Gargoyles Dark Ages roleplay
For people who like Gargoyles and the early medieval times.
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This roleplay shall depict the time from the middle 900s until 1057 at max. Remember the events that took place in this time range when writing here, I want this to be as canon as possible. If you are unsure, look it up at GargWiki.

If you want to be a Garg:

- Do not use a name, especially not a human name. If you really want to use one, give a very good explanation why you have it.

- Don't act, think and talk like a human. That includes facial expressions, gestures, sounds, use of objects like weapons, clothes, eating habits etc. Kissing is not normal. You have a keen sense of smell and hearing and pay attention to them.

- You don't know your biological parents and are also not interested in who they are. Your whole clan are your parents and siblings.

- You don't change your mate, unless something extremely unusual happens (like it did for Goliath and Demona).

- Beauty isn't about cutesy stuff.

If you want to be a human:

- Try to avoid modern terms.

- Don't forget that some things didn't exist in medieval times Europe (potatoes, tomatos, corn, gummy, plastic....), and others were uncommon (paper).

- Sorcerers tend to be feared, unless they work for the benefit of people like the king himself.

If you want to be a Child of Oberon:

- Oberon is not your daddy, he's only your ruler.

- You are already not allowed to interfere directly into the affairs of mortals around this time. You may interfere indirectly, though (think about it carefully).

- Fay may be a suitable term for some members of the Third Race, but don't forget that there are lots of members who have nothing to do with what we know as "fay".

- Being not vulnerable to iron automatically makes you a Mary Sue / Gary Stu.

In general:

- Don't kill someone without their agreement.

- Nobody forces you to use a Scottish accent although it looks cool. Write the way you like as long as you remember that you play a figure in medieval times.

- No sexual content (you may hint it, but don't write porn here!)

- There's no limit for word or sentence count, but please post more than 1 word. It's simple.

- You may post multiple times for different characters. That means you could post 10 times in a row if you have different characters interacting. You can even put their actions in one post, but if you do so, make a clear separation between them. Take care for other users being faster, though. It's probably better to make only one post if there's much posting going on in a short time.

- When using original characters, follow the rules for the three races above.

- When using a character from the show, depict them like they were in the show. (as far as possible)

- Using content from the SLG comics is highly encouraged. You are NOT allowed to use any content from the Marvel Comics, The Goliath Chronicles and the Gargoyles Saga.

Okay, that's all for now!

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I accept

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