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Does your layer have any tech that you want to share moves, weapons, fields and the like? Well go on, share and discuss the endless possibilities the layer can provide! This also the forum where the New Tournament combined saga is dicussed here!
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Saint X
Let's talk about angelic weaponry here...
3/7/2006 #1
Sounds good to me ^^
3/9/2006 #2
I haven't created any stories for this yet, but I was thinking of some of the weaponry that evolved past the layer, which would be put into any stories I wish to create (actually I have an outline in my head, but have far too many other things on my plate at the moment). But as that technology was eventually used to control limb movement and such, then I was thinking of completely reconstructed individuals called "Fallen" who are able to use the abilities of angels due to minature layer replicators that kind of supply them with the energy needed to move. Also, they are able to project aspects of the layer around them when needed, such would be good for many things from chameleon abilities to imagry projection. Then when you factor things in like the hyper-modes, energy blasts, and other abilities, you are left with a very powerful group of people. (And of course that isn't a good thing for the world)
3/19/2006 #3
Saint X
Well if this is going out of the layer into the scene, it is fearful - i and a couple of friends have thought of that idea as well in a fic - a probable additonal reference is Saishuuheiki Kanojo (Saikano - Honestly, Chise is the goddess of death i tell you, she is!) In My AL fic [s:2296153:Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer - The New Tournament], a lot of anime weapons have been unleashed into the layer (if you're an avid gundam seed fan, you would recognize some of the weapons here) - just read for ideas and comment for constructive purposes and we have a way to deal with the 'powerful group of people' that you've mentioned
3/23/2006 . Edited 5/15/2006 #4
Have any of you ever noticed that, in the first episode, when Misaki and Icchan go to buy her Angel Egg and stuff, and it shows the snippits of the pre-made angels on the shelf, there's an angel with a sword in her hand? And, in the episode when Hikaru fight Queen, she uses electric whips. Electric whips aren't allowed, but they never say anything about other weapons. Does that mean that weapons are already useable? I personally think it would make the battles more of luck than of strength, though, with weapons added. The angel could randomly swing the weapon around and BAM! It could hit right into the other angel. But with pure strength and skill, it makes the battles much more challenging.
7/7/2006 #5
Saint X
the angel with the sword is just for display - probably a preview of things to come. About weapons: "The most powerful weapon, in the most inexperienced hands is useless." "The most skilled of people can make the worst weapons into the finest tools." "A pair of hands is still the best weapon." "A pilot is not defined by the capabilities of his or her mobile suit." - random gundam quote. The above are some quotes that i guide my fic projects right now. My current AL fic project... well, let's say that the enemies are much more tougher than other fic angels. And also a guiding force in my AL project is that the layer is some sort of dimensional melting pot - where all things are possible - so, why not make a gundam-based angel if you're a gundam fan or while you're at it, a mew mew angel as well. I'm only proportionally adding the factors altogether. dont worry if you're reading my fic, i placed equal matched angels in fights. Example: if someone inexperienced wields a powerful gun and shoots all over the place - the more skilled ones can evade it and take it out. if hit, and experienced one has a better chance at recovering.
7/11/2006 #6
Kite Lanford
Yea, no kidding... It won't be long until you get Bunshin-using Angels (though tough on the OS when many appear), or Underwater specialtists... Rants: Since the Angels are moved via a Psycommu-like system, won't someone like Amuro or Ryusei be able to dominate the Angelic Layer, provided they spend enough time studing various fighting styles? If Kaede is related to Minoru, why isn't he mentioned? If the Angels do move via a Psycommu-like system, won't someone be able to make a remote Psycommu system for the helmet? Of the Angels of the series, Blanche is the cutest, and owned by a cute Deus to boot...
11/11/2006 #7
actually, in the 4th manga, there was a newspaper article in the beginning mentioning that Minoru was entering the field of angel - designing. the first deus to test out his designs was Kaede. however, in the newspaper article, kaede and minoru had different last names...
11/28/2006 #8
Meister Babylon
That was exactly what I was thinking when I put AL's VR environment system with Shuuko's legs! In my fic there'll be a surprise, and a side-effect of THAT is the idea of Dii fighting alongside Angels to the point they "fuse" and become 1 unit - The DA Complex, which an advanced form of DA Synchronisation (In my fic this goes by many names, depending on which anime fangirl/guy is controlling that Angel. Misaki calls it Full Synchro, Eugenie SEED Burst and Nanoka Core Fusion) The process of doing so is rather long to explain (According to chapter order it'll take quite a while before it actually appears) The lesser version is rarer, though I might put potential abusers into the story to explore this point.
3/20/2007 #9

Can I add a suggestion on how the Angel and the Layer improve?

Well, this idea of mine came when I finished the series. It goes this way:

Icchan creates an andvanced system on playing the Angels in the Layer. The Angles could have "weapons" but these weapons means like "magical" attacks. Elemental and Supernatural Skills. Imagine Angels performing attacks from Naruto (ninjutsu/genjutsu) and Flame of Recca. Like that.

These Advanced Skills could be found at items called Crests. The Crests are like, crests. These come in different sizes and can be customized. But these Crests come form one Division and only has three Skills with one Special Skill. The Skills are related to which Diviosn the Crest came from. Example, if the Crest came from the Stealth Division, the Angel could have Skills like being able to disappear and reappear in a blink. If the Crest came from the Earth Division, then the Angel could have Skills that could create "shaking" of the Layer to unbalance the opponent. The Special Skills are Skills that could make severe damage in one hit.

To apply it to the Angel, simply place it anywhere you want it to be. You can customized it as a pair of earrings or as an ornament. Then you go to the Angel Crest Office and have your Crest code and Angel code be encoded to the Main System. Then, that's it! You can now start using your Crests.

Oh, before I forgot, to ACTIVATE it in the LAyer, you have to PUSH the pressable part of the Crest. Then, to perofrm the Skill, you have to SAY the name of the skill. You can WHISPER it as long as you SAY the name of the Skill.

So, how's that?? hope someone DARED to read can change or improve anything in my idea. Thanks!

5/24/2008 #10
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