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This is for actual roleplay posts. The posts here must be in-character and following the rules.

2/19/2013 #1

Castle Wyvern, summer 980

The slender ochre-colored Gargoyle was sitting on a windowsill before the Great Hall. Prince Malcolm was holding a small feast that night, the smell of food and drink filled the air; the humans were talking and laughing and in a corner of the hall there was a juggler handling 8 balls at once.

Nobody seemed to notice the Gargoyle as he watched the feast. He kind of wished that he could have been a part of it, just to drink some of the good smelling wine and have some fun, but he knew that most of the people in that room would have been very upset to have him near themselves. Not Malcolm, though, but that wasn't enough.

He turned his face away from the room and looked at the night sky where some of his rookery brothers and sisters were gliding before the moon.

2/19/2013 . Edited 2/19/2013 #2

A Gray Female gargoyle was gliding around when she saw her ocher colored rookery brother watching the small Feast threw a window, but had a disappointed look on his face. Knowing something was wrong, she glided down to him and latched onto the stone wall. with her claws, next to him.

"What is Wrong?" The gray gargoyle asked her rookery brother.

These two gargoyles where very close to one another. When ever one had a problem the other would always be there to help.

2/19/2013 #3

"Hey, sister." The Swift One gave the grey female a little smile. "Well, I... it's the old problem. I wish I could go into that hall and have some fun." He didn't mention the wine which made him almost drool when he only thought of it. "But what are you doing tonight? Maybe I'll come with you."

2/19/2013 #4

"Yeah, it would be nice to have a little fun with the Humans. I was just gliding around, trying to find something to do." She sighed, running a clawed hand threw her midnight hair.

"We could train, if you want."

The gray gargoyle was always up for training, but training alone got very boring very easily.

2/19/2013 #5

"Training? That means you would be bothering me with your whip. That thing kind of scares me... at least a little bit." He laughed. "But allright, let's go!"

They glided down from the great hall and into the castle courtyard. There was a lot of room here. When they looked around they could see two old Gargbeasts chasing around each other as if they were still puppies. When the beasts saw the two Gargoyles they ran to them and began to grunt and shove their flanks against the legs of the Gargoyles.

The ochre Gargoyle patted them on their heads. "You two are so jittery tonight. How about staying with us while we train a bit?"

2/19/2013 #6

"Yeah, you guy can watch as I beat this boy here." The gray gargoyle giggled at the glare the Ocher gargoyle gave her.

The two gargoyles beast barked happily, both running to the side away from the battle to watch. The two gargoyles stood a few feet from each other, and begun to circle around one another.

"You better not go easy on me cause I'm younger, and a girl."

2/19/2013 #7

The beasts watched, their ears twitching now and then, as the two Gargoyles circled each other.

"I don't have any weapons", the Swift One said, "but I also don't need any!" He made a quick jump before the female, and she reacted surprisingly fast as he swung his clawed hands before her - it ended in them both brandishing their hands at each other wildly for only a few moments until she succeeded in grabbing his right wrist. It was a pretty firm grip she had for a girl. But that wasn't enough for him to give up. The next second he swung his tail to her feet and brought her to fall. But she quickly got up again.

2/19/2013 #8

Wanting to get so distance She did a back flip-having her tail hit him under his chin, pushing him back a bit. When she landed on her feet, she pulled her whip out, making a a harsh snapping sound in the air. With a flick of her wrist, the whip wrapped around the know standing ocher gargoyle, but he quickly jumped into the air. Before she lost her whip, she flicked her wrist again, make the whip un-wrap itself around his ankle. Quickly getting into a defense stance, she knew he was stronger, but maybe is she wore him out a little, she could beat him.

2/19/2013 #9

She obviously wanted some action. He already felt the burning of her whip on his body here and there, but these had been no real lashes, not what she really would have been able to do with this thing. Anyway, he didn't want to spend the rest of the night with bruises all over, so he made some quick jumps to avoid her whip. He was more into quick movement than into real combat, some Gargs of the clan even said that he "moved like a thief". The beasts still watched in obvious amazement. Finally, the Swift One stepped on the whip when she tried to hit his legs and held it on the ground. He grabbed it, rolled it up and threw it back to her.

"Enough for tonight", he said. "I'm really hungry". His skin was dusty all over, and so was hers.

2/20/2013 #10

"Thanks for the fight, Hope I didn't hurt you to bad." She caught the rolled up whip, securing it to her side once again.

"You guy want to come with us?" She looked to the two gargoyle beast, who had came to their side, seeing that the battle had ended.

2/20/2013 #11

The Gargs headed back towards the castle and started to climb up the wall. The beasts followed them, climbing up the wall as well. They stepped through a window and went to the storage chamber to get something to eat. The food storage was full with a mix of food the humans and the Gargoyles gathered, and most of the meat there had been hunted by the latter.

The Swift One grabbed a big ham that hung from the ceiling and gave it to the beasts. They started to eat it quickly. He, on the other hand, didn't like meat and took a piece of bread and some cheese instead.

"I wonder how long Malcolm's feast is going to last this night", the Swift One said as he thought about the wine again. Would have been good with that cheese, probably. "I saw this old, black-bearded soldier in the hall again. Malcolm had warned me that this man was quite vitriolic about us Gargoyles."

2/20/2013 #12

"Yeah I saw him looking out one of the windows while I was gliding. It felt like he was looking right at me." Midnight popped a few grapes into her mouth.

"I'm sure we can handle anything that Human can throw at us. Plus Prince Malcolm keeps a very good eye on his soldiers. So do not worry my brother." She placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"Hey, when were done, we should go prank some of the other gargoyles, it will be fun!"

2/20/2013 #13

"I... I think I'm a bit too old for this, don't you think?", he said, scratching his beard, but he mainly was not in the mood to make any trouble this night. It wasn't this old soldier that scared him, but he suddenly remembered something from his childhood. He sighed and stroked the red male gargbeast's head.

It had been peaceful for so long. But he knew that after a while of peace trouble was always approaching, and he would not want to be the one causing it.

Some soldiers wandered along the corridor. They gave the Gargs inside the room a sceptical look, but didn't do anything and continued their walk. They were soldiers from this castle, after all - maybe not the best friends of the Gargs, but tolerating them at least.

2/20/2013 . Edited 2/20/2013 #14

When the soldiers had passed, the she gargoyle Glared. She did not like the humans much, she could only tolerate a few of them. Seeing more then one of them really got under her skin. Quickly walking to the window she jumped on the ledge.

"Some thing came up. If you need me, you know how to find me." With said, She jumped from the window and glided into the night sky.

Once finding a nice secluded tower, she landed. Pulling a hand made wooden flute, that she made, she sat on the ledge and began to play a soft melody. Playing the flute was the only way for her to relax and clear her mind of the hate for the humans. Seeing as how they always found her melodies quite Soothing.

As she begun to play things in the castle became quite as many begun to listen to the beautiful melody they heard.

2/20/2013 #15

Not far from the tower the melody was coming from, a Green gargoyle with A Scar over his eye was out looking the land scape when they soothing sound hit his ears.

"She has become quite good with that." He looked to see many other gargoyles had stopped what they where doing, just to listen to her play.

2/21/2013 #16

She was playing her flute again. She always did that when she was upset, and it was surprising what fine tunes she was able to play despite the mood she usally was in when playing. He listened to her from the small window of the food chamber for some moments, then he went into the corridor and walked to the next window that was big enough to let him through. From there, he spread his wings and got into the air. The beasts had long left him now that they were sated, back on their own ways around the castle.

He glided back to the windows of the Great Hall. Malcolm's feast was over, the guests had left and the room currently cleaned by two servants.

"It seems Katharine can't find her golden tiara", one of the servants said. "She looked really upset when it wasn't on the cabinet next to her bed..."

"What's the problem?", the other servant asked.

"She's sure that someone stole it. Maybe one of the guests." The first servant picked up some stripped bones that were scattered around the floor. "Stupid, if you ask me. How should they have been able to get to her room?"

"An why should one of them even do that?"

The Swift one had heard enough. He had a really bad feeling about this, and he left the windowsill again.

2/21/2013 . Edited 2/21/2013 #17

She knew playing would help her feel better. When the melody ended she placed tied the flute back around her thy. Looking down into the castle, she saw four figures in black clocks talking to an old Guard with a Black Beard.

'That's the Guard My brother was talking about. And by the look of those clocked figures, this does not look good.' Jumping from the tower The beaked female gargoyle took to the air in search for her Rookery bother, to let him know what she had seen.

2/21/2013 #18

The two Gargoyles met again in mid air and landed on a quiet tower.

"What's happening down there?", the Swift One asked, worry in his voice. "These are definitely not nice guys..." And he thought again about his suspicion. Before the female could say anything, he said: "Listen, you most promise me something. Don't follow me. I have something to do. But keep an eye on these wretches."

2/21/2013 #19

"Your not going to do anything that gets you trouble, are you?" Worry filled her voice. Tho she was younger, she really connected with the ochre gargoyle, and didn't want him to get in trouble, or worse, hurt.

2/21/2013 #20

"No, don't worry", he said. "I just want to be sure about something. The sooner, the better. I'll come back soon!"

He had to leave before he became so nervous that he told her about his suspicion, and that could have caused much more problems than necessary. So he glided away, searching for that certain one. He knew the small mountain ledge beneath the castle that had often been a hiding place for that one, it was impossible to see it from above. The Swift One had promised "him" that he would never tell anyone about this place. If the red one was anywere now, this was the most likely place to find him.

2/21/2013 #21

"Be careful." She whispered as she watched him glide away. Looking back to the group She saw the old Guard was alone now, and walking into an opening in the tallest tower. Quickly she jumped from the tower she was on and glided over to the Tower the guard had vanished in. Seeing no one in sight, she landed on the ground and quietly followed the old guard,

2/21/2013 #22

He landed on the ledge and looked around. There, cowered behind a rock, the red one was. He looked tinier than usual, his eyes wide open and he made the impression of someone who had seen something terrible - or was very scared.

"Oh, it's you", the red one said when he saw the swift one.

"Yes. Don't worry, I made sure nobody's following me. So, did you steal that thing from Katharine or not?" The Swift One tried to sound as gentle as possible.

The Red One didn't answer. He just slowly put a hand behind his back, and then he showed something to the Swift One. It was indeed the tiara.

"Oh, you fool, I knew it!", the Swift One hissed. "This has to stop, boy! What do we do now?"

"I'm... I'm sorry..." the Red One said nervously. "You know, I can't resist glittery things, her window was open and I... I just took it."

"You have to give it back to her! If she finds out what happened we will have the biggest trouble ever! She doesn't like us, we don't need her to think that we are even thieves! And there's also something going on with this black-bearded soldier, you know... if he hears about what you've done..."

2/21/2013 #23

'I have a bad feeling about this.' The gray gargoyle thought as she walked through the dark hallway.

"My My, What a pretty gargoyle you are." Two of the clocked figure from before appeared in front of her. She growled lowly, her eyes glowing white.

"What are you Doing here?" From the corner of her eyes she saw two more clocked figures behind her.

"We could ask you the same thing Gargoyle. I know one of you took the Princess's tiara." An old deep voice spoke out, The old guard stepped out of the shadows, an wicked smirk on his face. Seeing that smirk and the evil look in his eyes sent a shiver down her spine.

"Non of my Brothers or sisters would very steal! We are taught not to steal nor harm any Human unless necessary!" She knew something was bad was going to happened, but she would stand her ground.

2/21/2013 #24

"But how should I give it back to her without anyone noticing?", the Red One asked.

"The same way you took it", the Swift One said.

"Her room is probably full of people now! I mean... this isn't a ... a piece of wood or something. And I don't want to meet her in the mood she must currently be in."

Of course the Swift One understood the younger Gargoyle's problem. That boy had been after glittery things since he left the rookery, he collected stones, coins, anything. But this was just too much. "Come with me", the ochre Garg said. "I promise I'll not cause you trouble. We'll just try to put that thing back where it belongs, okay?"

The Red One looked very sceptical for a few moments, but then he said: "Allright.... let's try it."

2/21/2013 #25

"Is that so?" With on sift move, Two thick chains wrapped around the female gargoyle.

"What Is the Meaning of this?" She yelled, she temper starting to rise as she struggled against the chains.

"As you know I don't care much for your kind. so for the past few years I have been luring just one of you a least twice a year to this abandon tower. You weaker gargoyles are so easy to trick." The old Guard, brought out a newly sharp sword and placed it close to her neck.

"Why not just destroy us during the day?"

"Why that would be two easy, and suspicious. Plus this is more fun."

Well I have bad news for you. I Am Not Weak!!" With a flick of her tail, she was able to knock on the the clocked figures to the ground, losing his grip on his chain. With out the tightness of one chain, The gray gargoyle was able to spread her wings, breaking free from her binds, Causing the old guard to stumble back.

Seeing an open window, she ran and jumped out it, catching the wind under her wings. As she began to glide, a Sharp pain erupted from her right wing, causing her to lose her balance and fall harshly to the ground, on the out side of the castle next to the ledge.

2/21/2013 #26

A thumb sounded from the edge where the sea roared. Both Gargoyles turned their heads to where the sound had come from. The Swift One saw the form of a crashed Gargoyle, and then he realized it was his grey friend.

"Wait", he quickly said to the Red One, and with a much fainter voice: "... and hide that thing." He then jumped to the female Garg.

"What happened to you?", he said loudly. She wasn't hurt badly, but she seemed overanxious, and there was an arrow sticking in her right wing. The membrane was bleeding there and was slightly ripped. He grabbed the arrow, slightly panicking. "Say, who did this?"

2/21/2013 . Edited 2/21/2013 #27

"It was that Old Guard you were worried about." She sat up and winched slightly when he gripped the arrow.

"Do you remember the six gargoyles that went missing over the past three years?"

2/21/2013 #28

"But how could this happen? I thought Prince Malcolm had kept an eye on him. And attacking one of us in this castle, pretty much under the eyes of the Prince.... this is ... bold." The Swift One pulled the arrow out of the wing which was easy since the wound was already bigger than the arrow itself. But it looked more dangerous than it actually was, a day of sleep would be enough to heal it.

"What? Do you want to say that he has something to do with this?"

2/21/2013 #29

"Yes! He told me him self! He has been luring the weaker gargoyles into one of the abandon towers. When in there, he has those clocked humans appear, wrapping very strong chains around them so that cant get anywhere." Her yelling soon became a whisper.

"I know this because I followed him into the tower and was almost captured myself. I should have come looking for you, but you made me promise not to follow. You believe me, right?" She took her gaze from the ground and looked into the Ochre gargoyles eyes.

2/21/2013 #30
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