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Where and when we will start

2/20/2013 #1

As the sun was near setting Viking attacked the castle with brutal force. They used their catapults to throw huge rocks to break the castle wall. While the guards where distracted, the leader of the viking lead a group of men to the front of the castle, using a grappling hook and rope to scale the castle.

As the Viking leader got to the top of the tallest tower, the sun had finally set. The sound of cracking stone filled the air as the gargoyles Awoke from they stone sleep.

Breaking from her stone sleep, the gray female gargoyle looked down to see two viking climbing up their rope. The gargoyle just smirk, with a fast sweep of her claws she cut the ropes causing the three viking to fall. Jumping into the air she glided into the sky Scanning the destruction of her home.

2/20/2013 #2
"I cannot believe this is happening again!" a female Italian voice shouted over the sounds of the metal weapons.
2/20/2013 #3

"I know, and it is really starting to Annoy me." The gray gargoyle said as she Glided next to the Italian female gargoyle. Both stopping next to three male gargoyles sitting on a tower.

"You guys got to sit there and Let us have all the fun?" She said sarcastically, before diving down into the battle filed.

2/20/2013 #4
The Italian Gargoyle watched her go, before looking back to the trio, "I say we follow her, my friends." she said with a happy laugh as she jumped from the tower and spread her arms out for her web wings to catch the air.
2/20/2013 #5

Gliding close to the ground the gray gargoyle tackled two vikings to the ground. Standing up quickly, she used her tail knocking the vikings, that got up from her tackle, into the stone wall. Hearing a yell behind her, she spun around just in time to block a sword aimed at her shoulder, but the blade dug deep into her palms. As her eye Glowed a light purple, she kicked the viking in the gut sending him flying into three other viking cornering a small blond boy.

Climbing up the stone tower, she glided back into the air, grabbing Vikings and dropping them on the outside of the castle.

(Remember in this Brooklyn is considered your character, so you can use him in more ways then one.)

2/20/2013 #6
(I know :)) The red beaked Gargoyle watched, transfixed as the grey skinned Gargoyle moved with ease as she fought tooth and nail against the intruding vikings, then he turned to his companions, a short, khaki green web wing like their Italian female friend, and a chubby blue skinned Gargoyle with aquatic fins for ears, "Are we really just gonna let the girls have all the fun?" he asked them as he jumped up onto the ledge, preparing to glide into the heat of the storm when two Italian voices caught his attention. Looking up, he saw the female's Rookery Brothers gliding together with ease, a feat they had mastered over the many years of gliding, carrying a large barrel of something that smelled suspiciously like tar. He raised an eyeridge at them, "What exactly is that?" he called to them. They both smirked at him at the same time, "A gift!" they said simultaneously before tipping the barrel over and onto a large group of unsuspecting vikings, earning shouts of pain and shock as the burning liquid seeped into their battle armor and scolded their skin.
2/20/2013 #7

"Those Rookery Brothers of yours Are really talented." The gray female gargoyle glided next to the Italian Female. Both watching the twins in action.

"Watch out!" Both females where dragged down, just barely missing six flaming arrows aimed at them.

"You two really need to be careful." A dark green gargoyle, with a deep voice, said letting the two girls two glide on there own.

2/20/2013 #8
The female Italian Gargoyle sighed as she shook her head, "They are too distracting." she sighed once more before a couple of vikings caught her eye and she glided down to them, opening her mouth; she shrieked so loud it actually made cracks in the stone bridge they had been standing on. The vikings yelled out as they fell to their knees clutching their ears to stop the ringing sounds while the Italian Gargoyle smirked at them and laughed at their expressions.
2/20/2013 #9

As the viking began to retreat The gray female, and green male landed on the tower behind Goliath and his mate, along with most of the clan members as they watched the vikings run away.

"Goliath, we owe you are lives." The captain of the guards said.

"As we owe you are everyday." Goliath said examining his bandaged hands.

"Sister are you alright?" The dark green gargoyle asked, seeing a trail of blood run down his sisters clawed hands and onto the stone floor.

"I am fine just a small wound that will heal after a day of rest." She said as she tried to wrap a torn cloth over her injured hands.

2/20/2013 #10
"We dump ONE barrel of tar and suddenly we're in charge of cleaning it up." two agitated Italian voices chimed at the ame time as the twins landed beside their Rookery Sister. "Well, technically it IS your responsibility." their Sister replied as she crossed her arms over her chest and watched as Goliath and his mate stood there speaking to the Captain, a longing look in her black eyes as she practically stared at the lavender Gargoyle.
2/21/2013 #11

"Hey its ok. You'll find a mate soon." The gray beaked gargoyle placed a comforting, now bandaged, clawed hand, on The Italian gargoyles shoulder. Both watching as the clan leader, his mate, and the captain of the guards headed into the castle.

"The Night is Young. Lets go have some fun, While these two clean up the mess they made." She pointed at the twins, who glared harshly at her.

"You three are welcome to join us." She winked to her, red, yellowish and blueish rookery brothers. Grabbing the Female Italians hand. she quickly walked over to the ledge and jumped off. Both catching the current of air and gliding into the night sky.

2/21/2013 #12
The Italian female looked back at the castle as they landed in an alley way on a pile of boxs that were stacked highly, "Just think, if my brothers and I had only gotten hear a little sooner than we did, I would actually have a chance with Goliath." she sighed as she started to drift into her fantasy world.
2/21/2013 #13

"Lets find some where quite to go. I know you love when I play my flute. It might make u feel better too."

2/21/2013 #14
The Italian nodded at her friend, "That sounds good." she replied.
2/21/2013 #15

Climbing up the stone wall, the two gargoyles found a secluded tower. The gray gargoyle pulled her hand made wooden flute from around her calf and begun to play a soothing melody. As she begun to pay, her three close rookery brothers heard her playing an landed next to the Italian gargoyle.

"She plays amazingly!" The smallest gargoyle whispered.

2/21/2013 #16
The Italian Gargoyle nodded in agreement as she leaned back against the small brick wall and listened intently to the melody that was flowing though the instrument. The red Gargoyle watched the other beaked Gargoyle in amazement as his ears caught the beautiful sound she was playing, a smile going across his beak.
2/21/2013 #17

"My she plays beautifully." A Dark green gargoyle said. He was chosen by Goliath to watch the Two Italian twins and make sure they cleaned up there mess.

"You know that fast you get this done, the fast you can go do what you want." He glared at the lazy twin, just slowly cleaning up.

2/21/2013 #18
The lazy Italian looked at him wotho mild interest in his black eyes, "Why would I want to do that? After all, spending time with your WONDERFUL presence is far better than spending time with people my OWN AGE." he said sarcastically as his twin laughed silently beside him, not wanting to rile the elder green Gargoyle up anymore than he already was.
2/21/2013 #19

"Why must I be stuck watching these two young-lings." The green gargoyle shook his head in disappointment at the two.

"Didn't your clan ever teach you to respect your elders." The ex clan leaded said, as he landed behind the green gargoyle

2/21/2013 #20
The more adventurous of the twins looked up at him with slightly daring eyes, "Oh, I'm sure they TRIED," he trailed off and his brother took up the sentence, "But, we're as stubborn as our Den Mother." he said with a laugh at the eldest Gargoyle's expression.
2/21/2013 #21

"You should be lucky we let you stay here. You wouldn't be here now if we didn't." The old gargoyle crossed his arms over his chest.

"Don't be to hard on them my friend. They are still young and still have a lot of growing up to do." The green gargoyle placed a clawed hand on the old gargoyle.

2/21/2013 #22
"Are they troubling you, sirs?" the female Italian Gargoyle had decided to check on her Rookery Brothers' progress while her friend continued to play her flute, she had heard almost everything out of their conversation, "Because I can guarantee it won't happen again." she growled and she glared threateningly at the twins, who had the right mind to actually look sheepish.
2/21/2013 #23

"It is fine Lass, but if they keep going at this passe, they will not have this cleaned up by sunrise." The old gargoyle said as she walked away.

"He is right, though it may have been one barrel, they made quite a mess."

2/21/2013 #24
The slightly elder Italian sibling sighed at her brothers, "No more tar tricks, i miei fratelli." she told them with the air of a mother scolding her child.
2/21/2013 #25

The green gargoyle smiled when he saw the two finally taking the cleaning seriously. "Thank you my dear. I was beginning to think I would be out here all night watching these two."

2/21/2013 #26
She turned to him with a smile, "You just need to say this 'Vado a prendere tua sorella', that should get them." she whispered to not get the twins attention.
2/21/2013 #27

"Any what does that mean?" He raised a rigged brow

2/21/2013 #28
The Italian Gargoyle checked for signs of her brothers listening in, but they were working diligently to clean up, "It means 'I'll get your sister.'" she smiled sweetly as she whispered this.
2/21/2013 #29

A small smirk came to his face as she small chuckle erupted from his throat. "I will keep that in mind. So has our red friend gotten tthe courage to tell her how he feels." The green gargoyle said as she looked to the tower the melody was coming from.

2/21/2013 #30
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