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Love Interest- If any

2/20/2013 #1

Race- Gargoyle


Name- her name will be Faith

Heritage- Hatched when the trio did, very close to

Abilities- able to read and Play a wooden flute

Weakness- When in raged she acts before she thinks.

Appearance- She is a little shorter the Brooklyn, with gray colored skin, the out side of her wings are black while the inside are midnight blue. She has Pointed ears, each have three small earrings in them, a slightly rigged brow, and small beak like mouth. Her hair was a sort of like Demona's but was white with 1 inch red tips that reached her waist, and with slight puffy bangs covering her eyes slightly. Her eyes where a black color.

She wears a Black top that went just past her rib cage, held with on strap over her right shoulder. A black skirt went from her hips to the middle of her thigh before it slanted left, ending just below her knee. The skirt being held by a silver rope tied around her waist.

2/20/2013 #2
Race- Gargoyle Gender- Female Name- Revis Heritage- Italian Abilities- Normal Gargoyle abilities as well as a powerful Sonic Shriek that shatters her opponents' ears and makes them weak. All Italian Female Gargoyles possess this gift. Weakness- The sun, and has a bad tendency toggrowl in a threatening way when highly annoyed. Appearance- Has a creamy green skin, like Princess Tiana's dress, with little horns above her eye ridges like Angela's. Has shoulder blade length pitch black hair that she lets hang free but likes to keep it up when working on something, its swung to the side. She has black webbed wings like Lexington. She usually dresses in a black corset with a dark green skirt like Demona's and a black belt that is slung across her hips loosely. Her eyes a as black as her hair. Love Interest- Goliath
2/20/2013 #3

Race- Gargoyle


Name- Will Be Vince

Heritage- Hatched at the Castle in 938.

Abilities: able to pin point pressure points, Very good at hand to hand combat

Weakness: Pretty female Gargoyles, not listening to orders very well

Appearance- Has Brooklyn's Built, but slightly stronger and is as tall as Goliath. His facial features normal with a rigged brow, and two horns coming from his head like Brooklyn's His skin Color was a dark green, His wings were on his back, the inside and out side of them the color black along with his eyes. His hair was a dark brown and was short and messy.

He wears a black Lon Cloth with a black and gold buckle belt around his waist. Wears a shoulder and breast plate on his right side, with a black strap.

2/20/2013 #4
I forgot to adon Revis' sheet, she is as tall as Angela, and she is as wise as she is beautiful and combatant. Race- Gargoyle Gender- Male Name(s)- Antonio and Giovanni Heritage- Both Italian twins hatched from the same egg a few years after Goliath. Rev was hatched in their same generation, in secret each one was hatched to the same parents, the Leader of the Clan and his mate. Abilities- Antonio is more of a laid back guy who prefers to eat pasta and watch the night time sky. Giovanni goes out and explores like a little child would, he's just as giddy. Weaknesses- Antonio has a strong weakness for spaghetti pasta, Giovanni has a weakness for danger. Appearance(s)- They both look incredibly similar to Revis, but their skin is a little darker and their wings aren't webbed like her's. They dress in black loincloths, with a black waistband on each of their right wrists. Their hair goes barely past their shoulders, they choose to cut it whenever they feel it gets too long. They both are pure tricksters when they want to be. Love Interest(s)- Antonio is still searching for someone, Giovanni thinks he's in love with Demona.
2/20/2013 #5

Race: Human

Name: Crysta


Gender: Female

Looks: She is 5'7 with Black hair that goes to her waist with dark blue color Bangs that go slightly over her left eye, she has stunning violet eyes, that went well with her pale skin. She has five earrings, three silver ones in her left ear and two gold ones on her right. She wears a Dark Blue tank top. A Black mini skirt with Light blue leggings, and black combat boots. She has an hour glass figure, but fit.

Weakness: Is very scared of dogs

Bio: She Love the night sky and could spend hours watching the stars. Likes to be lazy at times, but always ready to have fun.

Personality:She Does not talk much when you first meet her, but once you get to know her, she is fun, And Sarcastic. Most of the time she like to be a lone either to her thoughts or reading a good book. She also gets annoyed very easily, and has a small temper.

2/23/2013 #6
Race- Human Gender- Female Name- Becka 'Beck' Strande Heritage- American. Abilities- Sings, dances, and remixes all of her favorite songs as well as others that her best friend asks her about. Thinks fast in tough moments and can take a fight. Weaknesses- Tends to push some people away when they get too close. Appearance- Long dark brown hair she pulls back in a clip. A red rank top with a black vest, dark blue skinny jeans, and black combat boots. Always wears a leather wrist band on her right wrist and has a music note necklace. Always wears a pair of headphones around her neck. Pale green eyes. Her personality is kinda rock and roll rebel. Love interest- (which twin do you want? Antonio, the calm one, or Giovanni, the adventurous one)
2/23/2013 #7
I forgot to add, Beck is 17 and is about 5'6" or 5'5" depending on the heel of the boot.
2/23/2013 #8

I'll take the calm one

2/23/2013 #9
Alright, then Giovanni is mine :)
2/23/2013 #10
Rex the Memelord

Race-no one knows if he's human or not


Name-Alex Matrons


Abilities-can guess others next moves and their motives

Weakness-is weak to those who are unpredictable

Appearance-has black hair and blue eyes always wears a white hoodie that has blood on it and has a dagger in the pocket

Other-he hates humanity

Personality-he is completely calm about killing because he thinks humanity is a stain on the face of life

Love Interest-none

5/9/2013 . Edited 5/9/2013 #11
Rex the Memelord

could you delete my post i didn't read the caption thing that said that this was only for you two

5/9/2013 #12
thats okay, you could join if you want.
5/27/2013 #13
Rex the Memelord

it's been FOREVER, blarg

I'm gonna make a new character k?

6/9/2013 #14
Go ahead
6/9/2013 #15
Star Stalion

Is this place still alive?

10/29/2013 #16

Ok so this fourm did not go as planed, I have been veryy busy lately but I will be making a new forum witch will be diffrent.

Hopefully it will be up tonight or tomorrow morning

11/1/2013 #17

Here is the new Form that I have created if you would like to join you are more then welcome to!!

http://www.fanfiction.net/forum/Gargoyle-Apocalyps e/143514/

11/1/2013 #18
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