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How many girls do you think Sasuke will end up being involved with in Secret Treasures of the Uchiha, which is totally not a harem fic?
1 Two - Hinata will bring a friend - maybe Sakura? Who knows. Only one more.
2 Nine - Hinata is peeking out from behind a veritable pile of girls. Maybe she'll get a line or two someday.
3 Six - Are there that many females around Sasuke's age? Are we going a lot older or...thanks, Japan.
4 Eight - Wow, OK. I don't think there are this many female ninja in Naruto.
5 Three - Oh god, Hinata is outnumbered now.
6 Ten - All the girls. Ever. Anything female in Naruto is now Sasuke's. It's good to be the king.
7 Four - Welp, that's all the secondary females Sasuke's age.
8 Seven - One girl for every day of the week. Congratz?
9 One - There can only be one, and that one is obviously Hinata. Because this is not a harem fic.
10 Five - We're going to have some OCs at this point, eh?
View Poll Result. Please vote for one of the choices.

It is more likely than you think.

Vent your spleen about the travesty that is Harem fics, or suggest which insane and unrealistic relationships you want to see Sasuke get into next! Because you are all crazy, I will ignore all suggestions, especially the ones I can't anatomically perform.

I will post my thoughts on the genre, explanations of how this really isn't a harem fic, and some reduced-spoiler content on my ideas of where the romance part of this story is going. Enjoy and join in.

2/3/2013 . Edited 7/31/2013 #1

Let's talk about my fic and harems!

First question from reviews on Chapter #12:

douglas.bailey.79461/13/13 . chapter 12


Uh. OK. Less a question and more of a cry of ultimate suffering, really.

Let me try again:

Guest 1/13/13 . chapter 12

FOOUUR WIVES ohhh nooooooooo please i think this is a good idea don't ruin this fiction please


pinksamurai1014 1/13/13 . chapter 12

dont do it man don't ruin this by making it a harem!


Sadie3211/13/13 . chapter 12

It can't be true! An harem!

Perfect. I think this last one really is the best. Signed, to the point, iconic, slightly poor grammar but in a good way.

Another point:

eme 1/16/13 . chapter 13

Love the story so far. And I agree with the others. Please don't ruin a good thing with harem crap. I hate to start a good story get wrapped up in it then it go to hell and I have to stop reading... disgusted.

A fair enough point. There is more bad harem fic than almost any other genre. It is so easy and so stupid. Take a character you like, add n girls (where n is greater than one), rub them together vigorously (so hot), then declare them all in Infinite Total Love. Done.

I hate this and will never do it, unless it is for laughs in a one-shot. Promise.

But given that, this story will still have multiple people in love with Sasuke (or at least, who think they are in love with him). But remember that when this story starts, Sasuke doesn't love anyone, even himself. He will not fall in Infinite Total Love with anyone, let alone multiple annoying fangirls. The only reason he talks to Hinata at all is that she isn't one of them. She trains hard, she fights hard, and she puts up with his shit (he knows how bad he is) because she wants to become stronger.

That brings me to the next point:

douglas.bailey.79461/20/13 . chapter 14


Not sure if this is about marriage or love. I'm assuming love.

It really bugs some people when writers have characters fall in love with more than one person, strangely especially when that love is shown as being returned and accepted by all parties. Bi, straight, gay characters, they all have haters when in these relationships. And when they are written as finding a way to work out their complex relationships despite jealously, time management issues, and human beings being awful, horrible animals by design, these same people curse and scream the loudest.

Let me be very clear, I am not sure what this reviewer was saying, exactly, and I won't put words into their mouth. In general I don't get the hate for those stories and honestly think people who react that way to fiction are broken and in the wrong. I also think that reaction is both terribly sad and really, really funny, so I laugh at them too. Obviously, that kind of romantic situation happens all the time, but in "real life" it usually just ends friendships and destroys people. Wouldn't it be interesting to see how it might work if a situation or people were perfect? I enjoy a well-written story like that occasionally.

Of course, fanfic authors also have the option to make people magically in love, enslaved by cursed seals, controlled by mind jutsu, or brainwashed by demons, just to name a few options in increasing order of rapeyness. Done with the usual skill of an amateur writer, this can be gratingly plotted and horrific to read as well as morally questionable even in the best case. I've read and loved some well-written ones, so it isn't automatically a deal breaker for me.

Both of these situations, realistic attempts at multiple partner relationships and mind-control rape-fantasies, are valid choices for an author's story. I've read good things from each extreme (yes, even the "bad" extreme) and everything in between. There is nothing wrong with them inherently.

I am not writing a story like either situation, however.

This is a love story about Sasuke and Hinata, which also involves kicking people in the face, clan politics, and a crazy set of arranged marriages. It is hard to see how Sasuke will ever love someone as annoying as Sakura, but maybe he could someday be her friend. Otherwise, don't expect much from him. He's really, really badly damaged and so is Hinata, but maybe together they can survive somehow.

One last thought, something I sent the original quotation poster in response:

And then everyone goes to a hot spring and then, space for some reason. The end. Think more like this -

Kakashi: "Nee, Sasuke, what are all these frustrated looking girls doing in your house."

Sasuke: "...hn."

2/3/2013 #2

Well, posting on this forum before I post a review, btw- I was the person who voted for 4 girls in your poll. Why? Well it's in the story and I believe you when you say this ain't a harem so I'm sticking to your plot and watching you develop it. Anyways even in harem stories there are more than a few that end with one girl as the winner of the love polygon right (I think what people here fear is a Tenchi Muyo resolution where the guy does end up with every girl)? I trust you can craft a very good story, you have so far. Anyway thanks for this wonderful read and am eagerly awaiting more.

3/2/2013 #3

You troublemaker. Just kidding, I think I see what you're saying.

To cover the edge cases, Sasuke is going to kiss someone other than Hinata (and Naruto, ha!) at some point, somehow, somewhere. So. Will. Hinata. Sasuke isn't going to be chased by the entire female population of Konoha and/or end up in bed with the same. And, err, neither will Hinata...

Will some readers be mad by the time we get to the end? Oh yeah. This isn't a hardcore SasuHina only, alpha-to-omega, ultra-magically-enforced-monogamy, soul bond, romance/comfort fic -- never was. Will Hinata be better off at the end (which I've already written) than in canon? Hell yeah.

Everyone worried about this should think about why an active kunoichi needs a husband or even a clan in the first place. They aren't really the barefoot and pregnant types, you know? So think emotional and family support, improved trust and teamwork, and basic physical security.

Thanks for the support Danish78. Hope to have the next (late) chapter up soonish.

3/2/2013 #4

Haha!! Great to see I got my point across. I have absolutely no problems with the direction you're taking your story to as I don't have an OTP (prefer SH but not absolutely). The minor spoilers (kissing and what not) are appreciated, but as I said earlier I'll just patiently wait for your next chapters and hope for more of the nice mix of action, drama and humor to continue.

A minor quibble I have is your portrayal of Ino as a ditzy, no-talent fangirl. Still, I guess it's just a minor preference of mine to have her seen as at least a competent part of the InoShikaCho trio much like she is in current manga canon. Please disregard if it hinders your story's plot progression though. I'm still very much interested in how your story unfolds. Keep it up, thanks and good day! ;D

3/6/2013 #5

Totally on board with your Ino complaint. Just remember that that was Sasuke Vision (TM). She was actually putting up a brave face and was really worried about Sakura, but Ino's default action is flirting. Don't trust Sasuke Vision (TM) for accurate information on anything female. You'll see more ProfessionalIno in the next (very late) chapter. I think you'll like.

Sakura, on the other hand, may be a lost cause without some serious intervention. She's got...issues.

3/6/2013 #6

Gotcha. Got sucked in by that Sasukevision (TM). Haha! I guess I got carried away with that remark so I apologize. It's just that a lot of fanfics tend to alter some characters too much to fit their story and they become poorly disguised bashing fics which I'm kinda tired of reading. Glad this ain't turning into that. As long as there is logical progression in your story's plot be it power/romance/politics it will be much appreciated. Thanks for addressing my concerns! So far out of the alternate outcome Naruto fanfics I'm reading yours is a very clear favorite. Waiting patiently for your next chapter. Good day! ;D

P.S. In regards to Sakura, well can't complain much there, I try to stay neutral with her as apparently it's only in fanfiction that she gets to shine (Talk about being thrown under a bus by Kishimoto, sheesh).

3/8/2013 #7

Been a long time. Woo. New chapter going up now. Another one next week. I'll take another editing run at it tomorrow and I'll also be answering review questions in this forum later in the week.

5/19/2013 #8

Ha, actually posted this in the wrong forum. In my own forums.Sigh. Well, Chapter 22 is still more proof that it isn't a harem fic. So there.

5/20/2013 #9
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