was why Liza and Bonnie never had man trouble: great hair. She looked at Liza, racehorse-thin in purple zippered leather, shaking her head at David with naked contempt. Okay, it wasn't just the hair. If she jammed herself into Liza's dress, she'd look like Barney's slut cousin. "Diet Coke," she told the bartender.

"He wasn't the one," Bonnie said from below Min's shoulder, her hands on her tiny hips.

"Diet rum, too," Min told the bartender, who smiled at her and went to get her drink.

Liza frowned. "Why were you dating him anyway?"

"Because I thought he might be the one," Min said, exasperated. "He was intelligent and successful and very nice at first. He seemed like a sensible choice. And then all of sudden he went snotty on me."

Bonnie patted Min's arm with a perfectly manicured hand. "It's a good thing he broke up with you because now you're free for when the right man finds you. Your prince is on his way."

"Right," Min said. "I'm sure he was on his way but a truck hit him."

"That's not how it works." Bonnie leaned on the bar, looking like an R-rated pixie. "If it's meant to be, he'll make it. No matter how many things go wrong, he'll come to you and you'll be together forever."

"What is this?" Liza said, looking at her in disbelief. "Barbie's Field of Dreams?"

"That's sweet, Bonnie," Min said. "But as far as I'm concerned, the last good man died when Elvis went."

"Maybe we should rethink keeping Bon as our broker," Liza said to Min. "We could be major stockholders in the Magic Kingdom by now."


"He still looks as uptight and asshole-ish as ever. Mate, what the hell were you thinking when you decided to go out with him?"

"For Mom to stop pestering me about finally getting a man? To get a man that meets her standards? To get her off my case for a short while? Because I thought that he might be the one?" Harry exasperatedly said as he gulped the glass of drink Luna placed in front of him.

"He clearly wasn't the one though." Luna stated as she looked at her bespectacled friend.

"Well, he was intelligent and successful and very nice at first. And Mom likes him, a lot, and that's something. He seemed like a very sensible choice but then he went high and mighty on me and kept on hinting on getting me to bed." Harry said as he idly played with the plate of tempura in front of him.

Ron patted Harry's arm. "Well mate, it's a good thing he's out of the picture now. Imagine the horror you'll have to go through with that uptight asshole."

"Yeah, it's indeed a good thing he broke up with you because now you're free and available again. Your prince is on his way." Luna said cryptically.

"Right," Harry sarcastically said. "I'm pretty sure he was on his way but a bulldozer ran over him."

"Must you have such violent thoughts Harry?" Ron asked as he nibbled on the tempura he got from the plate in front of Harry.

"Ah you know me, Ron. I'm simply creative." Harry wryly grinned at him as he grabbed a piece of chicken fingers from the plate near Luna.

"Boys, that's not how things work. If it's meant to be, the right one for you will make it. Regardless of the circumstances, he'll appear for you and you'll be together forever." Luna said seriously as she leaned forward and looked into Harry's emerald orbs.

"Ugh what are we? Kids? Happily ever afters? Seriously?" Ron groaned as he looked at his blonde friend.

"Just because Hermione dumped you because she discovered that you go both ways, doesn't mean that you won't have your happily ever after, Ron." Luna chastised the redhead.

11/1/2014 . Edited by O Long Johnson, 5/5/2016 #11
O Long Johnson

Switching this to plagiarism of copyright works given the remaining infringement.

10/17/2015 #12
O Long Johnson


4/27/2016 #13
O Long Johnson

Story deleted.

5/5/2016 #14
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