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The Anti-Plagiarism Investigation Reports (TAPIR), formerly known as 'The Plagiarism Report'. This is a forum to report, investigate and document cases of plagiarism on Fanfiction Dot Net (FFN). Your story got stolen and need help? See a stolen story posted and want to report it? This is the place. Please read the 'How To' thread before posting your case in the Tip Thread. Starting 2014, TAPIR will only accept plagiarism cases. Cases of copyright infringement should go to our CIR subforum.
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Plagiarized: Hearts and Mirros irros

Original: Hearts and Mirrors: rrors

Original author:

Plagiarized: aos

Original: os

Original author:

(Fix links)

9/2/2013 . Edited by O Long Johnson, 7/29/2015 #1

Added to C2


Original author: Yuranova -

Original: 8/341094#fic_c

Original author: justanotheralice -


Original Author: Robert Silvers -


Original Author: Yuri Kitty - nd

Original: ?chapterid=2293

Original author: DarkAydrian - showuid=822 l

Original: ction/anime-fan-works/Gundam/gundam.crying-soul

Original Author: Dennis Hertz - 1993-07-10 was orig pub date (in doc) gacy

Original: ction/anime-fan-works/Dragon-Ball/db.bardocks-lega cy

Original author: NKJem (Noel Mock)


Original author: =16916 Sayajin-s-Story

Original: ction/anime-fan-works/Dragon-Ball/dbz.bardocks-sto ry

Original author: Katchan hiroth

Original: he_sephiroth.html

Original author: LockeZ

Horus - Please change to NSFW in title.

9/2/2013 #2
The Warty Hogg

They are all old so I assume report only.

9/2/2013 #3

Yes. I'd also note where they contain adult content in the report.

I have e-mailed some of the actual authors (the ones I had addresses for) - and gotten mail return on a few - to let them know.

9/2/2013 #4

Thanks Rogue. Hope this one gets a response.

Mods wont be able to edit thread titles, so if a NSFW tag required and am not around, can also edit first line of first post to include NSFW warning.

9/2/2013 #5



Original author: =16916

The AFF copy has been deleted. So has the user's profile. Just FYI for when you're reporting as there's no longer an original to link them to.

9/3/2013 #6
The Warty Hogg

Reports sent for admin to ignore.

9/4/2013 #7
O Long Johnson

This one's definitely going to need an email report.

11/5/2013 #8
The Warty Hogg

Might as well, since I am quite sure abuse reports are never actually looked at by anyone. They are just there to cover the admins asses for when they get sued.

11/5/2013 #9
O Long Johnson

Blogged this one too. If that doesn't work, I'll finish the email I'm making to send to admins.

11/5/2013 #10
O Long Johnson

Seems admins can't throw me a bone this time with the extra blog post. *sigh* Long a$$ email is in the works.

11/6/2013 #11
O Long Johnson

Finally, they've banned the user.

11/7/2013 #12
The Warty Hogg

So emails are the way to go. When I have a chance, I'll send them a few hundred copyright infringement. Just the standard support email address or do you have a SOOPER SEKRIT one to recommend.

11/8/2013 . Edited 11/8/2013 #13

Thanks all for your diligence!


11/8/2013 #14
Make FFN Sensible Again

I hope O Long gave the mods an earful.

Another one bites the dust!

11/8/2013 . Edited 6/25/2014 #15
Make FFN Sensible Again

Horus, could you add this one to the Hall of Shame?

11/12/2013 #16
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