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"Ah!" the Italian female heard one of the twins shout out, and she turned around to see the Adventurous one fall to the ground, unconscious. Her eyes glowed red as the culprit charged at the other twin, who had his back turned, "Get. Away. From. My. Brother!" she shouted as she rushed at the man and knocked him to the ground, his gun sliding away From his reach.
2/22/2013 #61

"Look out!" Goliath knocked into the Italian Female just in time to dodge a shoot aimed at her back.

The gray and green gargoyle where back to back when A Shoot was fired over their head. The gray gargoyle quickly pushed the older gargoyle out of the way, but did not have anytime to get out of the way of the falling stones, She lifted her wings over her self, hoping to protect her as she was bared under more parts of the castle from an explosion above.

The green gargoyle was about to go help his sister, but was stopped when a man stood in his way. The gargoyle Growled as his eyes glowed white with rage, and begun to attack the man.

Suddenly a Bright light lit up the sky, blinding the gargoyles, this gave the strange men the chance to run back to to the chopper and get out of there. Leaving the Castle a Total mess

2/22/2013 #62
The Italian female leaned up from her position on the ground as the red Gargoyle rushed over to help the grey female. She looked around to see the twins helping each other up from the ground, "Stai bene i mei fratelli?" she asked them urgently as she witnessed one twin lose his balance while she struggled to get up herself.
2/22/2013 #63

"I got you." Goliath said as he helped the Italian to her feet. "Is Every one alright?"

The green and red gargoyle were finally able to unbarry the beaked female.

"Just a few scratches. nothing a day of stone sleep can't fix." the gray gargoyle limped to the group with the other two.

"Thank you, without you and your friends who knows what those thugs might have done." Xanatos came up to them.

"Someone I once trusted said the same thing to me, and then destroyed my people."

"I can see I have to work on your trust."

"Why where you Attacked?" the green gargoyle asked

"The richer you are the more enemies you have."

2/22/2013 #64
"Enemies?" the Italian twins asked as one helped the other to their sister, standing next to Goliath.
2/22/2013 #65

"Humans will do anything to take down my corporation. "

"Goliath this is your home, also my head quarters, I hope you will consider helping me keep it safe." The sorceress could see the hesitation in the Clan leaders eyes.

"It is your decision lad, but we have no where else to go." The old gargoyle explained to his friend, and her was right, they had no where else to go.

"This castle is are home, not matter where it is taken. We will stay here."

"Excellent. I know you have been treated badly by man, but that is all about to change. I promise." Xanatos then walked off.

"I don't Trust Him Goliath." the beaked female said.

"As Do I, but he did break the spell, and help protect the castle."

"You Guys want to go explore the castle with us?" The small gargoyle asked.

2/22/2013 #66
The twins nodded vigorously as they looked to their sister, "You all go on ahead." she said as she walked away from them and over to the side of the castle and looked down at the city below. The red Gargoyle turned to his Rookery sister, "Are you okay? You were practically buried under there." he asked her as they started walking away from the court yard.
2/22/2013 #67

"I am Fine. Do not worry." She gave him a small smile as they entered the elevator.

"Are You Alright?" Goliath asked as he stood next to the lone gargoyle.

Down on the ground, Two Girls stood in front of the big corporation, Watching the cops try to clean up the fallen stone peaces.

"What do you think happened up there Quinn?" A teen with natural snow white hair asked her red headed friend that stood next to her.

2/22/2013 #68
Quinn pursed her lips as she looked up at the sky with narrowed eyes, "I'm not exactly sure, Zaus. But, we won't know unless we find out, right?" she looked to her green eyed friend. _____________________________________________ The Italian Gargoyle looked to her leader, a burst of old emotions taking over her body but she refused to show it. He was probably still mourning the loss of his mate that he had loved devoutly for years before she and her brothers arrived, "I miss our home. Scotland." she sighed.
2/22/2013 #69

"We are all suffering, But together we can over come anything. I will give my life if i have to, to protect this clan." Goliath turned the female gargoyle, so he was looking her in they eyes. Showing he will do every thing in his power to protect them.

When the Elevator doors opened, the six gargoyles found them self's in a large room the looked like a Kitchen.

"This is Amazing!" The gray gargoyle was the first to step out of the elevator and explore the new things in this room. Not paying attention to her chubby friend going into a what looked like another room with one of the twins.

After passing security, the two girls had finally made it out side of the castle.

"This Must have cost him a fortune to get! Look at this View!" Zaus looked at the beautiful sight of the city.

2/22/2013 #70
Quinn nodded at her friend as she looked down, "Just be sure you don't fall, Z. I don't want to explain to your mom how you were clumsy." she laughed. ____________________________________________ The Italian female smiled up at Goliath, "Thank you, sir." she said softly. ____________________________________________ "This is a pretty cool room." the calm Italian twin said as he walked around the many articles of meat in the freezing room. His companions nodded, before a banging sound came and upon turning around, they saw the door had shut itself.
2/22/2013 #71

"Trust Me, I Won't.." Zaus was cut off by a loud growling noise behind her.

"Quinn, Whats behind me?"

"You just had to do that didn't you?" The gray female glared at the twin brother who was laughing, listening to the two pounding against the the closed door.

"We'll get you out." The red gargoyle said as he and the yellow gargoyle began to pull on the door.

"I don't think that is such a.." she did not get to finish, for when the door opened her bluish and other twin gargoyle had run right into the other two gargoyles just as the opened the door. On impact the four rolled on the floor, hitting a couple shelves with pans to fall and food scattered in a few place's.

The female could not help but laugh at how funny they looked.

2/22/2013 #72
Quinn gulped as she slowly looked behind her best friend, "Zaus," she whispered fearfully, "don't move," for she had seen a rather large beast that looked like it could tear both girls in half. _____________________________________________ The calm twin shook his head with a grown as he turned and glared at his brother, who was still laughing with a pan on his head, "Wh- you know what? I am not going to ask." he said in his thick Italian accent.
2/22/2013 #73

"What Are You Doing here?" A Gargoyle like figure said from behind the red head, along with a female gargoyle.

"Quinn. I Think we are in trouble." Zaus voice was slightly shaken.

"What in name of gargoyle is going on in here?"

"I Would also like to know what happened."

All six gargoyles turned their attention to the old gargoyle and Xanatos, who had both come rushing in when they heard a loud crash.

"I Had nothing to do with it! There to Blame!" The female pointed to the group on the floor and the twin that was still snicking at what just happened.

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2/22/2013 #74
"He asked you a question." the Italian female said as the human girls turned around slowly. The calm Italian twin shook his head, "It was my brother." he accused, pointing a talon at the still snickering twin with the pan on his head.
2/22/2013 #75
(I have been, but it screws up everytime)
2/22/2013 #76

"We just wanted to make sure no one was hurt. We could here a whole bunch of exploding going on up here. We really mean no harm. I'm Zaus, and this is my friend Quinn." Zaus said calmly.

"You should not be up here, it is far to dangerous." Goliath crossed his arms over his bare chest.

"Then It Shall be you who cleans this mess up. Or Else, Vado a prendere tua sorella." The green gargoyle said as he walking into the Kitchen, a smirk on his face when he saw the snicking twin stop as he glared at him.

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Quinn nodded in agreement, "We know, and we're sorry, but it was just as Zaus said." she said sheepishly. The twins watched with wide eyes as the older Gargoyle left, "Does he even know what that means?" the calm twin asked his brother. The other twin glared at his brother, "Do you think he'd say that if he DIDN'T know what it meant?"
2/22/2013 #78

"You lads best get to cleaning." The ex clan leader walked out with the rest following.

"Hey guys, Goliath and our friend our talking to humans. lets check it out" the gray gargoyle said already silently climbing up the stone wall

2/22/2013 #79

"How did you get up here?" Goliath asked with a raised a rigged brow.

"Well you see, we kinda snuke in." Zaus rubbed her head in embarresment

2/22/2013 #80
The red head nodded, "It was actually really easy.. I do it all the time to avoid detention!" she said with a laugh before gasping as more of the creatures showed up.
2/22/2013 #81

"Who's your these two?" The gray female asked.

"This is Zaus and Quinn. Humans how like to sneak into places their not suppose to." Goliath said.

"Whoa, There are more of you? This is way to cool!" Zaus said.

"Goliath." The green gargoyle pointed to the rising sun.

"You must go."

"Aww, but I want to get to know you guys more."

2/22/2013 #82
"Yeah, please? We won't tell anyone your here! We promise!" Quinn said with a pleading look in her eyes as the twins finally came back into view. They both stopped at the sight of the humans. Their sister shook her head, "It is almost sunrise, mei fratelli. I shall explain later." she said.
2/22/2013 #83

"Tomorrow we don't have school so we meet this afternoon."

"After dark, Over there." Goliath pointed to a building not to far from them.

"Alright we will me you there. after dark." Zaus smiled before grabbing her friends hand and heading to the elevators.

"Those two seem interesting." the small gargoyle said.

2/22/2013 #84
The Italian Gargoyles stood on their perches as their companions followed. The twins had been silent; not even a comment on the human girls had been made as they walked next to their sister. The female raised an eyeridge, "Are you two okay?" she asked them. They still said nothing even as they got in fierce stances when the sun rose.
2/22/2013 #85

"So what do you think about those Gargoyles?" Zaus asked her best friend. After they left, they had stopped at a small caff to grab a bite to eat.

"How do you think they ended up here?" The teen to a sip of her hazel nut coffee.

2/23/2013 #86
Quinn took a large gulp of her French vanilla coffee before she answered, "I don't know, Z. But, those two green ones were actually pretty good looking." she took another drink before she continued, muffled by her cup, "For Gargoyles. I mean."
2/23/2013 #87

"Yeah I guess. What excuse you going to use to get out of the house tonight?"

2/23/2013 #88
"I'm going to say that my wicked Step-Monster is getting on my nerves again and then leave. You?"
2/23/2013 #89
(do you want me to start writing the new chapter?)
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