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Maeve Donovan

Eight years ago...

Spencer Reid met Lila Archer and saved her life, it seemed that they had a very breif romance...but what if Lila wasn't the 'long lost lover' the team believes her to be? What if Lila had felt something unreplacable with Spencer, and the same for him? What if they were so certain they had something special, something so real and wonderful, that they decided to have a long distance relationship? What if they kept it secret from everyone, the team, the press, there families?

Lila and Spencer talked on the phone every night, as soon as Spencer got home, or got a brake during a case. Lila flew to Quantico once a month to visit Spencer and whenever Spencer would go to visit his mother he would visit Lila as well. The only one who knows about Spencer and Lila is Spencer's mother, Diana Reid. Lila has gone with Spencer to visit his mother before. Diana has told Spencer multiple times that he did good by dating Lila and that she's a nice girl and that she (Diana) is happy his son found some one like Lila

Well, everything was prefect...untill Lila is the traget of a killer once again, but this time, the killer doesn't want Lila, the killer wants to be Lila.

It all started because of murder, will it end the same way?

This will be a double rp, it will have some past stuff in it which will be bolded and anything that is normal will be in normal text.

Text messages and phone calls will be in italics

2/17/2013 #1
Canada Dakota Faith Haswari

(is the normal one with Alex???)(And Andrea or what???)

Spencer sighs some as he walks into the BAU

2/17/2013 #2
Maeve Donovan

(yeah, everyone is in this one, it is just mainly focused on Spencer and Lila)

Lila was still asleep (due to a time difference)

JJ was in her office

2/17/2013 #3
Canada Dakota Faith Haswari


Alex sighs,"Hey.you look tired,"she notes to Spencer

"yeah I am,"Spencer said

2/17/2013 #4
Maeve Donovan

Derek walks in, frowning some, "Hey Pretty Boy, what happened?"

2/17/2013 #5
Canada Dakota Faith Haswari

"I was having trouble sleeping,"Spencer said

2/17/2013 #6
Maeve Donovan

Derek nods

(ooo...what if it was a night that Lila came to visit?)

2/17/2013 #7
Canada Dakota Faith Haswari

(I like it!)

Spencer groans,"I need a nap,"

2/17/2013 #8
Maeve Donovan

JJ comes out, "We got a case."

Derek sighed

(me too)

2/17/2013 #9
Canada Dakota Faith Haswari

"There goes my nap,"Spencer said with a sigh

Alex gets up with her cup of coffee that she had not touched yet and hands it to Reid

2/17/2013 #10
Maeve Donovan

"You could nap on the plane." Derek said

2/17/2013 #11
Canada Dakota Faith Haswari

"Here,"Alex said

Spencer takes a sip,"Thanks Blake,"

2/17/2013 #12
Maeve Donovan

JJ goes to tell Hotch, knocking on the door

2/17/2013 #13
Canada Dakota Faith Haswari

Hotch opens the door talking to Andrea,"Miss.Jameson,yes you are ready to join the team,"he said and turns to JJ,"Hey JJ,"

2/17/2013 #14
Maeve Donovan

(Andrea has to talk to Strauss before joining the team...)

JJ smiled only slightly, "We've got a case."

2/17/2013 #15
Canada Dakota Faith Haswari

(Opps sorry forgot)

Hotch groans,"I hate my job,"he goes with JJ

2/17/2013 #16
Maeve Donovan

(its fine)

JJ nods, "Me too." she said quietly

2/17/2013 #17
Canada Dakota Faith Haswari

"Jobs suck sometimes,"Hotch said

Andrea knocks on Strusses door

2/17/2013 #18
Maeve Donovan

JJ nods

"Enter." Strauss calls loud enough for some one on the other side to hear, she was expecting it to be Hotch

2/17/2013 #19
Canada Dakota Faith Haswari

(I spelled her name wrong,lol)

Andrea enters the office

2/17/2013 #20
Maeve Donovan

(Oh, I just noticed! LOL!)

Strauss looks up, suprized to see it wasn't Hotch

"We have to fly out to L.A." JJ told Hotch and the rest of the team

2/17/2013 #21
Canada Dakota Faith Haswari

Alex nods(Amber in this?If so how old is she?)

Hotch nods

"I get a nap then,"Spencer mutters

Andrea sighs as she hands Strauss a file,"I would like to join Hotch's team ma'am,I can explain better than that file can,"

2/17/2013 #22
Maeve Donovan

(Amber is 11 in this)

JJ nods some, "Remember Lila Archer, wasn't she the one that kissed you? In the pool?" she asked

"I'm sorry, but Agent Hotchner's team is full untill further notice." Strauss said, handing the file back without even looking at it

2/17/2013 #23
Canada Dakota Faith Haswari

"Then any time would be nice ma'am,"Andrea said with a slight tone,"any time,does not even have to be the BAU.I am tired of working for the CIA in CA,"(not even sure if there is one there....LOL)

Spencer nods,"Yeah,"he said with a slight smile at that

2/17/2013 #24
Maeve Donovan

Strauss nods once, "Alright." her tone was cold and formal

"Some one seems to be stalking her again, at each crime scene there was a picture of Lila laying in the blood, and her name spelt out with blood with a small message, each murder was gruesome." JJ said

2/17/2013 #25
Canada Dakota Faith Haswari

Andrea sighs,"There is a reason I want this ma'am.To be in the BAU.To make sure no one ever thinks they need to know my past,my family,to know what I have done,"kind of hoping Strauss would ask about it but kind of not

Spencer groans,"lovely,"

2/17/2013 . Edited 2/17/2013 #26
Maeve Donovan

"Why can't you find that with another job?" Strauss asked, raising a brow

JJ nods some, handing a file to each team member

(I have a new topic up that is Case Files for the Criminal Minds rps and I posted the case file for this case up)

2/17/2013 #27
Canada Dakota Faith Haswari

(I saw)

"I get in to deep,my name slips out that it was never Andrea as a child,that I was stupid,"Andrea sighs,"this was the kind of job I was studying to be before I did something stupid,I want to be close to where I used to live,close enough without anyone knowing who I am,"Andrea said

"I am a dead man,"Spencer whispers

2/17/2013 #28
Maeve Donovan

(okay) (what is Andrea talking about? Quantico wasn't where JJ was said to have been raised in the show, and Andrea's her sister so they would've been raised in the same place, right?)

Strauss nods some

"Why?" Derek asked, looking up from the file and at Spencer

2/17/2013 #29
Canada Dakota Faith Haswari

(She feels it is closer to home then CA was.Which it is closer)

"No reason,"Spencer lies,hoping this case would be fast and that Lila would be safe

Andrea sighs as she pulls out a piece of paper with her old name and photo,"this is why I want to move from where I am at,to forget about CA and why I moved there,"Caitlin Madison Jareau was the name on the information

2/17/2013 . Edited 2/17/2013 #30
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