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The Italian shook her head as she crossed her arms over her chest, "Sadly no, I feel he is merely waiting for the right moment, but who knows when that will be." she sighed as she looked down and saw Goliath and his mate coming out of the castle with the Captain of the Guard, that same longing look in her eyes.
2/21/2013 #31

'It seems the second in command does not looked please.' The green gargoyle thought as her watch her and the clan leader heading their way.

"How is it going my friend?"

"It is going well, now that the lass is here. She got her brothers to finally pick up the pace." He placed a clawed hand on her shoulder.

"We are very grateful to have you and your brothers in our Clan, just warn them the next time they do not follow orders, the will be consequent-es."

2/21/2013 #32
The female briefly forgot about her crush long enough to nod and answer, "Yes sir, I shall make sure it does not happen again." she told him and glared at her brothers when they stopped to look up at the three other Gargoyles. With simultaneous yelps, they went back to scrubbing roughly at the tar stained ground.
2/21/2013 #33

Goliath patted the Italian girls shoulder, then looked up at the tower full of young gargoyles, smiling as they waved to them.

" I think My rookery brother can handle it from here. Go be with your friends, it is not your responsibility to help clean this mess." With that said, he and his mate left for some time together.

"He is right, go be with them. The sun will be rising soon, I have it covered here." The older gargoyle smiled as he pushed the female gargoyle towards the tower with her friends.

2/21/2013 #34
She smiled gratefully at him as she dug her claws into the brick of the tower, and as she scrambled up to the top, she laughed loudly as she heard the older Gargoyle yell at her brothers about missing a spot. She turned her head when she heard a human scream, and saw the Trio advancing towards a group of commoners with the second in command watching, a pleased smile on her face. The Italian looked angry for a moment as she reached up and hit her grey skinned friend in the foot, "Come on!" she shouted as she jumped from the tower, spreading her arms out to glide down to them. The twins, who heard their sister shout, looked up and saw her gliding down to the alley where the commoners usually stayed, "What's going on?" the calmer of the two asked while his twin shook his head.
2/21/2013 #35

"What are you guys doing?" The gray gargoyle asked as she and her friend landed behind them, scaring the humans more.

"Showing these humans what real monsters look like." The second in command said, a smirk on her face as she just stood and watched.

"This needs to stop, Before.." It was to late for Goliath and the ex clan leader had saw what was going on an landed in front of them. not looking pleased at all.

'They are in so much trouble." She thought.

"You three, down to the rookery till I return. I will deal with you then, and take him with you." Goliath pointed to the gargoyle beast.

"I would like you two to keep an eye on them, make sure they do not leave."

"Yes Goliath." The gray gargoyle said, a hint of anger in her voice. She was not looking foreword to watching her rookery brothers the rest of the night.

"I want your brothers with you, to watch the out side of the rookery, if that is alright?" Goliath asked the Italian female

2/21/2013 #36
"That is fine." she replied as her brothers landed next to her, each with a look of determination on their face. They had heard the leader give them and their sister an order and they were happy to do it.
2/21/2013 #37

"Sent to the Rookery how embarrassing!" The red gargoyle shouted.

"Well If you had not done what you did then we would not be here right now." The gray gargoyle was not pleased at all, as she glared at the three. Her arms crossed over her chest while her wings clasped around her like a cape.

2/21/2013 #38
The red Gargoyle rounded on her, "The woman was saying nasty things about our species, do you honestly think we were going to take that sitting down?" he cried in outrage as the Rookery doors swung open and the Italian siblings walked inside with the female closing the door behind her. The blue chubby Gargoyle looked puzzled, "What are you three doing in here? Didn't Goliath put you on guard duty?" he asked. The calmer green skinned male nodded, "He did, bit the sun was coming up and we wanted to go to some place dark instead of out in the open." he explained.
2/21/2013 #39

"We are taught not to bother the humans no mater what! I may not like humans, but I at least remember what I'm taught!" The gargoyle was so close to the red gargoyle face that their beaks almost touched.

"This is not going to end well." The small once said has he and his brother and sisters turned to stone where they stood.

When the sun had fallen, the eight gargoyles awoke from their stone sleep. The gray gargoyle glared harshly at the red one, before turning on her toes and walking away from him.

2/21/2013 #40
The red Gargoyle sighed and watched her go, before looking up at the light green Italian Gargoyle, "I know she's mad at me. But, I'm not sorry about what I did." he said determinedly. The female simply nodded at him and pat his shoulder, "I know." she replied as she walked away and out the doors, stopping in shock and terror at the sight before her.
2/21/2013 #41

The gray gargoyle followed her friend, her expression changing from anger to shock and horrified. For before them was nothing but a blazing fire and stone gargoyle peaces every where. An ear pearsing scream sounded threw the night sky.

"This... this cannot be.." Her voice was shaken as she looked at the destruction of her clan.

"Our whole clan has been destroyed." The green gargoyle said as she landed in front of them.

"How did you survive?" The small gargoyle asked.

"I Was in a small cave resting from watching the twins when the sun came up."

Where anymore down in the Rookery?" The clan leader asked, landing in front of them with a sad and horrified expression on his face.

2/21/2013 #42
The Italian twins shook their head at the same time as they walked up behind their sister, "It was just us." they said simultaneously as the female Italian Gargoyle placed her hands over her mouth in horror at the sight od a Gargoyle's horn by her foot.
2/21/2013 #43

"All they humans are gone. they where taken prisoner Most likely." The old gargoyle said.

"He is right, when I awoke and saw this, I found a trail leading into the mountains." The green gargoyle said.

"Then we will head into the mountains, Save the Humans, and We Will Have our Revenge!!" Goliath yelled as she begun to climb one of the towers, followed by the others. Once at the top, they jumped into the sky and followed the tracks the green gargoyle had shown them.

"There that are!" The gray gargoyle pointed to the many humans surrounding various camp fires. With and ear percing Roar. The gargoyles Dived down, and begun attacking the Viking that had destroyed their clan

2/21/2013 #44
The Italian Gargoyles fought tooth an nail against the vikings, eventually one of the twins got knocked away from the fight, alerting his brother while their sister shrieked and knocked her opponents away with the swipe of her tail.
2/21/2013 #45

As the clan leader went after the princess, the rest the clan stead behind. The green gargoyle fought hand to hand with the vikings along side the ex clan leader.

The gray gargoyle had picked up two vikings, clashing them hard against each other, knocking them out. So Blinded with rage, when she landed she did not see the two vikings coming with masses coming up behind her.

2/21/2013 #46
"Look out!" the red Gargoyle shouted as he jumped to her aid and started fighting off the other vikings, his eyes glowing white.
2/21/2013 #47

"Thank you." The gray gargoyle said, as she watched the viking run away in fear. They other gathering around them.

"You Fools! She would be alive now if you hadn't come." The magus yelled, drawing all the gargoyles attention to him.

"What is he talking about?" The chubby gargoyle asked.

"I have a bad feeling about this." The gray gargoyle Stood closer to her red rookery brother, her anger now placed with fear. For when the sorcerer began to chant a spell, a white cloud started to circle them. The gray gargoyle, along with the rest, began to feel their body stiffen. As on instinked, each struck a fearing pose as their body tuned to stone.

(Do you want to be Xanatos?)

2/21/2013 #48
(I'm not entirely sure about being Xanatos, but there isn't anything for me to add in this part since you just said everyone was turned to stone)
2/21/2013 #49

(Ok, sorry I have this.)

Feeling as if it had been an eternity, the gargoyle where finally able to awake from their stone sleep. A smiled broke of the gray gargoyles face when she saw her the clan leader landed in front of them.

"Your awake, Your Alive! We are together again!" Goliath yelled happily as he place a clawed and on the female Italian gargoyle's shoulder.

"It feels like an Eternity!" The gray gargoyle hugged the first gargoyle she saw, which happened to be her red rookery brother

2/21/2013 #50
The red Gargoyle's cheeks, if possible, got even redder at the close contact with the grey skinned Gargoyle as he turned and hugged her back, not daring to say a word for fear that she would pull away from him. The Italian female smiled up at the Clan Leader as her brothers came up and hugged her from behind, "I'm so glad we are all unharmed." she sighed happily.
2/21/2013 #51

Sudden the happy moment was interrupted by some sort of strange sound.

"What In the world?" The gray gargoyle looked over the tower ledge, not moving her arms from around her red friend.

"What is this? Where are we?" The old gargoyle asked the question on all their minds when they say such strange building Beneath them.

2/21/2013 #52
Strange looking buildings and glittering lights stretched out as far as the eye could see, and upon looking down they heard multiple strange noises emitting from below. "What in the world is this place?" one of the twins asked.
2/21/2013 #53

"You are the one called Goliath?" A voice sounded, cause them all to turn there heads away from the strange view to a tan man, in a strange coat.

"Yes." Goliath said.

"Excellent. My name is Xanatos. Come let us go inside, away from the rain." Xanatos said as he walked into the castle.

"What do you think about this guy?" The gray female asked in a small voice to her Italian friend, as they followed their clan leader into the castle.

2/21/2013 #54
The Italian pursed her lips together as she follow in close to Goliath, "I am not certain of him yet." she responded.
2/21/2013 #55

The gargoyles soon found them self's in a strange bright room.

"How Long has it been?" The green gargoyle asked.

"This maybe a shock, A thousand years have gone by since spell was."

The gray gargoyle grabbed her red friends hand, afraid she would fall over from the shock.

2/21/2013 #56
The red Gargoyle grasped her hand in his so tightly, he was afraid he might snap it off her wrist, but he held on. The twins grabbed onto each other for support as they felt they would faint. Their sister started to slowly lose her footing before someone had grabbed her arms and held her up gently.
2/21/2013 #57

The Gray gargoyle tuned out most of what this man was saying, in the question about the Gargoyle eggs grabbed her attention.

"Gone I'm afraid. you are the last of your kind" Hearing that broke the the gray females heart.

"Why have you done all this?" Goliath asked slightly confused, as he continue to hold the Italian female from falling over in Shock.

"I was fascinated my the Magus's story, I wanted to see if it was true, and now that I know it is, I want to be your friend. We can do so much for each other Goliath."

Just then a strange sound from outside had interrupted their conversation.

"I wasn't expecting anyone. It will be safer if you stay here." Xanatos excused himself before walking out of the room. Instead of staying put, The gargoyles followed him. When Xanatos went out side, the group stay hidden in the shadow of the arch way.

2/21/2013 #58
"What is going on?" the Italian female asked quietly as she witnessed multiple beings with weird looking metal weapons standing there, talking to Xanatos. The adventurous twin hummed silently, "I don't like it. Whatever it is." he said.
2/22/2013 #59

"There attacking the Castle, That's All We need to Know." The Old gargoyle said, Causing them to run from the shadows an into the battle to protect their home.

The Gray Female Stood Face to face with two strange Men pointing some sort of weapon at her. He eyes Glowed a Light violet as a growl came from her throat. Spinning on her toes, she used her tail to knock the weapons away. Picking them up she threw them harshly against the stone wall. Just in time To dodge some one firing at her.

2/22/2013 #60
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