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"Mom's going out tonight, so I got the whole night to my self."

(Sure go right ahead =)))

2/23/2013 #91
"Lucky. Since my dad lost his job, I can never get away." (I meant the first chapter for the actual story :))
2/23/2013 #92

(I know what you mean)

Zaus just smiled at her best friend as the two left the caff excited about tonight

2/23/2013 #93
(Thank you :))
2/23/2013 #94

((Welcome, I'll make a Topic for the Actually storie ok =))

2/23/2013 #95
(Please explain what that means, I'm clueless)
2/23/2013 #96

(Nerve mind, I was thinking of something totally diffrent!!! Forget the last comment I made lol)

2/23/2013 #97

When the sun set, that gargoyles had awoken from there stone sleep.

"Are you really going to meet those humans Goliath?" The gray female asked.

"Yes. If We are to survive this new world we must know what it holds for us."

"Then Can We Go Explore on our own then?" The Small gargoyle asked as the three young male and young female gargoyle stood on the edge of the tower.

"Alright, But stay close to the castle, and stay out of trouble." With that said the four young gargoyle jumped off the castle, ready to explore the city.

"I would like for you to accompany me if that is alright with you?" Goliath placed a clawed hand on the Italian female.

2/23/2013 #98
If her cheeks could have turned red, they would have, as it turned out her cheeks turned a darker shade of green as she nodded her head and got ready to take off, before she noticed her brothers just standing there, "Are you two coming?" she asked. The boys nodded and jumped onto the ledge before all four of them jumped from the building to meet the two human girls. (Do you think we should made different girls for the actual story, hon? Because we are already using Zaus and Quinn in different stories.)
2/23/2013 #99

"Look at this city! Its so amazing!" The gray Female said as she did a flip in the air. She had never really been out of the castle before, so this was an amazing experience for her.

(Yeah why not, make a Character sheet and post it, Ill do the same)

2/23/2013 #100
The red Gargoyle smiled as he watched her face light up, it had been a while since the last time she truly smiled like that, since they were frozen for a thousand years. (Kk :))
2/23/2013 #101

"Goliath?" Crysta asked as she and her best friend opened the door to the roof of the building they where told to meet on.

"You don't think they baled on us, do you?" She asked as the door shut behind the two

2/23/2013 #102
Beck pursed her lips as she looked around the building, "I don't think so, C. They might just be late is all." she said as the Gargoyles stepped out of various places they had been hiding, "Or spying on us.." she added.
2/23/2013 #103

"Just taking precaution. Where you followed?" Goliath stepped out of the shadow.

"Don't worry, we made sure of that. So what is it they call you three?" Crysta gestured to the three other gargoyles behind him.

2/23/2013 #104
The female Italian looked puzzled, the twins mirroring her, "We do not have names if that is what you are asking." she responded
2/23/2013 #105

"Why must Humans always have names for everything, Does the river have a name?' The old gargoyle said, scaring the human girls slightly.

"Well, that is the Hudson River." Crysta said sheepishly, while Goliath just smirked.

"Well, then I shall be called, Hudson. What of you Lads and Lass?"

2/23/2013 #106
The female wracked her brain for something suitable to her, then she remembered a name she had fancied as a younger Gargoyle back in the Italian Clan, "I shall be Revis." she said before she turned to her brothers, "What of you two?" she asked. The calm twin answered before his brother, "Antonio." he said. The adventurous hesitated for a second, "Giovanni." he finally said.
2/23/2013 #107

"So, how are we going to get around the city, we cant really just walked around the city."

2/23/2013 #108
Giovanni walked over to the edge of the building, "Easy." he pointed to the open air before he suddenly turned and scooped Beck up effortlessly. Beck squeaked in surprise, "Bro, warn a girl!" she said with a laugh as she looked up to his black eyes. Gio blinked, "I never caught your name." he said. Beck looked over to Crysta when Antonio scooped her up like his brother had, "I'm Beck." she said simply.
2/23/2013 #109

"And I'm Crysta." She giggled lightly when picked up by the gargoyles.

"Are you going to join us, Hudson?" Goliath asked.

"No, I'll stay and guard the castle." With that said the old gargoyle, Hudson, jumped off the ledge and glided towards the castle.

"Well then, Let the Crysta and Becky Tour Begin!"

"This new world is so amazing, I wounder what else has changed?" The Gray gargoyle said, she and her Rookery brothers had taking a small rest ontop of a small church

2/23/2013 #110
As the Gargoyles left the building, Beck grimaced, "Did you seriously call me 'Becky'?" she deadpanned. The red Gargoyle looked down at the ground when a loud roaring sound cut through the air, "What in the-?" he asked.
2/23/2013 #111

Just then A Machine on two wheels going down the road fast.

"I Have to get a closer look!" The small gargoyle said, jumping off the Building.

"Wait! Goliath Said." But the female was too late, for the small gargoyle was already above the Human riding the machine. When the human saw him, he screamed, losing his balance and falling off. Not even bother to pick up the machine the human ran away.

"Good going! Goliath told us not to be seen!" The female stated as she and her other two rookery brother landed next to the small gargoyle.

"I just wanted to Look at his Machine."

The small gargoyle stood the machine up and got on it.

2/23/2013 #112
The red Gargoyle looked a little wary, "Do you even know what your doing?" he asked.
2/23/2013 #113

The small gargoyle turned the handle a few time before taking off, he was able to let go just before the machine hit the wall, bursting into flames.

"Oh we are so In trouble when Goliath finds out."

2/23/2013 #114
"Lets just hope he DOESN'T." the red Gargoyle said.
2/23/2013 #115

"Lets go before someone see's us." Once on top of another tall building, the four gargoyles took to the sky.

After a few hours of Gliding, The gray gargoyles wings decided to shake violently, causing her to lose her balance and start to fall out of the sky.

2/23/2013 #116
The other beaked Gargoyle rushed down and caught her before she hit the ground, "We should land." he said, gripping her by her arms as he lead the way to a roof and set her down, "Are you okay?"
2/23/2013 #117

"Y..yeah.. My Wing Just suddenly cramped up on me." She try to extend her wings, only to winch in pain.

"This is a big city, my wings hurt." The small gargoyle said.

2/23/2013 #118
The eldest Gargoyle hummed quietly as he looked down and saw someone call for a 'taxi' before a yellow thing showed up and he stepped into it.
2/23/2013 #119

"I Know that look. You have a plane, Don't you" The Female smirked as she wrapped her wings around her self like a cape

2/23/2013 #120
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