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Topic for your pairings (and theme song, story link or ice flavour) for your pairings to be filed in!

Canon Pairings:

Name: Cato Bailor and Clove [What Clove wants her last name to be] (Clato)

Name: Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta

Name: Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark(Everlark)

OC Pairings:

Name: Alder Zane and Maria Feren (Alria)

Name: Ester Kohl and Caspian Hudson (Cester)

Name: Gem Callows and Phoenix Loven (Gemnix)

Name: Granola Barlow and Yogurt Matthews

Name: Jayce Feren and Cassiopeia Saunders

Name: Jennalee Day and Caelius Ellison (Cannlee)

Name: Julius Saunders and Superior Hudson (Sulius)

Name: Matt Brown and Theo Williams

Name: Sheen Keller and Garnet Sulley (Gareen)

Name: Delta Saunders and Devican Lavete (DeltDev)

Name: Flash Laureate and Pyrite Munroe (Flyrite)

Name: Tavie Halyard and Nyx Cauller (Nyxie) (Although Nyxie is having some issues at the moment...)

Name: Luster DeClare and Ero Limenta

Name: Cacelia Hyasin and Brad Alley

Name: Delilah Carey and Gavin Freeman (Delvin)

Name: Rowan Allen and Linden Clarke (Rowden)

Name: Reilly Heven and Violet Henson

Name: Martin Wing and Celestina Rogerro (Celestin)

Name: Crystal Ryans and Splendor Laureate (Crysdor)

Name: Ash Feren and Becca Brown

Name: Orion Westun and Jewel Ecshawn (Jewion)

Name: Leo Anderson and Ruby Oryne

Name: Sea Taylor and Gage Grayson

Name: Sebastian Clarke and Sima Patterson

Name: Specter Cook and Hope Katen (Hecter)

Name: Jean-Luc Picard and Sadie Kane (Jadie-Luc)

Name: Percival Kerry and Dina DeLuise (Percina)

Name: Edward O'Callaghan and Anastasia Lever

Name: Sylvester Stallosky and Gabriel Pearson

Name: Dev Saunders and Hazel Westun

Name: Taurus Cawl and Aurora Lee

Name: Levi Charles and Helix McCarron

Name: Leo Donaldson and Nova Malashewski

Name: Seraphina Morningstar and Liberty Washington

Name: Eva Williams and Owen Sills

Name: Pit Kensy and Nikko Hollenbeck-Young

Name: Theo Campbell and Athena Mallinsky

Name: Nathalia Campbell and Mason Skillings

Name: Tanner Cooper and Ben Hoffsteader (Tanjamin)

Name: Tenor Campbell and Cam Brown-Williams

Name: Rizzo Theramin and Rudi Benkhart

Name: Finn Fletcher and Dana Kild

Name: Elijah Crowly and Linus Shatern

Name: Cor Simon and Arrow Caverly

Name: Nyle Degardi and Ryan Ronnogan

Name: Nala Degardi and Sitka Holland

Name: Marie Charles and Ryan Kohl

Name: Grayson Bates and Ike Villanueva

Name: Geno Haggerman and Quinn Brown

Name: Jasper Fullerton and Kookaburra Sterling

Name: Tarrick Tailor (Tailor-Bates) and Jack Hourner

Name: Emma Hourner and Lucas Crawford

Name: Victoria Hourner-Tailor and Remus Washington-Morningstar

Name: Nellie Parkson and Bruce Thaser

Name: Thalia Thaser and Romulus Washington-Morningstar

Name: Janet Higgins and Wilbur Bryant

Name: Whitney Novak and Clementine Voche

Name: Hailey McBreen and Oliver Van Der Ven

Name: Platinum Krietzer and Mario Eckles

Name: Caroline Stallosky and Marcus Powell

Name: Willow Stallosky and Christian Twinkler

Name: Mica Stone and Clayton Han

Name: Krill Daughtry and Clarissa Calvage

Name: Trail Grennins and Raisin Kellogg

Name: Cilantro Wallis and Banner

Name: Kai Odair (not sure if this would be a mixed though...) and Thalassa Swan

Name: Orlick Bannister and Ryan "Ry" Miller

Name: Oz Kempwell and Dennis Kasparek

Name: Trevor Kensy and Selena Dally

Name: Dutch Krietzer and Marlowe Glaiser

Name: Walt Lassiter and Alexander Mates

Name: Jericho Lassiter and Ivy Wendell

Name: Damon Hollenbeck-Young and Kane Lassiter

Name: Dill Archer, Igor Bradshaw, and Reese Schultz

Name: Gleam Adriat and Emma Laughlin

Name: Nick Kensy and Katriena Lake

Name: Carissa Kempton and Brook Marsh

Name: Anthony Mates and Jemma Banks

Name: Crawley Archer and Holden Duch

Name: Prime Reyford and Osmium Krietzer

Name: Colton Calvage and Jasmine Granger

Name: Rhea Medina and Liana Finely

Name: Nolan Rinehart and Elsa Slavinski

Name: Mick Evans and Heather Bradshaw

Name: Maya Medina and Odyssey Venici

Name: Holland Christenson and Ray Pyle

Name: Salem Christenson and Ritter Pyle

Name: Austin Black and Avogadro Bismarck

Name: Chase Lotus and Einar Lindquist

Name: Vander Link and Alistair Vladamire

Name: Space Kershman and Candle Scheibel

Name: Fabian Rockwell and Reginald Holloway

Name: Sash Jackson and Cassia McIalwain

Name: Logan Scott and Glitch McKinley

Name: Beauregard Laire and Kiera Martin

Name: Concordia Afton, Patriot Salem, and Ida Link

Name: Baldwin Fridley and Katrin *last name*

Name: Omri Hibbing and Andromeda Templeton

Name: Knox Sibley and Bean York

Name: Anise Sartell and Reuben Booker

Name: Finnegan Ridgeway and January Denali

Name: Marius Venici and Blaine Buchannan

Name: Jarlan Birmingham and Ross McCafferty

Name: Vivi Vandenburg and Mist Byar

Name: Sandor Fairbanks and Patience Bentley

Name: Ares Salem and Marcus Harding

Name: Orca Beckman and Merak McCarron

Name: Lily Bryant and Ramona McCarron

Name: Roan Sleeder and Lorter Awls

Name: Dusk Lowery and Cole Mynor

Name: Merit Breckenridge and Megrez Albireo

Name: Roman Itasca and Melanie Kilgore

Name: Sonja Cruz and Hawk Keaton (OCC)

Name: Sonja Cruz and Soren Lindburg

Name: Zev Rollins and Fortune Polis

Name: Camilla Kensey and Fortunado Polis

Name: Tucker Arnold and Rosalind Bichler

Name: Sandra Wade and Maple *last name*

Name: Diego Santiago and Lucy Galavan

Name: Lanzo Desmin and Hester Stallosky

Name: Pontifex Gallivan and Idol Wulf

Name: Gio Piccozzi and Adam Partanen

Name: Dawson Fowler and Haul Price

Name: Gaylen Fowler and Verz Price

Name: Brock Rutherford, Ori Ward, and Icarus Balouris

Name: Thatcher Culbertson and Talent *last name*

Name: Diesel Bundren and Bastian Kramer

Name: Pomp Hilton and Ash Chopra

Name: Sampson Kiefer and Ellis Weber

Name: Vienna Turner and Cissy Blackwood

Name: Indi Christenson and Mina *last name*

Name: Myra Kiefer and Kara Chess

Name: Jason Hollow and Santana Villanueva

Name: Nikolai Franke and Blanche Tawell

Name: Zayne Tidwell and Monroe Neumann

Name: Abri Piccozzi and Patro Balouris

Name: Aspen Glichrist and Cedar Pointe

Name: Solace Kasser and Fritz Neumann

Name: Mercury Hawkes and Kenji *last name*

Name: Kiera Hartzell and Jeremiah Medina

Name: Brianna Hamilton and Carver Bradshaw

Name: London Prior and Timber *last name*

Mixed Pairings:

Name: Skeeter Hoffsteader-Rothman and Rue Haynes

Name: Marvel Ryans and Margaret Carr

1/28/2013 . Edited by CelticGames4, 2/21/2016 #1

Is Katniss and Peeta another canon pairing? Just wondering. Might be good to add them... maybe... :)

5/3/2013 #2

In my fanfic that used to be on my old deleted account, my OC Cassia was with Gloss

12/17/2013 #3
You would have to talk to Celtic after you audition.
12/18/2013 #4

Wait whats this for????

7/18/2015 #5
Just to keep track of all our OC ships, and the couple of ships we all ship for the canon characters.
7/19/2015 #6

added 26 pairings. XD

7/19/2015 #7


7/19/2015 #8
We all have some original characters and we put them all into romantic relationships. This is the topic where we keep track of all the relationships we have going between our characters. We also have a list of relationships from the books we like (those in canon), and some book characters that we ship with our original characters. Just to organize them all.
7/19/2015 #9
So nothing to do with Katniss' Castle
7/20/2015 #10
Pretty much not.
7/20/2015 #11

can Madge be flirty with Darious

2/25/2016 #12

Just ask Darius's roleplayer :)

2/25/2016 #13

yaay flirty time with Madge!

2/25/2016 #14

I made a ship category

2/25/2016 #15

Darius and Madge! !!

2/27/2016 #16
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