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"You are not even mature!" The Swift One's voice was getting louder, but he wasn't angry, only helpless. "How do you want to survive?"

"I'm a good hunter, and I'm not stupid", the Red One said. His voice was almost a whisper. "I'm sorry..." He jumped from the rock ledge and let himself fall down far enough to almost touch the sea, then he caught an updraft.

The Swift One jumped to the edge, his claws scraped the stone, then he jumped into the air too, following the Red One.

"Leave me alone!", the Red One called. "It's my own choice!" He tried to glide faster and rushed around the cliff.

When the Swift One took the same way, his heart pounding as if it would burst, he could not see the Red One anywhere. Just the roaring sea under himself, his own shadow on the waves, the empty cliff with all its ledges and pinnacles, and the castle towering above all that.

"Come back!", he yelled. But there was no answer.

He glided back to the ledge where they both had talked, and he was trembling all over.

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'Where are they?' Midnight thought as she Glided over the cliff. While the gargoyle and prince where busy talking, she had left in search for her two brothers. She was about to turn back when she heard a sorrow cry from below. Looking down she saw the figure of a gargoyle sitting in front of an open cavern in the Cliff. Not thinking twice she dived down, landing a few feet away from the ocher gargoyle. When she landed she knew something was wrong, for her brother was visibly trembling all over.

"Brother, What is wrong?" The female rushed to her brother's side, placing a clawed hand on his shacking shoulder.

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"The... the young red one! He just ...." The Swift One took a deep breath. "He fled again." He sighed. It sounded so stupid, but it was only the truth. "He just glided away and then he was gone. I tried to hold him back, but I failed...."

He slowly stopped trembling. Should they search for the Red One? He wasn't sure - the Red One would not want it and what he had said was also true.

"He's so afraid... of himself. Nobody would have banished him, but he wanted to banish himself..."

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This shocked Midnight, her own Rookery brother had banished himself over one little thing? "We have to find him! We'll tell the clan leader that he was so scared that he glided away. He is still as young as me, he can't be alone right now! How knows what could happened! I for one am not letting another clan member be harmed as long as I live!"

Her eyes where full of determination a she stood in front of her brother. Hoping he would agree with her.

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The Red One was sitting inside a small rock cave when the Swift One yelled at him to come back. The young Gargoyle skidded deeper into the hidden cleft. What a good thing that he had found it only recently... it was extremely narrow, but a good hiding spot. It was only visible when someone looked up from above, maybe from a boat. But he couldn't stay here, the cliffs were well known by the clan and sooner or later someone would find him there.

Once he couldn't see and hear the Swift One anymore, he left the small cave. He felt stupid. Everything was so stupid, and he already had a feeling that he had made a whole string of unnecessary mistakes. But how could a cleptomaniac Garg keep the peace at the castle when it was so shaky already? The Red One wasn't stupid - the old guard's doings were pretty much a complot against all peace-loving people in this castle, including the prince himself.

He left the castle behind him, always looking carefully for other gliding Gargoyles, and headed towards the forest. Once he had reached it he dived down into it. A forest was a better hiding place than the open sky.


"You are right, we can't leave him alone." The Swift One looked at her. His stomach hurt. "But I can imagine how he will feel when a whole band of Gargoyles suddenly comes to him, he will be sure that they found out what he did. It's probably better when we search for him alone, and if we are unsuccessful, we can tell the others."

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A Small smile shown on the gray gargoyle beak. "Understood, Let us go to Prince Malcolm inform him what is going on, then tell the clan leader." She then grabbed his hand with her own small one. "We Will Find him, and we will bring him back."

Deep with in the forest, Four clocked human figures stood in a circle. Each having the clock of the hood over their head so you could only see from their noise to their chin.

"Gergor has been captured, and now those monsters all know what we have been accomplishing the past three years." A Clocked figure with a deep voice explained.

"All we have to do is sneak in there and free him. Then continue some where else." A Female spoke out.

"It's not that simple. With those Monsters knowing, they are probably just waiting for us to show up!" The tallest clocked figure yelled.

"We can sneak pass them like we have many time before! That is what we were trained to do for many years!" The Female voice yelled.

"If they catch us, all are hard work will have been for not!" The Deeper voice yelled.

As the three argued, the Fourth Clocked figure stood arms crossed as he watched the three act like children. It was starting to give him a massive head-ack.

"Enough!!!" Hearing this cause the three other clocked figures to stop and looked to him.

"Arguing is Pathetic and a Waist of Time!!" The fourth figure yelled. Taking a deep breath he quickly calmed him self. "Gergor told us this would happen, and what to do. We will get him out, but in time. Right now know we need to stay focused on the Task at hand. It is time we gather the other and finish off these gargoyles once and for all."

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The Red One walked trough the nightly summer forest, sometimes on all fours, sometimes upright. He was very alert. He was already pretty deep inside when he suddenly heard human voices. At first he couldn't believe his ears. He cowered on all fours again and started to crawl nearer to the voices, carefully hiding himself in the undergrowth. From what he heard it would be a good idea to stay hidden.

Finally he was near enough to see them. Four cloaked humans. They were standing on a small glade, hidden inbetween huge, old oaks. A perfect hideaway, far away from the castle and undisturbed from anyone who didn't know about it. If the Gargoyle ears weren't so keen, he wouldn't have found them either.

'How could they get past the castle guards?', he thought. The main reason why he was in the forest was forgotten.


"Malcolm doesn't need to know about this yet", the Swift One said. "But the leader... yes, it would be a good idea to tell him, now with all this dangerous stuff going on."

They searched for the bearded old leader who kept watch on the biggest tower. "Leader, we have something to tell you", the Swift One started. "A young Gargoyle fled because he was so scared of the things we found out. We will go to search for him."

The leader turned around, somewhat sceptical looking. "Thanks for telling me. Go search for him. But why do you want to go alone? If you take more warriors with you, you will find him faster, probably."

The Swift One thought about something. "Well, we think that he's in his little hiding place not many know, and he wouldn't be happy if someone else found it." That wasn't entirely true, but at least it wasn't a complete lie since such a hiding place indeed existed in the form of the mountain ledge.

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"He is right, we are the only two who my rookery brother trust. We will do what ever it takes to bring him back." Midnight said. The clan leader was silent, before nodding his head in understanding.

"Be careful lad and lass. Those humans, who are working with that old guard is still out there."

"We will." Midnight gave the leader a hug, who returned it right away.

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The Swift One was sure that the young one was not at the castle anymore, but it was impossible to find out the exact direction he had taken. The land around the castle was wild and full of rocks, caves and deep dark forests.

The two had taken some food with them since they were expecting a long and exhausting search. They didn't even look around the castle and the cliff since it was extremely unlikely that the young one would be anywhere near it. It was always the same with that one - he was very smart, but also acted very impulsively. But if the Swift One had known that something like that would happen he would have taken much better care for the young one since a long time.


The Red One was still hiding in the bushes near the cloaked humans. He tried to figure out in which exact region of the big forest he was.

One of the four blackguards suddenly took out a leather bag and handed it to one of the others. "Here's the payment for our friendly gatekeeper", he said.

The one that seemed to be female took the bag. "What? It is as heavy as the biggest ham in my kitchen!", she said with surprise and seemed slightly upset.

"Well, he demands more now that these things happened", the other one said. "Can't blame him for it. All the danger... Other than that, it's not your money and therefore not your problem."

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The cloaked women put the leather bag in her cloak, then she slowly back into the shadows, disappearing out of sight.

"We should get going our self's, who knows if there are any gargoyles lurking in this forest. The tallest cloaked figure stated, looking around. Suddenly and loud snapping of a few twigs caught their attention, looking in the direction of the darkest part of the forest.

The two gargoyles landed right at the forest entrance.

"I hope he's alright." The gray gargoyle whispered, fixing the strap on her shoulders, that head a brown leather bag with some supplies.

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The Red One was shocked when he heard the snapping of the twigs, thinking it had been himself at first, but instead it was a pine marten that moved quickly through the tree above him. But that harmless animal had such a bad timing; now the remaining three humans looked at the spot were the Gargoyle was sitting. He slowly took some steps back, very careful.

"Just a marten", one of the humans said. "For a moment I thought someone was observing us..." The animal stared at him, then it jumped to the next tree.

The Red One was almost about to make a loud relieved sigh but pulled himself together. He was so lucky that human eyes were so bad! He continued to watch the three figures which now took some things out of a hole in one of the huge oaks and then left the glade. He was thinking about following them, but instead he waited until they were gone and started to explore the glade.


They first walked along the forest path but quickly left it, carefully looking around and listening to all the nightly sounds, trying to filter a sign of the young one from all the impressions. Suddenly they saw a shadow moving quickly through the undergrowth; it had the size and form of a human but was covered in a dark cloak.

The Swift One reacted fastly. He jumped to the human and grabbed him, removing the cloak from his - or better her - head. It was a woman that looked at him in shock, but the shock didn't last long: he felt a heavy pain between his ribs and broke down.

"That's for touching me, monster", the woman said huskily. The Swift One held his chest, kneeing on the soft ground and saw a quick silver glimmer when the woman put her dagger back.

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"NO!!" Rage filled the gray female as she saw the human women stab her brother. Eye glowing a light violet, Midnight tackled the women to the ground, but was flipping in the process, landing on her back. She quickly got up on all fours, growling at the blond human, who had also stood, dagger in hand. The circled one another, both their bodies filled with rage, ready to kill.

"I'm going to get rid of you once and for all!" The women yelled, running at high speed towards midnight. When she was only a few inches away, the gray gargoyle jumped into the air, hitting the woman's hand, hard with her tail, knocking the dagger away. Landing quickly, Midnight pulled out her whip and with a flick of her wrist, wrapped it tightly around the blond women, bounding her arms to her side. With one tug, the women was on the ground face first, trying to get out of her binding, but failed.

"Are you alright?!" Midnight looked to her brother, placing her left foot on the woman's back, making sure she would not leave.

3/7/2013 #72

Despite his hurting and bleeding wound he was very impressed how fast the fight was over once the whip was called into action. And soon the woman was lying on the ground, bound by the whip.

"I will survive", the Swift One said. His voice was not as powerful as usual, but at least he didn't spit blood. The dagger seemed to have missed important internal organs, luckily.

"But this woman... I think I've seen her before. I just can't remember where..." He felt a bit dizzy because of the shock and couldn't think clear enough. "We... need to ask her some questions while we can."


When looking into the oak with the hole, the Red One was not really surprised to find a whole arsenal of supplies, but he still felt excited when looking through all the stuff. He found some small weapons, two other cloaks that were folded, a wineskin, medicine for treating wounds and a little sortiment of picklocks. The picklocks alone, of course, would not help the villains to get past the castle guards, so he figured that these were for opening other types of doors. And who was the "gatekeeper"? The Red One was pretty sure that it wasn't simply one of the normal guards that watched over the main gate. It would be far too suspicious for these guys to simply walk through the main gate over and over again.

He was thinking about taking some of the things with him, especially the picklocks were interesting. But he hesitated.

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After making sure the women was tied tightly to a tree, and making sure she had no weapons on her. Midnight had begun to slowly wrap her brothers wound as the sat only a few feet away from the human. "Are you sure you're alright brother? She got you pretty good." She stated wrapping another layer over the other two, which already seeped with blood. Trying her best to ignore the struggling and grunting human.

When the female gargoyle finished, her attention went right to the human. "You know she will not tell us anything willingly."

3/24/2013 #74

"Thank you", he said after that. "It stings like hell, but I think it feels worse than it is..." He wasn't sure about that, but what else should he do? And he slowly remembered where he had seen the woman before.

"She works in the kitchen", he said. "I believe she's the one caring for the game the humans bring in from time to time.... no wonder she's that good with... pointy things." But then he felt dizzy again and sat on the ground. Hopefully that feeling wouldn't last long. 'I can't wait for morning', he thought and took a deep breath - which gave him another stinging pain.

"Hey, woman!", he then shouted to the human that was tied to the tree. "What were you doing in the forest?"

3/24/2013 #75

"Like I'll tell you monsters!" The women yelled, glaring daggers at the two gargoyles. When she saw the uncomfortable look in the ocher colored gargoyle, her angered frown turned into a smirk, a small chuckle escaped her lips. It was not long before that small chuckle turn into a full blown evil laugh.

"What the Hell are you laughing about!?" The beaked female gargoyle yelled, her eyes glowing a light purple with a low threatening growl. The human women just continued to laugh.

"It would seem that my poison is finally taking affect." The women laughing was now only its small chuckle from before. "My own mix too, He wont even make it to sunrise."

"No..." Midnight's eyes went back to there normal black color, her full attention on her now slowly dying brother. Her body began to shake, eyes filled with fear. The fear was quickly replaced with rage. In a blink of an eye, midnight was in front of the human, her talons wrapped tightly around her neck. Midnight's glowing eyes stared deep into the shocked eyes of the humans, but they quickly turned into amusement, not care that she was being chocked by the reached female gargoyle.

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The Red One was still at the glade, looking through the stuff he had found. In the medicine box were several pug bottles. Each of them had a marking in a different color, but he wasn't able to identify any - they were probably only identifiable for the blackguards that had their hiding place here. He opened one bottle and sniffed. Nothing interesting, indeed just some type of medical elixir - a stinging smell, but nothing suspicious. Another bottle gave a pretty similar smell. But when he opened one with a red marking he almost threw it away in shock - it smelled sour, almost like dead flesh.

'That's either rotten or it's no medicine', he thought. He then put the bottle back and didn't open any more, but had a feeling that not everything in this box was medicine.


"Don't kill her!", the Swift One exclaimed. He felt a bit better after the last wave of dizziness.

"She's probably just bluffing", he said. "There's no poison.... she's just trying to scare us..." He got up and walked to her. The female Gargoyle was still next to the human, trying to control her own rage.

He then stood face to face with the woman, very cautious. "How long have you been into this?", he asked with a cold voice.

"Long enough", she answered and chuckled.

"Listen, you have no chance anyway - we could just tear your head off, but that won't bother you, am I right? You can't talk about secrets anymore with your head teared off, after all."

"Correct", she said. "So don't waste your time. You have so little left." She laughed again.

'Her dagger', he thought. 'I need to see her dagger to find out if she really poisoned me.' But where did it fall? He scanned the forest floor with his eyes. There, a little shimmer in the grass. He rushed to the place, picked the dagger up and sniffed. A very faint sour whiff came to his nose. Poison? Or just something harmless?

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Meanwhile Patrick and his Adopted father were ridding to Castle Wythern to accept the vacant post of court Wizard left by the Archmage's Exile. "May I ask as to why you are doing this father?" Patrick asked. "Well son, The King worries for the safety of Prince Malcom and Princess Katheryn, and I have grown tired of Traveling." He explained. "Not only that son, the castle is guarded by gargoyles and well I hope they can help you by teaching you things I cannot." He added.

Soon they arrived at the Castle gates.

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