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Doctor Scotty
The idea is how would a character react if something happened to another character. (Subjects ,Megaman Zero major characters) [e.g how would Ciel react if Zero imploded?]' An answer would be added by the next poster. [Answer example, She would jump off a big cliff.] start now. How would Zero react if Ciel were at Neo Arcadia when Ragnorok fired? And tell me how to post without replying. (And don't be a complete idiot!)
3/3/2007 . Edited 3/4/2007 #1
[How would Zero react if Ciel were at Neo Arcadia when Ragnorok fired?] He would survive Ragnorok then come back and make himself Master Zero. He would make sure Ciel’s dream-peace and prosperity-would be realized whether the world wants it or not... ---- How would Ciel react if Zero returned from Ragnorok a week after his supposed death?
12/8/2007 #2
Doctor Scotty
Since FF boards are lacking, I'll answer. She would be overjoyed. *leaves* *How long ago was this thread posted, over a month, I know*
12/10/2007 #3
Nura Rikuo

How woul Ciel react if Zero was a human that has power of reploid.(Along with sexual organ. lol)

How would Zero react if he see Ciel n*** once.

3/31/2010 #4

So you read that fic too? I don't remember the name, and I'm too lazy to look, but it was with Ciel getting a human BF who wanted to r*** her then she broke up with him and had sex with Zero and became pregnant and there was a seperate fic for the 5th chapter that was rated M? Anyway that M-rated 5th chapter would be the answer to those two questions.

How would Zero react if he had the power to use his Z-buster again?

12/29/2010 #5
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